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Centralia Daily Chronicle Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 1

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Daily Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Centralia, Washington-.-Leopoldville. The Congo troops took Over the capital of Kasai province Only 500 Miles from Leopold Ville to the regime of presi Dent Joseph Kas Mvubu Here gave the United nations six hours to Clear the rebels out of the City but the u. N. Shrugged off the ultimatum without action we Don t know what action they want us to take or what action they want to do a u. A spoke Sman said. But the Leo Pouille regime was clearly alarmed by the new drive by Lumumba forces into Lulua Bourg a Force of Aici ind 300 moved into the own after a journey of some to Miles from Oriental i province. A . Spoke sea n said the i apparently merged i Wilh the Garrison supposedly Loy al to Obj Gen Joseph Mobutu commander of the Leopold Ville government s the sent a Joh of alarm into officials of the Leopold Lle government. Congolese vice pre Mier Jean Bol Kango delivered an ultimatum to Headquarters saying that if the forces did against the intruders within six hours the congolese forces would take measures of their own. By taking Over la Cabourg capital of Kasai province an tone regime controls half of the Congo s six provincial capitals. Lum Ombis elements have Long held two other provincial capitals Stanleyville in Oriental province and Bukavu in Kiva province. Lulu Bourg is in the North part of Kasai province and its people Are overwhelmingly supporters of the late Premier Patrice Lumumba. The Garrison in the Lown Wilh soldiers drawn from widely scattered parts of the country had been believed staunchly Loyal to Mobutu and president Joseph Kas Mvubu. The commander of the Lulua Bourg Garrison 3 col. Moko sought . Protection after the of he Luzum Birls a spokesman said. Moko was taken in As Gucal of a civilian u. N. Administrator. The took Over joint duties in die town and at he air port with the local troops. The u. N. Spokesman reported the newcomers were received wih open and there was no Vio Lence. But said the spokesman the u. N. Forces had no grounds for Inlet Fering the subsequent p peaceful Jinling of forces. At one Slage it was thought the Limu mists May have deserted from and gone Over to mob Ilu s Side but the congolese government s Sharp 10 fiction.indicated1 the intruders had shown no desire to change sides there were signs the Leopod Ville government knew of the la mum Bisl movements a week ago. When u. A forces from Lulua Boug went to investigate reports of troops Lus Ambo about 150 Miles away the Leo pol Vilie govern men protected the United nations was ii Telfer ing with congolese military affairs. Tourney tip off two basketball players for the Ball in Tho tip off Friday afternoon for the opening game of the South West Washington class b District tournament in Chehalis. Play ers Are Bob Alexander 42 of Ilwaco and George Johnson 13 of Quinault. Ilwaco last year s tourney champions won the game 62-38. Basketball action resumed saturday in both Centralia and Chehalis and will conclude next weekend. The referee pictured is Jay stoves of staff photo basketball reigns As top attraction additional basketball tour stories and pictures in sports pages basketball Rig Ned As the King of All snorts activity in Lewis county Friday As the twin cities served As hosts for the first watchdog probe set on missile program Washington sen. Styles Bridges r-n.h., said to Day a Senate watchdog probe of this country s expanding missile program will focus on second strike potential. In cold hard military terms that Means just what could be done to strike Back if the soviet Union decided to strike first with its nuclear weapons. By rifles a senior member of the Senate defense investigating preparedness subcommittee said there will be a Complete and th6rough probe of the wide Range programs under Way arid planned. He added thai a closed door ses Sion Friday brought agreement among committee members thai the time is Ai hand for some standardization and fewer mis Siles. R both Bridges and chairman John Plennis d-miss., said the investigating group Hopes to steer Clear of the hot political dispute about whether or not1 there is a missile with the soviet Union ahead in this subcommittee will not concern itself with an evaluation of Russia s position in the missile Plennis said. Rather the purpose of the study is to evaluate our own find Oul what we have now and Are Likely to have in the Plennis said the group to determine he reliability arid survivability of the family of mis Sile systems in All three military that would appear to require some measure of the possible enemy capability of attacking . Missile systems and bases. Among other things Stennis said his group will look into Why there has been such enormous in creases in the Cost of missiles and missile systems and to form pos sible helpful guides to future leg the chairman of a House appropriations subcommittee said things Are in a mess in the program to build bases for inter Continental Bassi Stic missiles. Rep. Harry r. Sheppard d calif., said after a closed meeting Friday Wiir hearing.? indicated they were Messier than i thought they were. They Are trying to of Erale a crash program on a Busi Ness As usual basis and it just won t work that round of play in the soul Wesl Washington class b District tour lament. The first weekend of play was scheduled to close saturday night and the Field was due to b rimmed to -12 schools. Near capacity crowds packet the Centralia and Chehalis Hig school gyms to watch the firs eight games. Four Lewis county area teams emerged Victoriou Friday. Four sustained losses a the 1c teams began Competition the prep teams Are battling for four positions to the Stal class b tournament. Lewis county area teams scoring wins for Day were Morton Napavine to Ledo and Tenino. Friday s losers from the Lew is county area were Onalaska Rainier Mossyrock and Peel they must win saturday to Sta in the tournament. 1 Centralia plays key role in ending filibuster by Tom Koenninger i City editor Dally this is another in a series of saturday reports from Olympia by legislators representing Lewis county to Olympia the record break no filibuster of tile so called Igho Vole Power Bill in the Louse ended Friday afternoon Ith rep Morrill Folsom playing key role in breaking up he la Lemale. Known As he 197, the measure prohibit Public Utility Dis Iricks from acquiring facilities pupate utilities until he a Jis Ilion was approved by a Vole f the people in the county in olved virtually All other legislation of in House had been stymied for our Days while he fight raged ver the measure. F rep Folsom of Centralia who and gone along with the measure Pok the floor of the House Friday afternoon to support a motion thai he 197 be referred to to rules Commil foe. After rep. Folsom s speech the motion was carried by a Vole of 51 b 47. I be fought and fought and fought for these four Days hoping to keep the Bill alive hoping for an agreement. I had hoped we could Clear up once and for All the Issue Between Public and private Power rep. Fol som declared. Since i am from a pud county i m not in a position to see Public Power Hurt in any Way. I m not going to vote against my own i failing to obtain a Compromise on the measure rep. Folsom said he endorsed the motion to Send it Back to rules in an Effort to get it cleaned up and allow the lawmakers to proceed with other legislation. Veteran observers of the legislature said the motion o Send it Back to rules might Mark the end of i lie Power Bill in his ses n. Reps Harry Siler of handle with both sides to obtain an amendment which would major prob Lem if the Bill were passed. The amendment would allow pud transmission lines to Cross i Host of a private Utility in the county without a Vole of the people i m that this Bill As originally written contained some features which would have made it difficult for Lewis county s pud to operate rep. Siler said in explaining the need for the amendment. The whole purpose of my stand on this Mill was to eliminate these unworkable features which would cramp operations of our puds. We received by Way of Amend ment just what we asked for. I supported the Bill through second Reading of obtain he Nec Essary Protection for Lewis coun but i told proponents of the Jill i would Promise no support beyond second Reading on in Tho final vote rep. Siler Saiid. Bill which created Hie hottest i Batlle so far 37lh session of the legislature stemmed from a fight in Thurston county. The fight was on whether the people should be Given a Vole o n condemnation proceedings brought by the thurs on county pud to acquire property of puget sound Power and Light co. Within the county. Almost All other House Legisla Tion has been delayed this week because of the fight Over the Power Bill rep. Siler said. He added he believes there was just one other Bill passed during the four Days. The Bill providing for the control and regulation of pesticides has been passed by the House and is in the Senate. The marketing Bill is in the rules committee of the House. Because of the drawn out Battle Over he iff7, Tho possibility of a special session of the legislature was almost a certainly. On the Senate Sido of Legisla Ture sen. Joe Thylil of Chc Hahs reports everything is building to consideration of Appio nation and taxation measures which will Como Lalo in the session. The Senate is proceeding according to a Normal schedule sen. Said. Appropriations will be the big item and it s a matter of Walling to see what appropriations measures will be con he added. Several Small Bills have been presented dealing with pensions and with other expenditures but they Are being detained until appropriations matters Are Aken up for consideration. On Friday there was a two hour debate on a Resolution designed to encourage showing of the film communism on the map in the state s Public schools. The matter was finally referred to the Senate rules committee. Centralia Chehalis Washington saturday feb. 25, 1961 12 pages 70th year no. 47 negroes attacked by the associated press for the fourth straight time White hecklers attacked negroes marching through downtown Nashville tenn., after stand in demonstrations at four motion picture Heaters. Police said Racks and eggs were thrown at about 125 demonstrators Friday night but that there were no serious injuries. Some of the throwing was done by White youths in a parking lot across from a theater. One while youth was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct for throwing eggs. The demonstrators mostly negro College students were March ing Back to their meeting place at a Church when the Rock and egg throwing started. While persons turned out in Force to harass the Demontra lors on the three previous nights. A police arrested 14 Young negroes during a sit in demonstration at the Union Railroad station and charged them with loitering. It was the first arrest of Inte Gration demonstrators in hous ton. Negroes and while persons have picketed Houston Heaters the past two weekends. City officials of Rock Hill . Banned downtown demonstrations in a move designed to strengthen police efforts to curb violence in the Industrial City near the North Carolina Border. Mayor John Hardin met with other municipal officials and then announced that All group concentrations of any sort would be banned until further notice. How Ever lie said the edict did no mean prohibiting further Antiser rotation picketing. Rock Hill has been a Foca Point of negro student demonstrations in recent weeks. Zongo operations threatened Volcano pit ceases eruptions in Hawaii Honolulu a Halemanu Man fire pit in the mighty Kil i area Volcano ceased erupting Fri Day after spewing Forth a Chain of fiery lava fountains up to 100 feet High for eight hours. The dazzling display ended As abruptly As it began. But Volca nolo girls were not yet writing it off. No one was hurl and no dam age was reported during the Short lived eruption in the fire of former awesome southernmost Hawaii Island. The eruption Kilauea s 20lh since 1918, was confined to the ire pit and did not pose any threat to the sparsely populated neighbouring area in Hawaii a Lional Park. A string of a half dozen fountains spewed red hot lava up to 100 feet in the air after a chunk of a shelf along the inner Wall o the pit dropped leaving a gaping Crevice about Midway in the 500 foot deep Crater. The collapsing shelf caused c rift which sent glowing Molter lava spurting through the jagged crust of old solidified lava in the new Crevice. Volcano Observatory official Hurt Loucks told the Assoc Alec press Friday night that act Vil had ceased at . . Nears Cash deadline United nations . A Dag Hammarskjold is getting uncomfortably close to a Cash Eadline in the Congo. The Secretary general still trying desperately to recruit Nen to maintain a Strong u. N. Orce there in a race against the soviets and dwindling Money re serves. With the . Operation facing financial collapse at the turn of he year Hammarskjold was granted special borrowing Powers for three months to keep it go ing. Nearly two months have massed. Just 10 Days away is the resumed session of the general As Sembly that must arrange for financing the . Role in the con go for the rest of this year. The Assembly also will have to dredge out of the members the a kids for paying last year s net Congo Bill of million and for covering what Hammarskjold has to be in excess of million. So far the United Stales has kicked in wit ii a total of ill Cash plus an earned credit of for recreation plans due recreation plans will be. Dis cussed for Centralia at a Public meeting March 6 at 8 . In the City Hall auditorium. This was announced thursday when a preliminary1 report of a recreation fact finding group was presented in Centralia. The group had been appointed in december i860 As part of a Community study speakers thursday included or c. M. Vanprooyen Joe Wiese Vincent Coates Lloyd Dysart or. Paul Barrager and Don Slick Lin. Wiese served As Moderator. Topics covered included the City s Tennis courts fort Bors Park improvements City beautification senior citizens re creation and other activities. Wiese said the meeting was a test run to gauge the effective Ness of our program. The real ii was very Gratifying but the endorsement of the entire program will have to come from our Cit milk Bill Okeed olya1pia milk marketing Bill amended to overcome earlier objections has been approved by the Seriale agriculture committee. The measure would authorize the director of agriculture to pro scribe milk marketing areas ant establish wholesale and relay prices of milk in each area under certain conditions. Evidence of ancient murder uncovered Bones of pre historic humans found in e. Africa Washington a the Bones of a Man and child who More than ago Haye been found in East Africa reporting the discovery Friday said they were the oldest human Bones Ever uncovered. Also the child s Bones crime Ever to come to i murder most was the description or l a. B. Leakey gave 10 the pieces of the child s Skulji. Skull fracture lines and other evidence convinced the Anthro Polo isl thai Vlic child Way Mir dered with a Blunt of the Corydon museum in Nairobi Kenya said the Bones were found the. Past year in the Oldi Ivai Gorge Region of Tanganyika a Rich Anthropol Login site. The discovery Means that he year old Nutcracker Hose Bones Leakey discovered in 1959, is no longer the oldest human on record. Nutcracker Man turned up in the same area As the new found , but at a different the latest discovery Lleve by Leakey to his son Jona increasing cloudiness sur Day afternoon and evening. To scientist said and High sunday Low then in searching for More Tiger 30-36. Bones to struck humans.1 wet intr on the. Research was partly danced by the National geographic society. Leakey told of the new find Rand of still at a news conference Friday preceding a society lecture. He was even More enthusiastic Over the additional discovery the Skull of Shellean who came along much later than Nutcracker Bill who rep resented the first prehistoric Cul Ture Ever accepted by Leakey sold tools and other artefacts of Shellean Man were found More than 100 years ago but Bones that would indicate what he looked like remained buried in Tho Sands of time. That until december when Leakey discovered the first Skull. We can t say for he said but Here s a very High probability Llma Shellean Man was the Stem from which modern Man As to the earliest evidence of Man s inhumanity to Man Leakey said i know enough about Medicine to soy. That the nature of his fracture was such As would be caused by a blow on the head with a Blunt instrument i be never Scon that fracture from an accidental the not estimate How much older the new found humans arc than nut Cracker which the so Cicely says had listed by anthropologists As the earliest Man known. Certain of Tho new found Bones Leakey said suggest they were from Hiu nans possibly nearer to present Day Man than Ever though older in time. There is not enough avid inc to indicate if the oldest a walked erect Bill where he live was believed a haunt of Saber toothed Tiger s. These human scavengers gelling Inci meal from rom nails led Over b tigers after a kill. The meal a skinned with primitive tools. The adult Bones indicate Soin Teeth bits of Skull a Collar Bon and possibly a piece of an Arm. The Bones of the child whose a was estimated at include two bits of Skull a Small Piec of the Occi Pill Bone t the Back of the Skull a Colla Bone a Large part of a foot Soin parts of who hand and Iho jaw eking up the Tab for airlifting oops to the Congo last summer. The Gross Congo Cost in 1960 As More than million but in . Airlift forgiveness plus Milar action by Britain the so let Union and others reduced in net Bill. There is still no none expected of the soviet bloc ready by Andrew Borowiec Algiers Algeria Rench was braced for a on Cray As rebels massed n Algeria s East and West bord is for what May be a show of length on the eve of possible each talks. Rebel attacks from bases in Eig Boring Tunisia and Morocco Lis week heightened fears they Light be planning to mount an Tensive. The French said the Irusle met crushing defeat but he threat poised on Algeria s Rentiers continues. Tunisia s president Habib Bour is meeting Wilh French resident Charles de Gaulle in Rambouillet outside Paris Mon a. Both Hope these talks May and to direct negotiation bet Wear Ranee and the self styled Rebe government in exile. Fighting has increased through lit Algeria in the past month iome observers feel however hat if peace talks can be a and proceed Well the Reb Els will hold their fire. Paying the total they were assessed on the regular . Basis for their 1960 share. They announced during the first part of the Assembly session they would not kick in a cent and hey Haven t. The soviet Union s share is the other bloc countries Range from the Ukraine s Down to Albania s Fidel Castro s Cuba also can be counted on to follow Moscow s Lead and renege on its assessment. The total Congo Bill for the six months operations in 1360 and the first three Mont Lis of 1861 was an estimated net million. Before the recess the Genera Assembly also authorized Hammarskjold to Cash from such accounts As the technical assistance and special funds or to seek Short Ferm Loans from governments or from other available Aid boost proposed Miami Beach Fla. The al Cio today called on the government to expand its Aid to cuban refugees. The labor group said the problem is worse than the one created when refugees streamed to America following the 1956 hungarian revolt. More than twice the number of people Are involved and with Cuba Only 90 Miles off the coast of the United Stales the number of refugees is certain to the al Cio executive Council said in a statement. It said that from to 000 cubans have already fled from the Castro regime and come to live in the Miami area and an additional each to Tampa Fla., and to Ntow York City. Saying that it has joined with other private agencies in provid ing funds and personnel to help the refugees the labor group said the Federal government should furnish More Hospital care plus food and . Snow whitens Morton rain soaks twin cities Morton this Community and other Eastern Lewis county Points reported a new variation on the Winter theme saturday about ite inches of Snow. While the snowfall was hardly a Welcome innovation to the near record amount of rain this month residents at least had a change in the weather. Snow started falling late Friday Winter deals severe blow to deep South by the associated press flood Walers continued to Rise in Central Alabama and Mississippi Oday As Winter dealt another be blow to the deep South. High water displaced thousands u four Southern slates. Tornadoes and damaging winds brought More woe to at least three others. Early today rain turned to Snow n Northern Mississippi and Ala Bama As temperatures began to All. No accumulations were expected however. The weather Bureau at Mont Gomery said rain ceased in Cen ral and South Alabama today and none was expected through sunday. Montgomery was preparing or possibly its worst flood since 1948 a Hon the Alabama River Rose 21 eel above flood stage. The Alabama was at 52.5 feet and still rising. Flood stage is 35 feet. Assets told at meeting assets of cell radians inc. Now Olal according to a report made Friday during the annual meeting of the non profit organization in Centralia. The report was made from financial records of the Organiza Tion maintained by Aubrey wills treasurer of inc. F. Steinmetz president of the organization said financial assistance to firms in the Centralia area by cell radians inc., has helped increase employment by 105 persons since Jan. 1, 1955. Three members of the Board of directors of cell radians inc. Were re elected to three year terms at the meeting Friday. They Are Robert Thompson Bert Jones and Reid Conrad. Now officers of the organization will be elected tuesday night at a meeting of the cell radians inc Board of directors. I the weather Bureau forecast Elow freezing temperatures in Lood stricken North Central por ions of Alabama and Mississippi night. The Atlanta ga., area was deluged with 5.67 inches of rain Wilh n 24 hours. The body of Mike Smith 18, was recovered from a looked Creek into which he drove rom a washed out Road near Burord 25 Miles Northeast of Allan floods of major proportions swept Central Alabama and Mississippi today and continued Rains gave indications that the situation will get worse. While High Waters displaced thousands of persons in four deep South slates tornadoes and dam aging High winds brought More woe to at least three other South Ern Stales. The red Cross in Washington said families have been affected by flooding in Louisiana Alissi Sippi Alabama and Georia. National guard and civil de enc evacuations will Send the figure much higher. Six thousand persons have been displaced at halt Lesburg miss by flood Walers of the Leaf River a third of that City is unde As much As 12 fee deep. Tornadoes and High winds up Roo cd Trees and damaged build Ings in Alabama Georgia am South Carolina. No serious injuries were reported Iglitz in Morton and was con inning through saturday morn no. The Snow was of the wet Var Ety and was expected o Clear Iff soon. Reports from Morion saturday morning indicated roads were Bare and wet. The dividing line for the Snow All was apparently in the Bear Ian you area. Onalaska residents reported some Snow falling Friday Light but it melted upon hitting he ground. Meanwhile the twin cities got More of the same rain. Rainfall since mid morning Friday totalled .58 of an Inch in Centralia. Rain All since 6 . Thursday has Cen measured at 1.54 inches. Only slightly More than 1.33 inches of rain in Centralia is required o establish a new All Lime Ligh record for precipitation for february. The record was established in february of 1910 when rainfall or that month was measured at 11.43 inches. The forecast for sunday Calls or increasing cloudiness. Pair Hurt in mishap Oakville a Centralia Cou ple or. And mrs. Hay Weems received injuries saturday at a.m., near Oakville in a one car mishap. The Accident occurred near the Cedar Creek Bridge. Oakville town marshal al Brant reported the pick up truck went out of control and off the Road or. And mrs. Weens and a son so aligned at the Pacific Beach naval station were thrown out of the vehicle. Brant said the car spun Oul of control and losses the occupants from the cab. No estimate of damages were available on the pick up truck. Or. And mrs. A cams were rushed to the Centralia general Hospital or treatment of in juries cuts and bruises. No re port of their condition was Avail Able at noon saturday. The Book still holds Promise Bible promises is the title Lor today s Len v ten guidepost. Given is another message of lion and Faith prepared by Catherine Marshall writ Ter on religious subjects guideposts is a daily chronicle feature appearing daily through the 40 Days of v Lent. Guideposts arc on Page 10 today

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