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Centralia Daily Chronicle Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 2

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Centralia Daily Chronicle (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Centralia, WashingtonThe Centralia. Washington. Daily chronicle ,5afur Day july 23, 1938 sporting dizzy to face giants today by associated Tress a lot of fans who have been try ing since last sunday to figure out a sore Arm Means to n Pitcher May get the answer to Day. For dizzy is due to go again. The unpredictable Jerome her Man Dean absent from the base Bill wars from Early May to mid it july made an amazing return he stopped lie right hit Ling Boston bees with four hits. Today he has to show whether he make the comeback stick when he faces the Pennant seeking Jiw York giants in one game of created when the teams were rained out yesterday. If old Diz can prove he s Back to stay the fans ran turn their attention 10 Ine Poss Idilsy of an other of Lack Mike such current affairs As Pittsburgh s persistent Victory Streak the batting of Wally big Factor in keep bag Cincinnati in the National league Cleveland s last ditch Effort to recapture the american league leadership. Cochrane received permission from Walter o. Briggs owner of the Detroit. Tigers to peek rein statement As an Active player. But Hie did t actually say yesterday that he would try to come Back and replace the beaded Judy York and seek to pull the tigers out of sixth place. Berger another come Backer since he is Back with manager Bill Cincinnati Tor whom he did some heavy hitting Iri Boston a couple of years ago played. An important role in the reds even break with the Phil lies yesterday. He clouded two homr i s. One in the Oji ener which Cincinnati won 5-2, Ami the other h a seven run rally that prevented is the Phil won for after piece 11-10. The pirates leading the giants by two marked up their 20th Vic toy in 25 Gomes since they started the winning Streak that car ried them to the top when they edged out the Boston bees 4-3. The indians rained out for two Days in which they saw three doubleheaders against the league leading new York Yankees pile up dropped farther Back As they took a 7-4 setback against the red sox at Boston. The sox battered Bobby Feller and Johnny Humph Ries in two decisive innings for n Victory that left them Only a game and a half behind Cleveland and Back of the yanks. St. Louis was featured in both Day s other games As rain the White sox Yankees and up Rolt athletics contests. The Browns ended in Shinton s of pier game winning Streak by pounding out a 9-7 decision. The cards battered for six runs in the first and went on to win 12-3 for their biggest scoring splurge since june 2. Tennis match slated sunday Pony s illness prevents Centralia s male Racquet wild is will play Host to members of he Shellous Tennis club tomorrow when the Latler organization sends i six Man delegation Here to Eri age in singles and doubles matches on the., Washington school courts. Local Tennis players Are not al ill optimistic Aslo the outcome of the affair As Shelton s net Man Well As that entire Community Lave always taken a Groat in Terest ill the sport and have competed in Many matches Over this Section of the country dining the i inner. Representing Centralia Lormor Row will be John hacked recent Winner of the ally singles championship and Warren Boynton John Sweet Ronald Fishback James Stewart Ami Joe the Centralia team will not have the services of Joe Suswell finalist in tie City who played Hackett Champ Iori ship. Saswell will be out of town matches arc scheduled to Starl tomorrow morning at 10 o clock. Tea r if. Southwest Washington Centralia s Timber league base Ball earn with one Victory i u one defeat during inc second of he season plays away i on Home again tomorrow meeting la Aberdeen 1wa at Aberdeen. Ii other league games tomorrow Ray mom plays at Shalt ii and til drays Harbor plywood Union a Tennis play is final games arc scheduled to Morrow in the Weser in division of the Lewis county Range league Wilh Lincoln Creek no raw Faw Adna al Mill Ami in Blitz i Rairie at no Aukum Jins already i edits schedule. Ins cad of Intel Creek , Faw la slated Lii a Cut handle al Chat Hulis i the Soe Nihil i a series of panics to decide county s repress Talion in hit. The slate . Liaw few Yvor the opening game Hist Suntay 32. I 7. _ i a a Wijt in Eligi Lile to cum Pelc in tiie Stittig playoff Mun the Western Day Ishoi playoff last sunday by Ini Adna 22 o i.4, am die Haw Faw Radulic Ivinnie lifer for the in fully Tille. T miss. Muriel Veach Longview i Golf Star of a few years ago seen destined to take her place Iii of the Pacific Northwest greats in a few years. She first broke into the about old. N of four years Laler she continues to improve. Her 71 showmen win first Victory j i.kaci1k standings won. Lost. Pet. Mechanics 4 hardware 3 pro jilt s 1 Karl a. 1 calling All dogs by Albert Terfa Iune .800 .750 i .250 .200 Orange n. J., july he inn variously described As Ivo ton Tony the walking Beer al Gargantua Galento etc., Day was just Plain Anthony Ganto a pneumonia patient at or Ige memorial Hospital and there a sudden change in his and s Public s diets. Tony for the first time in Many ars went without his famous Beer id cigars. He had instead an in Genii Lent and a fluttering ind of nurses and doctors. His Lor. The first time i Many months went without its caprices its laughs. It had isl cad had Ever of id and was seriously just a hours before he was then to the Hospital last night oily announced discovery of a blood curdling cry to "scare1 Olva Henry Lewis lit i hair Schied led boxing bout in Philadelphia ext tuesday. But there was no scare in his Oice when he protested being Cov red with an oxygen Leni take it a urged take it away. I m of that the. Pudgy colourful heavyweight cd Eiguy named number one conc under Joe Louis re Wii Dii l in my he had Piu his Malinger. Joe. Jacobs jail. He Ili inks he s just got the promoter Herman Taylor Post indefinitely the match heavyweight. Whei ratified of Galello s illness fever at 11 o clock last night sacs stay at Angel s Heel it polls route 1, Rochester reported to police yesterday afternoon his Auto struck and knocked bicyclist Down at the intersection of main Street and Tower Avenue he said the rider a Man appeared to be Only slightly injured Ami lie did not obtain his Tjie anti dog crusade again i have warned you of so called crusades to banish nil Doss from cities Hal of proposed Tenno districts. In gis Hillon to that it feet. These a 1 for remodelling a barn. Tiyi ties seem to be increasing. For instance games tuesday hardware is. 1 Rof Fili a Noble Field p. In. Kail s showmen plopped out of the Goose egg percentage class last in the Cei Ileal la softball Cir Cuit by defeating Proffitt a 15 to 12, n one of live most free James yet played in the league. The game was inc first won by he leather merchants since thu eague opened. Taking a three Point Lead in the opening inning Karl s kept it All a rough Lluc game Hartwell in-1 Braham and Huntington always coming through with Long hits Lyme Riever the Lead was. Threatened. Between the heavy hitting Trio Limey managed to make 12 us the and 10 of the runs. Prof fill s had several Cli Ancus to Assine he lend but bungled and a new York. Dec no. Added up seven errors. I Oiler cities Many owners of big apartment houses have decreed that no applicant owning shall be allowed to rent an a still More houses of the sort slain gent rules live been enacted and enforced barring All dogs from the use of As exercise grounds. Newspapers have taken cognizance of. These regulations and _ be space to them some times not Only on the Tiews pages but editorially As Well. In anti dog Campaign is on every increasing vigor. If the crusaders have heir Way. No dog permitted to set fool in any., Large . These repeated arc n of a Sample howl but a tip of what is afoot for the banishment of your dog from cities. As i said before i Don t Halle in the crusades Ciui succeed purpose. But it is up to us time. our dogs from being in Iblis nuisances thus giving the crusaders More and More arguments for insisting on such banishment. I copy. 1038, Mcnaight Syndicate Fin near Highway another carelessly tossed cigarette stub was Blui cd for. A Brush and grass fire just South of Lewis county fair grounds near the Pacific Highway shortly after 7 o clock last night. Men from the District fire Warden s office hurried to the scene and he Contr a a tire department was also called. However Hie wardens men soon obtained control of the and the local fire equipment was not taken out. Will it pair permits to Resli Ingle and repair have been issued at the Elly Hall to w. Starr 804 South Tower to Avenue for the Cir by estate 209 West Cherry Street for repairs and to u. My Vatt Ito mitc will be miss Mary tation of her speech in Oie elks 5rlcaj contest at Kelso next 95biju folks hold ale convention. Miss Lan quenching rain open Forest areas West of . Forest service areas open but closely guarded. Which swept Over an Esti mated acres on the Smith Den was chosen whiner of three River in Douglas county burned Sci tools and will yesterday held within ils resent , Rochester and boundaries by Lack of wind and lab lm1 prospects for Salmon fishing appeared to be off port and off Possession Point in Whidby. Is Iliad Over Ihu week Erid. Those desiring Trout from fresh water can almost be assurer of the limit if they drop their lines in streams of Eastern Lewis county. However four or five Miles of hard hiking Are to get to most of the holes and those a Curnin with Fiill creels have won dered if the Effort was Worth the Reward. For those who like easy fishing Perch Are said to be Fine fashion at offcuts i boundaries by j Orin fire Crews. Mrs. Nolan Wanless. Wife of a fire Wirden on Hoffman Lookout 16 Miles North of Forest Grove a for help when a conflagration threatened the Peak where and her Small soil were isolated. Wardens at Forest Grove sped a i Ruck Load of acc fire fighters a pumper and 35 civilians to the res flashes of life j Pernu arnts Johnston a 1197w. Sylva. Bills arc n. Ill and just a Lauffs to miss 2m-tf Noracella her fam miss co uric just received her License to practice dentistry. Her Falmier or. Wayne Mig Viire guaranteed Oil Irmin Rols i is a enlist. Glance u the Mecca. Saf. Night. I 170-31 shop. Phone 34-f-l. 12u-Ul 17 15 Karl s Proffitt s batteries j. Robinson and Hart Well Hansen and Pooie. Julif Pacific coast w Angeles d8 47 Sacramento go 43 san Diego Seattle .50 .55 said Francisco 50 59 Portland 55 .59 Hollywood 53 62 Oakland 41 .-75 yesterday s Jesu los los Angeles "4, Seattle 3. San Diego 7, san Francisco 0. Sacramento 11, Hollywood 4. Portland 4, Oakland 3. Pet. .591 .57-1 .518 .407 .482 .401 Liy As Joi iat cd press stubborn Solon s til just two names behind the Oast league leading los Angele seraph today thanks to of cml busting ability at the Bat. The solons. Cracked out 15 hits no luding homers by Johnny verges and Larry Barton n pair of triplets and Foni doubles in eating Hollywood 11 to 4, last Light. augers retained ils leadership margin As bespectacled Jack Salveson pit Clied fight Ball in the Angels to 3 Triumph Over seat Liolu american new York. Cleveland Boston Washington Chicago Detroit , w ii .49 28 48 29 47 45 33 38 Philadelphia 24 St. Louis yesterday s results Cleveland 4, Boston. I7. Is. I Tiuis 9, ton Pel. Oho -.623 .003 americanism rising in. Wrath when tic seems endangered mute Rizig approval Liei radicals Are denied lights Gua ran 3 Jujj a Constitution. .453 .308 Pittsburgh new York tic. Eddie jul Asp s circuit blow de Salveson in his pitching Diniel with Nick Barrett in Lucson Wasi Cin Connall reached for seven hits to Barrett s Brooklyn eight. Ufarry slip Geiner Portland s outfielder connected for a double and two singles in three official. Nanc Frances at that to Pace the heavers in a 4 to 3 win Over on Klaid. Llic beavers ii Lut attack on Ken Sholian and Ernie pole of the onks gave Bill Thomas his 16th" pitching win of the season. He Clil the Oaks to seven hits Yan Diego s padres third in the league s Standin Cisco 7 to 4fi 45 3r 35 3 t 24 l 29 w 37 3t 45 46 55 Chrisi ulc ads Lirles Quick Kirin gels a Low al the i Varlet furniture Coin any of cd Noralia was awarded contract yesterday by the Elma Ity Council to install new office air nature in that City s new Ity Hall now hearing completion s a spa project. An Aberdeen irm also once Ivou a contract for part of the total of the furnishings was set at j874. Former a Widen t 3. Mandery former. Centralia Resi Dent he Flie Nily Oday Toi visit Low chief Deputy unit fid a Urshal of the Western distal i. Of . Seattle Whei e he resides. Here was momentary in a journey to Park services tinier run a Vesper service will be conducted ill the. City Park even Kiili at n o clock under direction of ii Assembly of Wocl. Feature of he service will by a special pro Gran of music and loud speak ing equipment. Will be used All can hear. Everyone is Iny Impf to attend. 1 Luis to attend the nans Oil to ight. Music. 1 ii Wilc sunday tomorrow at Coffee furnished free. La Welcome. Fiji ice divine speakers e i acted from Tacoma and Seattle. Dance sat., Centralia Aud. Muic by Lay boys 9-piece Oral Hestia. To 1. Sweet swing music. Gents ladies "20, plus to her Mother is a dentist. Her Sisler is studying dentistry Atlanta go. Her sister s husband is a dental 1v2-h. Student. Of i if Rochester machine age caught up with Jean Kinder. 12. Bending Over to close the front of her Zipper Blouse she caught her lip in Llic Fastener. A doctor freed her. 172-h weather aids fire fighters in Northwest car

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