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Centralia Daily Chronicle Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 5

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Daily Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Centralia, WashingtonI squeeze play set organization feud is taken to courts some Nohle Tenn feud split a nationally known negro Cuil rights organisation was headed for the Lola in a Legal squeeze play the Ray Etc county Csc and league has divided two leagues headed b opposing factions a judge has been asked to decide which is the Legal league in the Middle is Hie Money and tons of food and clothing donated to the league most of it by sympathizers in new York City and other Iio Thein cities the fail Ion headed by Scott Trankle go asked general ses Sions court Friday o name it the Legal administrator of All league assets. Sheriff c e Pallas nailed Preli Aimai attachment notices on doors to John my Ciron s Gar Bain and other league store houses pending a court decision the league blk funds also have been Frozen. Jesse Turner Memphis Bank executive said the Banks acted to protect them selves when both factions claimed he Money the amount was not Dis closed. My Rorren 3g founded the league in and was chairman i ankle was president they fired catch other last Jan 23 and headed opposing groups since then the latest Fla cup came when it was that the league charter was never properly Reg Isle red and therefore its Legal standing might be doubtful a lawyer for Franklin j f Asjes of Memphis obtained a new Chailer teb 15 Foi the Tayetto county Giuca and welfare league inc he surrendered the old Thailer Ineo proctors were Mem Bers of the Franklin faction the Mcferren action obtained a Cuiter feb 3 setting up the original Layette count Cimic and welfare league the league gained its Fame by mounting a drive to Register negro voters in this Rural area. Over co per cent of the Popula Tion is negro but there were very Tew negro voters before i960. Mountain Man eludes armed Oregon posse a Mountain Man Slenie Slouch still eluded armed searchers in the Cascade Range East of Heie Friday already weeks old the search for him was intensified four ago when a posse member was wounded in a gun Battle with sol Ovich. Who has been in the wilds since his most recent escape from the veterans administration hos Pital Here nearly a year ago. Solovich was a mental patient there. An expert woodsman Solovich repeatedly has slipped away from posse has not seen him since the tuesday gun fight. Little was known of his Back ground Here but a Mineral Surveyor in Boise said he used to know the Lall Burly Solovich. If there were some possible Way i could get to him and help him i might avoid any tragedy said Joel c. Olsen in Boise last night. I feel i know him Well enough so that i could go in there and satellite orbiting Cape canaveral Fla. A stations scanned the skies today on he slim Chance that a radio is orbiting the Earth despite a Mal function in the upper stages of the launching rocket. The 75-Pound satellite designed to investigate the effects of the ionosphere on Long Range radio and television communications was hurled aloft from this space port Friday night in the nose of a four stage rocket. The ionosphere reflects radio Waves Back to Earth and thus is vital to communications. The. National aeronautics and space administration announced the first stage of the Juno 11 per Forine d perfectly but 20 or 30 seconds later radio Contact was lost with the vehicle. Study of Telem etry data indicated a malfunction. The payload did not achieve us planned a statement said but there is some possibility that an orbit undetermined at this Lime was even if the satellite is found it. Would be useless to because its radio voice is gone this failure stymies an Effort to learn More about the ionosphere an electrically charged which surrounds the Earth. Field talk to hint i d sure like o Fry it he said. Olson said he had worked with Solovich on mining claims in Idaho s Stanley Basin Between 1048 and 1952 he knew More about civics than anyone i have Ever talked to. Lie knew the names of All the presidents and had a very Good engineering mind. He was very generous. Other miners would get i hair Money and go to own he would give his Money to poor Plsen said. After living in the Hills for nine years and being a natural woodsman 1 guess he could t stand being cooped up when they look him 16 Roseburg i expect that s Why he said Olsen. Officials recalled that Solovich once was within a Day of scheduled release from he Hospital when he walked away and spent five months alone in the mountains before being recaptured. He was in the Hospital Only a few months when he escaped again last year. Lie told the occasional persons he met that he just wanted to be left alone in the Hills. He was regarded As harmless. In recent months however he had taken to pointing his .22 Caliper Rifle at others and warning them to go Home. That is when officials resumed the search for him. The doily chronicle saturday feb 25, 1961 new cutting operating permits due for loggers land owners of county new to Nabei cd tag and oper Albs permits arc required for 19iil, local logging operators and landowners were reminded Satur Day Wayne Johnson District of Clie tiflis District. Department of natural he a Timber cutting permit is Nee a essay a foie any cutting Tan take place on land supp Nimg a Merchantable. Limber con sisting of not less than Board feel or four Standard cords acre Johnson explained per a Pontois pc rats become acc ass a a. Where Only dead or Down Limber is to be removed he add these Homes at Long level York a foot their first taste of River flooding Friday As the River ice caused Lams which blocked of the Normal Stream flow sending riven Banks. A wire photo 11 Over their modern music to feature Early year concert of w. F. West High musicians the w r West High school Frank Evernden of Centralia left annual Winter concert at 8 p.m., tuesday at the r. E. Bennett auditorium. The concert will Fea Ture modern music. Featured soloists will be Jeff White Phil Hinest Clar in Tisl and Carla Lofberg pianist. The w. F. West dance band will also be featured. The opening number by the chorus will be John Anderson my to from a Robert Burns poem with musical setting by Malligan. This will be followed by a group of spirituals arranged by Haley and Ades and include in that great Gil ten up morn poor warfarin and this the final choral number will be in solemn silence by ippolita Huangl. Selections by the band will be. Hopak from the fair at so Rochinsky by modest More sorg sky Viva a trumpet Solo with band accompaniment by Ronald Simpson Balduin by Frank Erickson second american Folk rhapsody by Clair Grundman the clock. Featuring the percussion Section by Charles Orth reverie by Claude Debussy Piper dream a clarinet Solo by Phil Hines with band accompaniment by Clair Gru Dinan and brass aflame by John Cabarras. Proceeds from the event will Hagerty gets apology from student rioters White Plains an apology for the anti american riots in Tokyo has been made to former White House press Secre tary James c. Hagerty by four of the student s who participated in the demonstrations. The outbreak led to cancellation of former president Dwight d. Eisenhower s scheduled visit to Japan. Hagerty who was in Japan ranging things for Eisen Hower was mobbed at. A Tokyo Airport and was rescued by Heli copter. One of the four japanese Stu dents Yon Eto Swanage of Waseda University said thursday night on behalf of the japanese Stu dents i want to apologize to the american nation for the division Between our two countries and the serious damage to the Unity of the free world caused by the demonstrations we led last june which prevented your president Eisen Hower from visiting Hagerty was asked by a news Man if he planned to relay the apology o Eisenhower who is in California. He said he did not. I guess read in in the papers he added. The. Apology was tied in Wilh the moral re armament move ment which is sponsoring a world tour of a play writ produced and acted by Stu dents who participated in the riots. The drama deals with moral re armament and includes a Snake dance depicting the Tokyo riots. A troupe of 60 presented the play thursday night before a capacity audience of 500 at the West Chester county Center Hagerty s reply to the apology was that the drama and its m Sage were All the apology that i or the people of the United states could the moral re armament move ment advocates the application of Stern moral principles As the so Lution of world problems. Presidential servants take pledge _ j i last of White House memoirs due new York presi Dent did t want to see servants about in House causing them to hide in closets some limes which lady was the most considerate i Lillian Rogers a Veteran of 30 years As a White House maid gives her answers to the questions in a Book to be published feb 27., her. Account of doings at 1600 Pennsylvania ave. May to last to be published. On thurs Day it was announced thai at the request of chief usher j. Bernard West personnel there now were pledged to refrain from publishing memoirs. Mrs. Parks tells of hundreds of incidents involving the occupants during her three amusing the sad the Eri Barras sing and the Good Anil bad joints of those she regarding various first ladies think the behaviour of mrs. Truman 6svar d Fie whits Houise servants set the Best example for any lady. She was neither too harsh i she did t keep looking Over our shoulders As mrs. Eisei How i to did arid ignore the work that was done As mrs.1 Roosevelt did. Mrs. Truman1 was he most considerate first lady in recent mrs. Hoover kept the White House in the most turmoil. Tilings were always in such a slate of flux that it would be quite True 10 say that she never did get completely settled. Almost every room was in a torn up stale and As soon As it was fixed one Way she would decide in would look better another if you angered her you w Ere a dead Duck. Let one servant prove himself Una ble make up for she also ordered Ilia All left Over food be saved for later use. Hoovers were fierce about servants being neither seen nor heard and heaven help you if you were caught in uie Hall when the president waa coming. It was a sort of scandal around the Whit House the Way we would Dodge into a particular to Hoover s successor Roo Sovell gave the order to Stop this Anc just act Truman was the most insistent that we be al Roosevelt he had great per Sonal wealth and gave the impression of great by was a Penny Pincher on Bouse holi very sensitive to the feelings of others a Quality that made him Mas kind to the Eisenhower had such a hot Tern per his wife was in constant Fca he would bust out at the wrong but he and the lies lady shared an amazing Bond tha was a Joy to behold. She was i most feminine of the four firs ladies had worked for an showed the greatest possessive Ness toward her oldster weds acquit Italy Oddone a retired journalist a married at nearby Ovada thurs Day to Raimonda Numy Gario the bridegroom is 81, to make the final payment on new concert band uniforms. And Smon said the Hope proceeds of the concert will be Aille Loay the balance clue on the 19c1 uniforms. The uniforms Cost Ronald Simpson is music director for the production to which he Public is invited. De both permits Are issued. Annually a ild both expire on . 31 of each year. Applications easterner is visitor Winlock a Washington . Visitor Croutc to Burma stopped off Here thursday to visit or. G. L. Groff. He. Was Bert Lindman a con suiting Engineer and economist and an Uncle of or. Groff. Lindman led Friday for the far East from Seattle Tacoma International Airport. He will be surveying a Road construction project in Burma or. Groff explained. Ines of Penis Are available at the Chc hah s District Headquarters of the dept. Of natural resources located on the Bishop Road and the Pacific Highway after the. Written application is approved by the the operator May cutting when he has plainly rnai cd 01 otherwise designated required seed Trees or Trees that arc 16 be c us out or the Burn Davies of req Ned seed blocks Johnson said. The directs thai a vein pc Mittie shall during the process of logging Lake adequate precautions to leave sufficient Trees of commercial species to maintain continuous Forest growth or pro vide adequate stocking to insure future Forest production. The Chehalis District office will Supply aluminium signs and nails for designating seed blocks John son said Mai Kors Dre supplied on the basis of eight tags and 1c aluminium mils per two acres of seed Aiea All tags Aio Lotice the cutting a Ria and Dis while sections Boundary Between non tagged Poi Lions should be untied paint lags or slake Johnson i pm med that a Timber cutting Pei Mil Only gives the oper Ator Permis Siori to operate under the of the states Lor est and is nol a contract to log on someone else s land. The Forest practices act is printed in. Detail of the Back of the Timber culling permit application form. Cub pack stages banquet Ouasha the in i annual Blue ind Gold banquet for cub Seoul pack no. 33 Here was held wednesday night with More than 100 in attendance. Awards were presented to Den Nis Bini Oti Ronnie blackmail Gary Butcher Bobby Callison Bruce Gerrits Douglas Oertli Mike Ohhi a Mike Seeger. Rich Ard Schwender Richard Mahony i Gary Rice Charles Exline Bruce Anderson and John Gerrits. Ther Simon mis r g Arlene gents Sec Gar and Lucille Schwyn Der tie Onalaska kiwanis club sponsors the pack. Trial dated Jerusalem War. Crimes trial of Adolf Eichmann has been ordered to begin Here on april 11. The formal indictment accusing Eichmann of responsibility for the deaths of millions of cub scouting leaders of the pack jews during the nazi regime was arc Violet Anderson Marion Guen a handed Down wednesday let s keep rolling ahead we americans invented mass production then we had to build mass demand to keep the wheels turning. For this purpose we called upon the most effective and economical Means of creating had More jobs higher incomes and better living conditions. An d there in t any limit to How much farther we can gov if we just keep it rolling Pearl at Maple Centralia Pacific at Prindle Chehalis

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