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Centralia Daily Chronicle Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 1

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Daily Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Centralia, Washington Washington 10 cents chronicle february 1962 10 pages 71st 42 Winters worst yet storm hits Midwest by the associated press crippling windblown Snow and sleet storms which battered the Midwest Over the Leav ing a Blanket of up to two feet of Snow and sheets of blustered into the Northeast effects of the damaging weather in the eight state storm Belt from the Dakotas to Michigan were some areas wore virtually thirty one inches of Snow Cov ered Sioux As the heaviest Snow of the season swept Eastern South Dakota and South Western the storm spread into areas in North wisc on Illinois and they moved into Northern Indi Ana and Ohio and headed North with heavy snowfall indicated in the northeastern upper lakes to Pennsylvania and new the violent wintry weather which whipped across the nations midlands from the Rockies created monumental traffic thousands of motorists were temporarily stranded As Strong winds whipped the Snow into High drifts on highways and traffic was sharply Many schools called off classes services were can celled in Many areas hundreds at secondary r Oad s were travel in Southern Minnesota was virtually Many airports in Minnesota and South Dakota were in up to 150 cars were stalled on a single Highway in shown Yuan and Ozark be coun some 700 ice including women and were trapped for several hours sunday on Lake near As a blinding snowstorm struck the they were brought to safety by slate conservation department workers and colder weather moved into Northern sections of the temperatures dropped to Zero in parts of North Dakota and to the teens in other Northern areas of the Snow South of the heavy Snow a band of freezing rain or drizzle and sleet pelted areas from North Ern sections of Illinois and Indi Ana and Southern lower Michigan to Northwest walking was treacherous in Many cities hit by the ice in the Northern half of the state was covered with Snow ranging up to 20 inches at Rock ice covered the Southern five storm related deaths were including four in Chica and one in the deaths were attributed to overexertion while shovelling weather picture better orbit attempt looks ask Cape a brightening weather picture buoyed Hopes today that Astro naut John Glenn will be launched toward a round the Carth orbit tuesday after months of at a morning project Mercury officials reported generally improved conditions in the Atlantic recovery areas where Marine Glenns capsule would the first half of a split today countdown was started at the recount was finished at 6 with both the Atlas Booster rocket and Friendship 7 spacecraft described As in go officials were shooting for a launch Between and the weather Outlook in the Cape canaveral Vicinity gave officials some a cold front pre ceded by a Squall line was advancing into Northern Florida this this could leave linger ing cloudiness in the Cape possibly delaying the shot for the Lith officials were hopeful holes could be found in the Clouds through which the rocket could lie a Complete Check of the weather was due for about Midnight after which officials were to make a preliminary we feel a lot More optimistic new police to gather Safe burglaries will be the main topic of discussion tuesday when the Oregon Washington Law mens associations crime Confer ence is held in the Ali Day session will bring together about 150 Law enforcement offi cers from the Centralia police chief Otto Rucker and Lewis county sheriff Amondson will be the co hosts for the the officers will receive instructions on the different types of Safe Portland police Captain Bard Purcell will be in charge of the the event will Start at the City Hall Audi Driver held Winlock was arrested saturday by Lewis county sheriffs officers on a Winlock police court War rant charging i Landrun Mann remained in the Lewis coun jail monday in lieu of late news bulletins Moses in nearly half of the 284 Craft members who walked off the Job thursday in a dispute lit a Titan missile site hear Dessa returned to work Mon Iff a boat snagged a submarine off Florida coast last one was but the sub Marine was f Washington w Senate leaders delayed action today on president Kennedy re organi lation plan to Erratt new department of Urban Oday than we did said John spokesman for the conservatively i would say he Odds Are at least 6040 in our Powers said one change had Een made in the lineup of ships poised to recover the air Craft Carrier Forrestal has re placed the Carrier Constellation in the Miles East of Bermuda where Glen would come Down if he made Only one instead of the Hope for heart attack claims longtime Centralia uneasy peace returns British Guiana Uncertain peace settled on this tropical capital today after a siege of looting and labor leaders called off their general strike against leftist prime minister Cheddie but his East Indian followers were reported plotting reprisals in the British armed hurriedly flown from Jamaica and London on Appeal from were braced for although fire blackened Georgetown was racial tensions Between negroes and East indians ran High after rioting negro mobs burned a half mile Square of George towns business Center and its East Indian stores last the rioting left six scores injured and million property an East Indian gets most of his support from East Indian Farmers and workers outside negroes generally support Forbes Leader of the Peoples National Congress whom Jagan Defeated in last augusts tensions relaxed somewhat sunday with the announce ment of labor leaders that they had called off their we Klong the backs work Call came after the Union leaders met three and a half hours with one negotiator said Jagan agreed to a series of a terse radio announcement one of cell alias Best known longtime business John Jack president of the Gesler Mcniven furniture died suddenly Early monday at Mcniven cottage was death was apparently from a heart and Mcniven left Centralia Early Sun Day by Auto for Palm where they were to a they stopped overnight at a cottage Grove where he passed he was the surviving founder of the 49yearold Gesler Mcniven he was a past chamber of Commerce a past president of rotary and past exalted ruler of the Centralia Mcniven was a Leader for Many years in Community Active the deceased was born at grand and came to Centralia when a Young he was first employed by the late who managed a furniture the two entered a partnership and purchased the surviving Are the at Home John Centralia Marjorie Ann Chehalis Ai Portland five George Portland a Riison Kilgore and Robert both of Jessie and Seal and six funeral arrangements Are in charge of the Sticklin funeral Home of outdoor Tunnel for the scheduled pedestrian underpass for the Pacific High Way at the fort Borst Park the Tunnel is already corrugated steel piece is 59 feet with 33 feet to be it will have 8foot ceiling and be 5 10 inches in Pacific Sand and gravel of Centralia has installation which will involve cutting ditch across the Highway and dropping Tunnel into that wont be done until dry state Highway commission has let contract on interchange of which Tunnel is a City of Centralia will pay about on Tunnel Pacific Sand and gravel workmen in photo Are Branch olm sled and Claude they Are putting Brac ing in chronicle staff photo grinding crashes snuff out nine lives in state by the associated press six persons died in a matter of a few minutes sunday As two cars travelling at an estimated combined Speed of 100 Miles an hour collided on a Busy High Way Between Seattle and three other persons died in accidents at Oak Harbor and be tween Yakima and Ellensburg to bring Washington weekend traffic fatality toll to five of the six killed in the shattering crash of two cars on Highway 99 Early sunday the oldest Only Mcclel Jay Kins was the badly the two it until it was of he France claims algerian peace talks have ended Paris French said today secret talks with the Al Gerian nationalist rebels have leading to speculation a ceasefire May be but a rebel spokesman insisted negotiations still Are going a French announcement said the conclusions will be brought before the Frances Threeman negotiating team arrived in Paris from the talks and met at once with president Charles do arriving at his Headquarters in Tunis from the talks with the rebel foreign minister Saad Dah lab told reporters negotiations Are going on in very Good a Csc band due tuesday the 50piccc symphonic band from Eastern Washington state will present a concert tuesday evening at the cd Noralia High school sponsored by the student body of Centralia College As a Community the band will be under the direction of William holders of High school Dah lab declined to elaborate while his statement did not appear to Rule out the possibility of a ceasefire it indicated Urther contacts with the French Are necessary before Linal agree ment can be the full rebel government is up cited to meet soon to discuss secret it also was Likely the rebels would Call a meeting of their Parlia the National Council of the algerian which must i Lave a say on any peace diplomatic quarters in Paris expressed belief the word ing of the French announcement indicated an agreement had been reached for ending the nearly 7iyearold with a feeling of optimism prevailing in the Price of Gold Tell off slightly frenchmen usually sell Gold when the political out look takes a favourable car crash injures one a cd Noralia Dew by 114 re Mai cd in Chr cd Noralia Genera Hospital monday with serious in partly sunny partly sunny High 4550 Low Complete what her on pit and Junior High body As school student Well As Blazer Booster will he there will be a nominal charge for on students at Centralia College heard la Hoy Ostransky of he University of in get sound acuity jazz in the hour Long Assembly was at the High school juries following a trocar Sion in Centralia Friday evening family members said me Clasky suffered extensive Dies injuries and must be hospitalize a for Between two and three weeks her car collided with one driven by George also o at the intersection o fourth and ii Lai Trhlin listed damage and the Mcclaskey car had an c Lima cd said the grouping government and primary were Jan asked them to return to work 21 James in Trade Union Council also Patsy l commending its strikers resume and Julie civil servants and sixth victim struck for higher of the b rades Union Council pagans plans for higher c axes and a compulsory one of the two scheme which the Council part workers More than the and Bruise a trades Union Council give stale Pat nou Cement said Jagan on the o impose Price controls to vent importers from passing before duties to Consumers and to wrecked Sider the replacement of the Nyland Tol Pul Sory savings program with he saw a big voluntary savings swiftly Side observers didst see strike basically was against in fro leftist leanings of i Slammer let him know you help your Are every bit As important teachers in the education their this is the in a series of 15 articles by educational authority what you can do to help child succeed in by Leslie professor of University of Southern How can i get my child want to in that question is uppermost ail the minds of Good parents a an most frequently asked parents and teachers meet discuss the problem is not one teachers alone to themselves have an perhaps the most important full role in stimulating their Hirst for in this series of articles we going to outline some of the iffy bulb in which you can help your to succeed in school by and enhancing his desire to parents Are the most people on Earth to fathers political party or of car is Likely to be juniors mothers Way of cooking or cleaning will become Little susies Way of loins children also tend to share parents Slan getting an Ducat or and toes bet who thinks his a be sure your parents views about if daddy says 1 always successful c things i Learned in the other a help me with my Junior decides that he likes if Mother says from the time i parents cd the that there was n a Little i knew i would go to Susie decides question know an answer College is for tint if daddy i int always 1 Wail or activities of time to Junior Rales can i As a and if Mother Beni Mii dont bother me with your it 1 have More for the a things to Susie looks at so each work As of Little or no others arc and Desir first and Foremost in a Tel Visio education needs is family dozens of n Proval of with he Home Are off to a Hying without time for to is under a the youngster who knows place of the next thing i remember was silting in the front seat of the wreckage and bodies were scattered across both northbound the elder Nyland and Mcclelland and Kinsley were pronounced dead at the the others died in route to hos patrol House said there was no indication of excessive Speed on the Highway which has a 50 Milea hour Speed but he estimated the combined Impact May have totalled close to 100 Miles an de Gaulle asks talk London a president do Gaulle today was reported to have suggested big four Summit talks on disarmament in a note to Premier Advance word of the French lenders Surprise move was passed on to the British govern qualified informants re de Gaul Les note was said to be in answer to Khrushchev re cent proposal for raising next months 13 Power disarmament conference in Geneva to the level of Heads of 144 die in storm Germany a 144 bodies Dis Aster teams Laboured in near Freez ing weather today to find More than 100 other persons missing and presumed dead in weekend floods Over North dam age ran into hundreds of millions of flags flew at Hal staff on buildings throughout West three Days of Public mourning were proclaimed in a City of that was hardest the cites amusement centers and bars were asked to put out their lights and cancel Public dances mild winds blew Over the rav aged North sea a full Moon tonight will mean Peak but officials forecast no new floods that would threaten remaining Hamburgs known death toll stood at in seven persons were listed As the state of lower Saxony rechecked a report 24 dead and revised it Down to Oiler deaths included one in five German soldiers lost their lives in Rescue officials said it would take several Days to get a Complete casualty list of the toll taken by the slowly receding Waters which left the area looking like a Battle than a child always encourage if they didst they helped me any to manage family i each fill nil Iii problem to knows regulated to pro parents set inc Altitude toward learning that children adopt As j their provide your children with a place Anil time to have reference books encourage them to look up words in the dictionary and places in the encourage them to study each Mil just do Homework As Lei Ihm cuter family discus ions about current listen to Good music head Good books with go to Art galleries with your always consider school and Edu cation thus creating family approval of tomorrow respect your children As soviet planes halted Berlin api Allied aircraft flew through the North corridor from Berlin today to counter renewed soviet pressure on the vital air informed sources military and commercial trans ports thrust through the Berlin Hamburg corridor Over communist East German the informants the Western operation was de signed to assert Allied rights in face of the renewal of harassing tactics by the red air Western commanders gave or Ders for the transports to Fly deliberately below the level the soviets want for their exclusive use for a three hour for the seventh time since it started harassing Western air links to Berlin on the soviet air Force told the Berlin air safety Center sunday night it was reserving air space up to feet in the North corridor leading to Berlin from Allied control officers rejected the soviet flight plan and ordered military transports to stand the soviet move came after a weekend pause in the Berlin air sunday Moscow announced it had rejected a three Power protest that Maneu vers of the red air Force in the corridors were dangerous and allies complained to the in Force for 17 re quire notification of each individual night through the three 20 mile wide corridors linking Berlin with Hannover and the Western Powers charged the russians were trying to change the rules by making Block bookings for the red air tie allies do not dispute soviet contentions the red air Force has equal rights in the corridors but they insist on carrying out the safety the allies complained to the Kremlin that soviet Jet fighters buzzed Western aircraft in the corridors last the West is making its firm stand because of the extreme importance of the air routes to Ber Only by air can travellers go to Berlin and Back without sub mitting tickets at communist control Points on highways and rail East Germany has charged for months that the West has mis used the air the red regime says it is illegal for West Ern commercial airliners to Fly to they the corridors were provided Only for Allied military cubans celebrate key api cubans tried sunday to forget food Short Ages and other problems As they made merry in Cubas first socialist Havana monitored described it As the greatest in cuban filled the Joy and happiness of lie the event was Union has salary rally about 150 National association of letter carriers members from Southwest Washington gathered sunday in Centralia for a salary the members of the postal Union gathered to gain support for pay the Centralia meeting was one of the four scheduled in the Francis Centralia postmas delivered the welcoming and Paul local chapter was in charge of the held at the legion the main Siw Akers included mail or take to your daily chronicle Leow lend me the Complete on help your child succeed in school enclosed is in Money order or x Union state employee representatives and other postal Lead ers standing room Only Jim route Chehalis says could have sold 4 or 5 horses with this and people were waiting in gentle 7 year old Shetland Wiki Saddle and chit can to standing room Only when you place a daily Chron icle want too do it today inc Satu chronicle Maple i m3ii ii Lyle Iron Dot is mull

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