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Centralia Daily Chronicle Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 1

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Centralia Daily Chronicle (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Centralia, WashingtonCeni Zalla and to Alghi and sunday Little change id temperature. Yesterday s Cen trails. 90 minimum member associated devoted to to h e interests of l e w is a n d counties today s news world wide new. By associated press did Southwest Washington news the Day it happens read the every Daj Centralia Washington saturday july 23, 1938 editorial people await Perkins report new zealand experiments we should profit by others we have often wondered since Madame Perkins Secretary of labor was sent to Europe by the new Deal administration to investigate their economic and so Lal policies whether this country ran expect an unvarnished report. The people Are entitled know the truth. Madame Perkins need riot have made that expensive trip unless of labor troubles Here were getting too hot for so Lution. All she need to have done was to get in Contact with the nations that have experimented along the same lines that the new Deal ers Are experimenting at this time. Why do we have to copy the poli cies of Europe that have either failed or else been compelled to adopt the Hitler Musso Lini and Stalin Are the Farmers those who toy in the factories and other occupations going to Perm i i uie selves to be herded in a Cor ral Uke dumb driven. A fettle like the russian peasants Well be Lieve h or not that is just the country is heading. Neva zealand is a Jong ways from Miles Southeast of but they Are an enlightened face have a constitutional. Government and Are a Thrifty in Reading the history of new zealand i we ran acro fifi the following excerpt from an editorial from the Sii Kland new zealand news or. Rootvelt j offers a commentary on the policy of buying of spend ing a Way out of debt and de or of increasing Pur chasing Power it May succeed for a time this new Deal but the effect has proved to be temporary in both France and America. The weight of new taxes. And new debt piled up i increasing purchasing Power bears Down Industry sooner or later. Or. Roosevelt and m. Blum put the the consumption before production an d Are finding the Prosperity created by such Means to be Brief and. Spuri i it might be answered that what we do Iri the United states is none of new zealand s business and thai new zealand is so far away the editors there have Little know ledge about our situation. Per haps the first suggestion is True yet Bur own lecturers philosophers and so Busy telling other nations what to do that new zealand editors May think they right toward us. Zea land is far it has first hand experience of its own with regimen Tive principles and policies for new zealand has had a new Deal in its own right and it has not yet recovered from the effects. New zealand s railways Tel Ephone and Telegraph systems have been socialized for years. Yet freight rates Are Many times higher than in the United states while wages of railway employees Are lower yet the state railroads lose Many millions of dollars a a loss which has to be made up by the taxpayers. But this was Only a. Years be fore the new Deal became Ultra modern and fashionable. The state enacted minimum wage and Maxi mum hour Laws. The radio and life insurance were socialized. The reformers even went 30 far As to pack the supreme court because it declared some of their activities unconstitutional. Reformers held the court is an obstruction to Liberal and progressive legislation in the interest of the so regimen Ting business Security holders and far prices and socializing the Banks followed. The temporary Boom com ing after the enactment of some of the Reform Laws was followed by b and the Resul has been higher taxes higher Cost of living in Many instances greater unemployment and discontent in frederal. In commenting con the technique of the new zealand new Deal in july 1936, former presi Dent Forbes said under the new tyranny the savings of Are under control of the govern ment. They have Trie Power of the purse and the Power of the penal ties. Every Man has got to Ihie up and join a Union and that Union can be called upon to Supply unlimited funds to the. Labor part for a political the state debt of new zealand unde the new Deal has now increased to about per family if the state of Massachusetts had the same debt in comparison to Dodo lat Lon its deficit would be Koto 000.000. Quite a tidy sum tha would be. Small wonder then that the new zealand editor is suspicious of new deals and. Doubtful As to their results. Additional editorial on Pace four two children Are saved from death in Portland Blaze attack made by japanese invaders of China reported within 10 Miles of Kun Avian key Point in their push to Ward Hankow vol. Xvii no. 172 by Lloyd lk11 Kab As Shanghai july anese naval and land forces began Long awaited assault today on key Point in. The push Oward Hankow. A japanese Nava communique announced landings were effected at several Points on the Southern shores of the Yangtze River putting lie invaders within ten. Miles of Kiu Kiang 135 Miles Down the Yangtze from the chinese provisional capital. These developments followed by a few minutes the japanese Suc Cess in crossing uie narrow in trance to. Loyang Lake ten Miles East of Kiu Kiang after three weeks of terrific Jap Jonese thus Posl in against the big _ said., japanese bombed 1. Chi Nese troops Manning defences i of Yangtze s South. Bank White other filers. Nachine sunned Chi Nese forces attempting to halt the japanese infantry. Klu Kiang s defences had been badly shattered by repeated raids and the chinese scorched Earth policy of leaving nothing useful be Hind but chinese fighters remain ing in the City took positions in nastily dug Street trenches Anc ruined buildings to await the approach of japanese massed at nearby Hukow. Severe fighting was progressing meanwhile throughout Shansi prov Ince chinese reported the japanese were unable to perfect their organization for a projected offensive across the yellow River against Fungkwan and Loyang considered the gateways to Shansi province communist stronghold. Our guests tonight at Fox "3 Blind h. Minton 227 s. Berry. J. Huntington 504 s. Gold. R. Mahon it. 1. Cily. At St. Helens m. W. Baxter training school. Walter Lutz 674 Adams. J. B. Jacobsen Alpha. Chronicle guests get two free tickets tonight at. Theatre Box of face. More names classifieds. Mail subscribers May Call for tickets next Day. Arrested for beating wife Gate resident is in jail and spouse in Hospital with Al Leger or serious injuries court slaps labor Board right of employer to discharge workers who seize property in sit Downs upheld mrs. Rolf Debellis Gale Mother of three Small children was in an Olympia Hospital today suf Fering from severe injuries while her husband 41, was being held bail sin the Thurston county. Jail charged Zyvith beating her.-. Debellis was arrested thursday night by Deputy sheriff Frank Tamblyn of Thurston county on a Justice court warrant charging third degree assault. Although mrs. Debellis was injured monday evening she did not receive medical attention. Tam Blyn said until thursday night when she was taken to the hos Pital by ambulance the Deputy said he was told de Bellis a Railroad Section Foreman beat his wife because she went wading in. A Creek near her Home after he had told her she could go with her friends but should not go in the water. Tamblyn said de Bellis assert edly knocked his wife. Down and then jumped on her several times with his feet until he lost . Condition not Good said yester Day the woman s condition was not very her physician said her left Arm left Teg and Back Are partially paralysed and a rays were being taken to de Termine whether she has a Skull Chicago july fed eral court ruling that an employer May discharge workers who seize property in sit Down strikes appeared headed today for a supreme court review. The decision was rendered last night by the United states court of appeals. It set aside a National labor relations Board order finding the Fansteel metallurgical corporation guilty of unfair labor practices and directing the reinstatement of 92 men discharged feb. 17, 1937, when they occupied the company s North Chicago Plant. Belief was expressed in inform red Washington quarters that the Board would Appeal. Charles Fahy general counsel for the n. L. H. B commented the reasoning of the Board was Correct that of the majority of the court was incur workers. Status Issue the workers at the time they occupied the Plant As strikers was the principal issuer the court majority. Judges will m. Sparks and Walter c. Lindley held the workers lost their status As employees when the company discharge a them and hence there was. No longer a of petitioners employees who were Mem Bers of the Union which sought collective bargaining rights. In a dissenting opinion judge Walter e. Treanor contended the strikers remained employees for the duration of the strike. He also said illegal acts by employees did not Nive the company a right to unlawfully defy the labor Board. The court s majority said cannot be denied that an employer is warranted in discharging his employees and severing that relationship when they take and re Tain exclusive Possession of his pro Perty against his engineers of Tva clashed with advisors Lilienthal testifies differences reached Point where two of committee members were ready to resign Knoxville Tenn. July conflict Between Tva engineers and advisory committees composed chiefly of University was a major cause of Lay in determining Tva Cost a 1-1 locations. Director David e. Lillen. Hal testified today. Appearing for the second Day. Before a congressional investigation committee Ejli Eithal said fences Between the Engin Cere under or. Arthur e. Morgan deposed chairman and the advisory committees reached i Point where iwo of the committee members were ready to resign. His testimony was a of the delay by the. Tva in re porting to the president the authority s allocation of costs in building Morris Wheeler and Wil son dams. Lilienthal said a valuation com Mittee was named in 1935 to appraise properties at muscle Shoals As the b ass for allocations. Lule Fere with appraisal this committee was composed of Martin g. Glaeser University of Wisconsin Utility economics pro Fessor James c. Bonbright pro Fessor of finance Columbia University and Edward Moreho Iise of the Wisconsin Public service com Mission. The appraisal work moved for Ward Lilienthal said until the engineers made proposals not included in the outline of procedure approved by the Board of directors. It was the understanding of the valuation he said that the engineers should limit heir studies to appraisal and would not submit a valuation. The Tva engineers however thought both functions were with the scope to developed that the valuation Esti mate of the Tva engineers and the valuation committee were Ibar ply at variance. Considerable time Sas spent reconciling the conflicting .views._. Mort House arid Glaeser were one time to resign Lilien Thal said because they concluded they did not enjoy Arthur mor Gan s has severe head fracture. She injury. The three children of the couple the oldest seven years old Are be ing cared for by neighbors. Tamblyn stated Debellis left his wife lying on the ground after beating her and neighbors carried her Home and put her to bed. Thursday the Deputy declared a neighbor called to see How she was and found her lying on the floor of her House. He called the sheriff s office and Deputy Tam Blyn went to Gate and arrested Debellis. Army fliers die in crash and four killed when machine is wrecked in Connecticut storm conn., july 23. Air plane crashed during a driving rainstorm Here today killing the Pilot arid at least two and possibly three passengers. Bernard s. Budge Woodbridge who arrived at the scene a few minutes after the crash said the plane apparently was an army ship. He 4aid that All its occupants had been instantly killed. I counted at least three bodies strewn outside the Budge said and there might have been a budget said the air plane crashed nose downward at terrific Speed into the backyard of the Home of Charles h. Carpenter. The Pilot he said vainly Given the ship the gun at the last min Ute. Portland ore., july children were saved from a bum inc building Lait night when their Mouw spread an Alahn and Al into a two Story building and carried them to Valety. The building formerly a lumber office was destroyed. Mrs Dale Scholti and her children Patty. 1, and Shirley were in bed when the Mother discovered toe she was to get them out and Only the timely arrival of St Mac aired their ores. We a i la Bob i believe we re All human and have the same human Tonuu and do the same things for the same reasons but some people use fancier terms for it to make themselves sound Liefh a Luton. Not Long ago lit fancy exclusive ladies club they were discussing the reasons Why women cry. One after the other they and said the reason they cried was to get something out of their systems. Finally a lady Rose in the Back and said girls i think it s about time one of us was tellin the truth about that thing. I Don t cry to get things out of my sys cry to get things out. Of my Rea Turas inc mayor Nugent changes mind sprinkling restrictions to be changed after drastic order arouses protests a statement was issued by mayor d. O. Nugent this morning defend ing his action thursday in order ing sprinkling of lawns restricted to six hours every three Days but was not Given to. The daily Chron icle in time for publication to Otway. The mayor said he was going to change the sprinkling orders whereby houses with even numbers would Sprinkle from i to 9 a. In. And 6 to 9 p. In. In. Even , and Homes with Odd numbers on Odd Days. On sundays everyone will be permitted to Sprinkle. To the mayor when he issued his notice he found tile cites were very Low. In he said the big Reservoir Friday morning at 8 o clock was shallow enough i that a 10 year old child court have it without any danger whatsoever and at that time the City pres sure was below 40. After the peo ple co operated by closing off their sprinklers it was Only a Feriv hours until the pressure went up to or. Nugent also charged Lack of co operation in the City com Mission to report to him disabling of one of the City s Wells that Centralia Only gets what water is left after Chehalis takes its share that objections to his sprinkling order published in last night s chronicle were hand and that if it any time during this emergency we find anyone violating these sprinkling orders they will be arrested am pinball Legal Olympia july Perior judge d. F. Wright yester Day decreed pinball games Are no gambling devices reversing a lower court decision holding the games in violation of state Law. The ruling made permanent a temporary injunction barring county officers from interfering with the games. Judge Black files Olympia july Perior judge Lloyd l. Black Everett filed with Secretary of state Belle Reeves today to succeed him self on the Superior court Bench for Snohomish and Island coun ties position no. 2, judge Black holds his position now by appoint ment when Rains brought disaster to japanese towns deaths were Over 300 in the Osaka i exec litre of Japan Early this month when torrential Rains Gnu soul Many floods this picture in Kobe shows a warehouse toppling Over in the torrent. Foreign residents of Koby re Side in the Hills in a car of the picture. Nominate foe of court Bill senator Adams to be unopposed in primary As result of convention s action Colorado Springs colo., july by the Colorado democratic Assembly u. Senator k. Adanis opponent of president Roosevelt s supreme court and reorganization Bills will Niiler the september primary Flection unopposed for renomination. In a healed contest fought on the administration sup port Adams gained the do sign Tiomi Over state supreme court Justice Benjamin c. Ill lard yesterday receiving votes. Hillian mustered 218, or 84 Short of the total required id Sieve him a place on the ballot in the sep tember 13 primaries. Placing Adams in nomination before the Assembly Philip Hoin Bein Denver party Leader declared Adams has stood for every measure of the Roosevelt administration hat had anything Tirol with attaining the objectives of our great Hacks Milliard Rushing a the at Lack o. Otto Moore old age pen Loii advocate Ami National annuity league Leader asserted any move to keep Hillird out of the primary k Ould be treading on mighty Liln Adams backers in defending the senator s opposition to certain Roosevelt proposals pointed to Milliard s vote a a con yes.1 Man against Entrance into the world War. President Roosevelt failed to mention either Adams or Milliard when he spoke briefly at Pueblo recently on ins Western trip. Both quarters claimed tacit White mouse lost tourists reported Safe three women whose abandoned car was found tues Day near Cave Are located Grants. N. M., july three Kentucky women tourists Mussini since tuesday in the Rug red lava badlands Southwest of Grants were found alive and apparently Well shortly before noon today. Word of the discovery was brought by state policeman inn Nety Mccullough who sped in the tiny lumber Camp of Paxton Springs to Telephone the news is soon As. Searchers sighted the women. The three were miss Irene i Rietl Alue 45, Home Taofil for Clark county Kentucky her sister miss Laura Piedalue 47, new York welfare worker Nanri miss Marie Antoinette in , French instructor of the University of Kentucky. Mccullough sold he Thrift Worre found Only about three Miles Wisl of the. Nern Hinl Lee coves where their automobile had born aban company ordered to Bear expenses of fired workers Washington july the National labor relations to Nicl in u pc cedi at Selling ruling held today a company discharging workers for Union activities was liable for expenses they inclined Hunt ing new work. The ruling was made in an order against Ihu Crossett Lake lumber company Cros Keu Ark. The order direct the1 company to reinstate Ullh Back pay 34 workers who Lin. Board snick were discharged for Union As Lone Ngo . 1935. The order called for the payment of Back pay less net earnings during the period of use Hurge. Chicago Trio s trip is halted hot weather is continuing Northwest still shelters As rain drenches East coast and Texas has flood Liy associated press Ploor damage in Hie South Nurul torrential Ronli Ifill along the East Ern Seaboard contrasted Todne with dryness and the Pajl fic Northwest Chine Small Orcas in he Pacific coast Hud cooler Well lick yester weather aids fire fighters in Northwest flames gradually being con trolled on East Ern Washington and North Ern Idaho Are Nightmare by associated fress cooler weather during the night encouraged tie thousands of fire fighters in Burn areas of the North West today. Reports from Many Irons indicated Winals had diminished. Fires in Toast u area we re gradually being Bra Clit tinder control but conditions in Eastern Washin Plon and Northern Ulalio worn described As u Nightmare by c. H. Hunter manager of the Foi est service warehouse at Spokane. He said lookouts wore helpless be fore billowing Clouds of smoke that. Cut visibility to . Twelve new fliers were re Norveil in Washington. Capt. Bart air lines Miloc said inc fire situation was the worst encountered in five years flying the const route. He estimated there were 350 fires Burn intr along hts route in Washington and Oregon. It. Al Bernethy fire spreads considerable spread of the fire in. The it. Abt Rilely reforested area yesterday afternoon and last night was reported at Long View to Day the wind was favourable however and it was believed men on the Lonija front Coull hold newly built fire Iri iils. The Abernethy Lookout Tower was endangered yesterday but was believed to have escaped destruct lion. Maev Lille. A report of a Feist spreading fire on hatchery in the upper Kalaina River in cow county was received at Long View today. The fire was travelling swiftly on land logged off by the Oscar White operations. All Avail Able spa workers were taken Frohs Kaliann this morning by fire War Den Mays to augment the Crew of sit men who have been fight Nuj twin two youths Hirl Arrit i to youths and , arrest at Olympia turned Over j since wednesday. To Federal authorities i town menaced Olympia july on wrist watch ended a trip to Portland. Ore., far two at. Chicago aim sent them into Federal custody the boys on Mann act charges. Geraldine o Donnell 15, Iki Tor went police questioning Success fully until desk sergeant Del used n magnifying to Detent her name scratcher a on tilt1 watch. Then she admitted her identity Giles said. She was bound Over to the Prancl jury a material Wiki Ess in Mann act charges against George Schnefer 19, and Ray Soristo 21, alias Guy Marr. Schaefer pleaded guilty before u. S. Commissioner Fitch at Tacoma. Late yesterday and Soristo pleaded innocent. Arrested for to bowl the three worn arrester by lieutenant beat mesh inner of the i Olympia police department when a shift of wind today the greatest Timber Blaze in Vancouver Island s history raging toward the Scenic wilderness of forbidden Pia i Vijh. And British Columbia police said the Small Coal in Ninfi town of Devan the Only Community Thant ei1. Operated by Ian collieries Dinsmuir Ltd be. Hven Bevan and Coal docks at Union Bay on the cast coast of the Island stood by. Ready to evacuate miners and their families if. Alifi wind changed speeding the fire even faster toward their Homes. Police at. Least.-15. Fam Lintl moved out of the fire re. On knee two charges filed after primary messenger Sall sorts to him j he used the in my. Of Marr to cause. Uie car he. Drove was Pur j chased Irois a mini of that name and a Lii incl in Filic to tie Ina i ii ice Iris . Governor of North blames defeat by Nye on intimidation of Relief workers tuesday. They had wanderer away into the desolate lava country surround Ini the caves and had become lost Lay. But now Lieut Marks were set in in Anli in ills on he 10th consecutive Iny of Loo clog req Tomp Cra ures. Rugis Lordi. J13 Gravid could it Iii rec Chi. Hascon Natl upon Ata a Ciarlei .100 degrees. Yakima i ent Llu Lon Ami Odessa All had Laid de Grcic leading. Wana Tcline recorded 105. Spokane s temper attic of was highest in two years. Wallace re Jim left 102 degrees As did her Ringlon. Moscow posted 1111 even Ito. Flood Llilas Texas the flooded san1 Saba River to Texas threatened More destruction after causing two Dio Nln us Donni Awe estimated at upward and driving 400 to 500 persons from their Homes. Several persons were missing. Prom Voca. Where the stage was 45 feet additional water was re ported sweeping toward san san in West Texas. Heavy Rains drenched the East Ern Seaboard from Maine Lover Binia menacing Highway travel causing thousands of dollars of crop damage and putting an effective Damper on outdoor amuse ments and sports in the area. New York s great beaches generally jammed at this season with thousands of persons were Sodden and gloomy after seven Days of Cloudy weather and rain steady downpours in the cat where Sori Soto Obdien with Lily Uncle. S no Willho Throp. The girl five her Fri tie As Violet of George but her wrist Giles Enid Inis sin Home june Ijo re utter Trio Ovie. Natl o Connell was re from her Chicago behind the scenes in Washington by Rodney Dutcher it a sir ukr stuff Cai respondent skills isolated washed number of out roads vol Bridges and shifted ancient Bould ers As if they were so Many Peb Bles. Property damage was Esti mated to run into several Hundred thousand dollars. Train derailed Spokane july ends of the great Northern rail Road fast mall train eastbound were derailed at , 50 Miles West of Spokane this morning when a journal broke Washington july big Job of administering the wage hour net was Given to Elmer p. Andrews when was bal orfed by Secretary of _ Tabor Perkins Only after an Al most frantic new Deal Effort to Alvo the Job to a big business Man had been Rebuf fed. Andrews technically exp re enc cd Ami Well d Lumli Riecl has been new York s state Industrial commissioner. Rodney Oulu Lite Washington will be surprised if he docs not take orders from his former Boss Secretary Perkins who is popular with neither industrialists nor la Bor leaders. The real new Deal Choice was Donald m. Nelson executive vice president of Sears Roebuck who was backed by everyone concerned except miss Perkins her bides nn4 his own Boss. Leasing nose Wald who Dis try near brain turns ters had Heen Haver secret even fair conferences Wilh certain bar bin Nam. Meir Mcm As Carl Conway of Conil Anitol can. Robert Johnson at jul hymn of Washington july Gay Wilnin. Langer of North Dakota do denied by senator Nye. The recent Republican senatorial primary in that state complained to the Senate Campaign investigating committee to Otway re Lief workers were intimidated. Com incan shop Pard . Announced lie would Call a com Mittee meeting next week to con Sider the longer complaint an other complaint by senator George and recent political slate intents of Harry Hopkins works 1 Progress administrator. Senator Rorge complains George complained to the com Mittee the Georgia director of the National emergency Council had been dismissed because he pro poses to vote for Ine in the. Geor Gin democratic senatorial primary. Nec chief Lowell Molleu respond that the senator s being a Little and said lilo Georgin official resigned. Hopkins became n subject of committee interest tills week when he said at a press conference lie believed 90 per cent of tie peo 1 pie on Federal work Relief Rolls were for president Roosevelt. Sheppard said he was wiring other committee members he want cd to have a meeting not later limn wednesday or. Thursday of next week to consider All matters that have approval is Giyen Grant for Bridge presidential approval of a pea Grant of for construction of a Bridge and approaches across the Tilton River on state Road no. 5 near Morton in Benstem Lewis county was announced today through c. A regional pea director at por Larid. Total Cost of the project u is umsted at plans prepared by the i Highway department Call for 200 Tomt nicked. Informed Concrete. Ittel Forden. Dum by

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