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Centralia Daily Chronicle Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Daily Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Centralia, WashingtonIlu chronicle Centroid Cheri Lis Woi Hington 10 cents monday dec. 20, 1965 22 pages 74th year no. 299 we be met somewhere before gemini and gemini 7 astronauts who had their rendezvous at Stafford who gemini 4, get together with Frank Bon in space last week met again sunday at Crew quarters at my and James Lewell of gemini 7. At right rear it fellow Cape Kennedy Fla., after they returned from the recovery astronaut Donald Slayton. A wire photo Carrier in the Atlantic. From left Walter Schirra and Thorn French Leader backed Paris a France settled Back for More years of Gaul list today following president Charles de Gaulle s re election to another seven year term. Although de Gaulle s failure to win on the first ballot two weeks ago gave Clear notice that his popularity had slipped almost no one expected the autocratic old Man to alter his pol icy goals. He May soften his methods however. In the run off election sunday Complete returns from euro Pean France and ill overseas territories except Guiana and polynesia gave the 75-year-old president or 55.18 per cent. Leftist Francois Mitter Rand got about 84 per cent of the registered voters balloted a near record turnout. Mitterrand termed de Gaulle s Victory mediocre and said he would turn his at Tention to the National Assem Bly elections in november 1967. Legislature key All my he said will be to make the legislative elections the decisive engage ment which will save the Republic from the adventure into which a discounted gaullist is going to plunge de Gaulle who begins his new term Jan. 8, issued no Victory statement from the seclusion of his estate in Eastern France. His supporters were overjoyed that he had pulled out a comfortable margin after his humiliating first round setback in which he won Only per cell of the vote. On the International scene de Gaulle faces two items of unfinished business. One is the negotiations in the six nation european common Market which de Gaulle brought to an abrupt halt Las june to Block attempts to give the economic Community s executive More Power. Late news bulletins Olympia a gov. Dan Evans called for a study Mon Day into Hie feasibility of Start ing direct ferry service be tween Alaska arid Washington. United nations n. Y. A the general Assem Bly s main political commit tee approved today Declara Tion opposing direct or indirect intervention including subvert by one country into Hie affairs of another London Apt prime minister Harold Wilton told parliament today Britain imposed an of embargo on rho Desia to head off dangers of foreign intervention in that r Zellious Central african country. Flight effects space champs checked Short showers showers and partial Clea ing tuesday. High 45-50 Low 40-45. Complete weather on Page m report brings dispute Washington a the Johnson administration found itself caught up Loday in a Stormy dispute Over its Publica Tion of correspondence reporting and probing a conditional peace offer from communist North Viet Nam. The storm overshadowed the Central question whether Hanoi j had in fact made an authentic approach for a Settle Mon on us own terms and might Yel re hid to a . Request for Clar cation of conditions in it. President Johnson could try to Evite the roundabout peace change with president to Chi Linh of North Viet Nam by ending some kind of new Mes age in to s direction but and Ninis ration officials said today lat there had been no decision n any new . Action. These Recy covers were torn from in incident last Friday alter Oon after the St. Louis Post dispatch reported that a new each offer from Hanoi had troops hold Back Saigon terrorists Cape Kennedy Fla. A astronauts Frank Borman id James a. Lovell jr., who led far enough during their to weeks in space to make 10 Hind trips to the Moon began Iree Days of medical checks re today to determine what Rys ical Rigours space travel has Man. People who talked with the Tro nauts said their main com aint of the 14-Day flight was e confinement they could t retch out. They asserted they reamed a lot during the mis on sources said. And Borman As quoted As saying that Lov was dreaming All the food on Board the spacecraft some of it dehydrated got Edious and somewhat objectionable toward the end of the flight the sources noted. Air Force it. Col. Borman and Navy cmdr. Lovell As Well As gemini 7 astronauts Walter m. Schirra or. And Thomas p. Stafford praised the Titan 2 Booster and gemini spacecraft. All four also remarked How easy it was to see through each other s spacecraft windows while they were rendezvous ing High above the Earth wednes Day. Schirra was quoted As saying that the gemini 7 capsule appeared twice As Bright As the brightest Star Sirius when he was approaching it and Schirra and Stafford indicated that rendezvous was easier than they thought. Stafford and scan Era co piloted two Small air planes on thurs Day from the prime recovery ship the aircraft Carrier Wasp o Bermuda. On the Way sources said they tried to Fly their two aircraft in formation and noted that it was much easier to Pilot two Gemin spacecraft in formation even though the spaceships were speeding at Miles an hour. Persons who talked with the astronauts quoted Borman As saying he thought future space men should not have to Fly in Bulky spate suits on Long Dura lion flights. And if a Back up pressure system is needed Bor Man suggested it be built into the spacecraft rather than the space suit sources noted. The two gemini 7 pilots flew much of their Mission in the underwear and would hav done it even More if Missio control permitted them. Schools ask extra Levy Aid Lewis county auditor s office Aff members monday started preparing special election baits that 12 of the county s 14 school districts will be using be. 1. County auditor Robert Vene Ion said Only the Small Eva be and Vader districts have of made notification for special Evy elections next year. Lewis county school patrons ill be asked to approve tax evies for to supplement regular maintain ence and oper Tion funds. The support pro rams of the districts have been Ard hit by 1965 state Legisla on that changed state fund a Orli Ozment and Cost them oth r funds. In addition Centralia school District patrons will be asked approve a Levy to reate a building fund for the construction of a new High school. The last Day for prospective to Register in order to in the elections is Jan. 31 Enemon who is supervisor of j South Bend Man victim South Bend Robert j. Dilley 47, Star route 1, South Bend was fatally injured in a Ruck Accident saturday night near Here. State troopers said the Acci Dent occurred at ., one half mile South of South Bend on Highway 101 on the potters Slough Bridge. Officers said Dilley s truck ran off on to the right shoulder of he Road and struck the Bridge railing. A Timber came through the front of Dilley s pickup truck and pinned the Driver into the cab. The victim died sunday at a South Bend Hospital. His 1965 Model vehicle was listed a total loss. Elections said the same Regis cars who worked in the nov. 2 elections will serve again unless hey notify the auditor s office otherwise. Any change in Regis cars should be made before Jan. 17, the auditor pointed out. The polls will be open feb. 1 rom 8 . To 8 In order to validate the vote at least 40 percent of the voters who cast ballots at the nov. 2 election must vote and of this number at least 60 percent of the vote must be favourable for the levies to carry in each District. To be eligible to Vole Citi Zens must be a resident of the state for 11 months and of Lewis county for 60 Days. The polling places will he announced at a later Date. Following Are the proposed special levies and approximate villages Centralia proposition no. 1, bounced. 10 Mills proposition no. 2, 40 Mills. Chehalis 10 Mills White pass w. Mills. Be Ell 10 Mills. Morion 11.5 Mills Mossyrock 7 Mills Onalaska 10 Mills Toledo -6.12 Mills. Winlock 10 Mills. Boistfort 8 Mills Napavine 10 Mills Adna 7 Mills. Vacation set Winlock classes at the Winlock schools will dismiss a 2 ., thursday so that Sti dents and acuity May begin preparations for the Christma holidays. Classes will resume at the r Gular time on monday Jan. Principal Lloyd Hutson has a Saigon South Viet Nam guarding Saigon against communist terrorist at tacks on the fifth anniversary of the Viet Cong beat off a company size enemy band monday night five Miles outside the Cap ital near a vital fuel and am munition dump. The City limits heard the rattle of Small arms fire and the rumble of artillery. The action was cast of Nha be site of the biggest Supply de pot of fuel and ammunition in the country. An american officer said the Viet Cong probe apparently was not intended to gel at the dump but it bumped into alerted forces which at first May have suspected this was the target. The depot on the Saigon River is a critical area for the South vietnamese. . Advisers say a single tracer round fired into one of the fuel tanks or one mortar round hitting an ammunition ship there could set the entire area ablaze. They add that ignited fuel spilling into the River during an incoming tide could Send a Wall of fire sweep ing into Saigon. Full details of the fighting on the outskirts were not immediately available. The Nha be storage area was fully lighted More so than Usu Al is though the defenders were taking no chances. The rumpus in mid evening could have been intended by the Viet Cong to Mark the anniversary. Earlier in the evening a terrorist hurled a grenade at a truckload of . Soldiers on a Bridge on the Northern outskirts of the City in route to a . Base. The grenade bounced off the rear of the truck and exploded in the Street injuring two americans and five or six vietnamese . Officials said. Dominican new violence rocks Isle Een rejected by the United tales Tusk accused or. Giorgio la Pira former mayor of Florence and a left Wing Christian Democrat one of he principal intermediaries in he affair virtually accused Secretary of state Dean Rusk of sabotaging what la Pira took to e a hopeful Exchange on peace. Rusk is to la Pira was quoted in press dispatches rom Florence because he obviously wanted this Mission to ail by disclosing in Advance what had been state department officials calling the charge outrageous said the publication was forced y concern for what they con ended was a partially erroneous account which had Al ready become Public. Rusk was reported angered and upset by the criticism. Arthur j. Goldberg . Ambassador to he United nations and another who played the role of go Between said sunday on Abc s issues and answers he administration would have preferred of carry on this Dis us Sion in privacy but was faced with a crisis of Confidence with the Public Over the credibility of its peace policy. Erhard lbs talk Washington a pres ident Johnson and West Ger Many s Chancellor Ludwig or hard talked Over a Broad Range of world problems today in the first session of a two Day series of talks aides reported. They did not limit themselves to the question of nuclear Shar ing in the Western Alliance reportedly chief Issue so far As the visiting German Leader is concerned. The two were together an hour and 15 minutes after the meeting a smiling Johnson escorted an equally smiling Chancellor to a waiting limousine to drive to a luncheon at the state department. Santo Domingo Domini can Republic a sporadic shooting continued today in Var ious parts of Santo Domingo shaken by a violent Exchange Between dominican army regu Lars and former rebel fighters in Santiago 120 Miles North of Here. Heavy gunfire could be heard throughout the City Early this morning and sunday night but there was no report on who was involved. A heavy explosion rocked the Western end of the City at Midnight. Police said they still Are investigating origin. Heavily armed patrols of the inter american peace Force ranged through downtown san to Domingo. Dominican army patrols were in the Northern areas of the City the fighting sunday in Santi ago left an official total of nine dead. A dominican army spokesman said an inquiry showed he preliminary casualty estimate of 13 was High. There were conflicting reports on the cause of the Battle that its pitched army tanks against an estimated 125 former rebels barricaded in the rambling two Story hotel Datum. Shooting ended following the arrival of 150 . Paratroopers of the inter american peace the violence spread to Santo Domingo 120 Miles to the South where a policeman was Dis armed and fatally shot through the head by a member of an angry Many pro rebel roaming downtown so rets. Mob the one of littered remember year ago Winter weather mild so far Winter s mild touch so tar in late 1965 outside of the momentary chill of a week ago can hardly be compared to what happened just a year ago Over the twin cities and Lewis county area. December of 1964 set a record that hit daily chronicle Page 1 news every Day. It was cold it snowed on Frozen ground and when the Runoff came there was High water. Power lines were snapped by the Snow children were sent Home from school and transportation was a mess. This year s pre Winter Wea ther in which temperatures most of last week and which brought the season s first Snow fall last monday holds warmer conditions in store for tuesday s official arrival of Winter. Showers and partial Clearing Are forecast with highs to reach the 45-50 degree Range. Lows Are near 40 degrees. The extreme cold wave hit the Northwest last year on dec. 15. A Snow storm left a heavy wet Trail of snapped Power lines cutting off electrical service in wide areas including the be Ell Doty Dryad Bunker Creek and Lake Creek areas. The snowfall totalled As much As six inches at Lincoln Creek topped near the 25-degree Mark and compact Snow and ice on death Box score monday traffic Olympia a state patrol traffic toll up to monday traffic deaths to Date Thil year aft rime last year 7m. Last n hours 11. New Imperial metals building is going up a Check totalling went to the Lewis county unit of the american cancer society this a memorial gift from he ims Centralia High school seniors and last year s student body. Gift honors memory of a 19m senior Donnis herring of Luke Miel. A was ton of or. And in. Preps give memorial fund herring. Money it to be used in leukaemia research. Above mrs. Arthur Ehret Centralia memorial chairman for the cancer society admires gift just Given by Steve Oli ver left student body president and Kitti Ohalpin class president. Chron staff photo an initial construction permit of had been secured monday by Imperial metals and abrasives inc., for work on its 8.8-acre site in Northwest Centralia. Don Cassidy general manager of the new Centralia Plant said monday morning the per Mit is an estimate of the Cost of a 120-byg2-foot addition be ing built to an existing building. When the new addition is completed about March i it will House a portion of the production facility of Imperial metals. Cassidy said work is expected to be finished by thursday on Concrete footings and floor slab. The manager added work is slightly ahead of schedule but could be disrupted by Rainy weather. The existing building is one constructed in the Early 1940s and designed As a meat process ing facility. It will form the nucleus of the Industrial develop ment the metals division of the firm produces metallurgical Al Loys for the foundry Trade and for use in alloying aluminium. One of the major products will be Silicon Metal. Road Job is approved a project to reconstruct eight tenths of a mile of the be Ell Mcdonald Road was approved monday by Lewis county commissioners. In other business a Public hearing was held and approval Given for a supplementary budget for the Lewis county Road budget. The extra Money is from Federal Matching funds for Road construction and improvement. The Stearns Hill Road at the end of the deep Creek Road on Bunker Creek seas ordered vacated. The vacated portion is feet in length. Produced extreme driving hazards for Lewis coun y motor lists. The Mercury tumbled to 12 degrees in the twin cities dec. 6 and 8 degrees on dec. 18. Farm rain came dec. 21, turn no Snow into slush and snap ing the cold wave. Chehalis firemen on dec. 16 Here summoned out into sub freezing temperatures to Battle a spectacular Blaze which swept through the ancient two Story Vest Side apartments on state Street. The ire caused by failure to have proper clearance f a stove destroyed the old building and routed 13 occur lants. One fireman Harley Thompson was badly injured. Some 20 to 25 firemen battling the Blaze were hampered by he extreme cold which froze hydrants and nozzle tips on fire loses. A Large crowd braved the cold weather at the scene. A warming trend relieved the record cold ending a week of weather that shivering residents will not soon forget. Kettle fund is boosted the salvation army s Christ Mas and Winter Relief fund was boosted to saturday through the joint efforts of four twin City service clubs. Participating in the service club Kettle Day were the Centralia rotary and kiwanis clubs and the Chehalis kiwanis and Lions clubs. Lieut. Raymond l. Peacock expressed appreciation to the clubs and said that the local salvation army unit was very pleased with the re a total of was collected by the four service clubs. The Chehalis Kiwan ians collected and were again awarded the first place plaque. The Centralia kiwanis club collected to place second. Lieut. Peacock pointed out monday that the current total is far Short of the county wide goal of he asked that Lewis county residents support the drive during the last few Days before Christmas. Donations will primarily to used to Aid needy families Dur ing the Christmas season. 1 shopping mys 1 till Christmas

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