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Centralia Daily Chronicle Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1937, Page 1

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Centralia Daily Chronicle (Newspaper) - August 10, 1937, Centralia, WashingtonThe weather tonight and Little change in temperature changeable winds. Yesterday s Central la temperature maximum 73 minimum 58. Member associated press today s news acrid Wyto my associated press and Southwest Washington news the Day it read the chronicle Crary Day. S Centralia Washington. Tuesday August 10, 1937 vol. Xvi no. 187 editorial stamp tax led to revolution transaction tax fair and just mephistopheles in politics Bead the packs of history Back As far As you will the ques Tion of taxing the people to Money to pay the expense of gov 1 Ern ment has always been upper most in the minds of those who spend the Money. Taxation with out representation was. The rally ing cry of those Early colonists who my the Burden of the stamp tax imposed by great Britain. The bos ton Tea parly was a remonstrance that showed the feelings of he colonists in retaliation the Boston port Hill was enacted by the eng Lish parliament. It closed the port of Boston to All Commerce Untrif the losses were fully paid. These r cd sir taxation has always been a Paramount Issue. The puzzling thing now is Why has not someone Wise and Learned in finance Long w uttered a plan that meets All objections As to fairness of application and easiness of collection. The Best answer is perhaps that those in control wanted the other fellow to pay them. There should be no tax exemptions. Let who have wealth pay their share. In All the world s history covering a thou Sand years there has been but one Man that has offered a plan of just and Rea. Sonak a plan that nobody with a conscience and a sense of fairness can object. We refer to a Universal sales or transaction tax As pro posed by or. Townsend. Cio group is ousted japanese Endeavor to alienate chinese longshoremen and warehousemen out of Cali fornia federation every artifice known to politicians is being used to Dis credit the toss Send plan. Eion cell dec professors Haye been called upon to manufacture plausible arguments to prove the plan unworkable. But Are these College professors but those who owe positions to boards of trustees and regents of education appointed by governors of Stales and by denominational boards supported wholly or in part by endowments by wealthy people. From time immemorial wealth has controlled the affairs of government and wealth is a notorious tax dodder the average Cit Izen cannot escape it. The iniquity of the present system or Lack of to is its inequality. It has bes ii air oven to those who Are honest in their convictions that a Small tax on All business transactions would be sufficient to care for All the necessary expenses of gov state and county a Iran Aelion tax is just a on each and every Busi Ness transaction starting with he raw material that go into production and consumption. It May be two per cent or it May be More or even less. But the underlying Princi ple is that no to can escape it. A Correct application of the principle of lowing and collection of that one tax will do away with other tax levies which Are now harassing Industry and business for after All government expenses must be paid by the ultimate con Sumers in the prices paid for food clothing and what not. By associated presi ten thousand members of the International Lecig Sheremen s and warehousemen s Union in san Francisco Stockton and san Pedro were by the California Sli Itu federation of labor la it night in a purge resulting from the Iraq Sli Oremen s vote for c. I. O. Attili Atlon. Edward d. Vandeleur Secretary of the federation who announced the action said it had the Sanction of William Green president of Tho american federation of labor. The suspension automatically re moved hurry Bridges san Kran also longshoremen s Leader and Pacific coast c. I. O. Chieftain and Walter Mahaffey. Stockton is District vice presidents of the federation officers of the federation raid. Holli were elected last year to the federation offices by local unions affected by the purge or Der. C. I. O. Works swiftly meanwhile at Paterson. N. J., the c. 1. O. Worked swiftly to plug up the holes in its silk workers strike today As spokesmen for both employees and operators in new Jersey and scattered Pennsylvania cities be Gan to talk peace negotiations in the Union s drive for improved wage and working conditions. With leaders of both sides agree ing the local Pas Slac Valley walk out was All but Complete the Union shifted ils main attack to Pennsyl Vania areas where plants endear ored to continue operation. Sidney Hellman head of the c. I. Of s textile workers organizing a associated japanese authorities who. Control tientsin plastered the City to Day with posters proclaiming that chinese generall Salmo Chiang Kai Shek will never fight Japan and is now Only deceiving the Northern with promises of help. The japanese army is the world s Best and pomp objected to by King George on visit to Scotland. Angus Scotland August 10. George i walked it pomp among Home folks to Day. The Kan shy smiling sover eign informed his father in Law the Earl of Stra Lemoie. That he desired to be treated As a private guest when he joined in Queen and Prin Cess Elizabeth and Margarot Roe the Earl s scottish seat Glamis Castle probably tomorrow. According to British custom. A brith Sovereign is always Host never guest unless Stav ing with persons of Royal rank. Carl is not of Royal rank. The posters and handbills. This was an Effort to placate chinese in Hodoh province and alienate them from the Central government in banking. Japanese Headquarters said that general Chiang who Uius far has taken no Active hand in the unde War guns shake the Orient Hopes abandoned for safety of crab Fishers after Over turned boat is found plans for picnic report of conference commit tee accepted by Senate and forwarded to House Washington August the Senate approved today a con Ference agreement on the lower court reorganization Bill. It now goes to the House for final approval before being sent to he White House. The conference committee reached a Complete agreement today by deciding upon the language to per Mit intervention of the attorney general in cases involving constitutionality of acts of Congress. Other provisions of the Bill would direct Appeal to the supreme court Froni lower courts in cases involving constitutionality of acts of Congress. Three judge courts to hear suits for injunctions to stay enforce Merit of acts of Congress. Transfer of judges within judicial districts to relieve congestion. Air plane wrecked four killed when port into Power line in Florida the past five tears have been As a Nightmare to business. While the Pri nce of dreamers builds his air rustics of future greatness he taxpayers Wallow in a mire of uncertainty and insecurity. This is Rothig to until the com Mon people Rise in their Wrath and Stop it one would think that Otic eng All the different plans to filch Noney out of the people there would be enough sensible Congress men to put Over the transaction lax and out of this fund pension he Recd people adequately for a life time of service to their country. Trie demand for the Townsend old age pension plan is greater than nov other system Ever offered and will continue to grow until it be comes a. Law. It is the Best plan Ever offered to raise Money for governmental expenses and method of distribution that will put Busi Ness on a permanent basis. Under this plan Money will circulate freely. It Wil Stop hoarding always a possibility under the present system. It cannot be controlled by any i Syndicate of Money speculators and everybody will be benefited according to his or her ability to make me of it the latest scheme to kill the Nian is by dividing ius supporters into political factions. Slick politicians seeking office Are the greatest men Ace to its Success. They barnstorm the meetings with vociferous Ora tory. They hide their hypocrisy under a mask of seemingly honest intentions. They Are plausible and persuasive. Such men like mephistopheles would sell themselves to the Devil to obtain the things of the world. Force such men out of the leadership and the plan will a Chance to become a club and their fam Ilies to gather at Riverside next tuesday evening plans for the annual rotary Canh picnic were announced at today s i meeting of the club by Hoy Flelcher chairman of the committee in charge. Rotarians and their families will attend the event to be held next tuesday evening at Riverside Park. There will be a Din Ner at 7 o clock with Coffee and ice Cream furnished by the com Mittice. Assisting or. Fletcher with arraignments Are Andy Carlson h. K. Ghormley and w. N. Seal. In View of the picnic there wifi be no noon luncheon of the club next tuesday. Ernest Springer and Lou Mullen had charge of today s program Fea tured by a moving picture con quering which was shown through Courtesy of the Chevrolet motor company. It depicted pro Gress being made in automobile and Highway construction. Entertainment was in the form of imitations by mrs. Frank for is. Rev. Karl Van Doren rotary presi Dent extended greetings from the Helena club which he visited on his recent vacation trip and expressed regret Over the Joss of rotarian de. Hasselblad who has resigned As music up visor in the centrally schools. Or. Hasselblad made a contribution to the Community during his residence or. Van Doren raid. Clyde Campbell of Seattle former superintendent of schools Here and sex president of the rotary club was at today s meeting. Tillamook. Ore., August Tillamook Bay coast guar station gave up Hope today of the safety of a Man and if. Worn an and three children lost in the Pacific Ocean off the Oregon coast. The five did not return from a crab fishing expedition sunday and their overturned Skiff was found on the Waves yesterday near three Arch Rock not far from Oceanside. W. In Curt of the coast guard station said fog and rain obscured the sea today. A coast guard ship searched the area until late yesterday afternoon. Miss direction in Fop the missing Are or. And mrs. F. Harbuc of Portland their two sons John. 9. And Wade 7, and a Niece Barbara Johnson 10, of Scappoose. A dense fog settled Over Netarts Bay after their motored Skiff set out in the fishing Jaunt persons familiar with the coast line believed they missed their. Direction in returning and were caught in a Strong ebb tide. The boat apparently was swept Over the bar into the open sea. To Start work Thurston county will relocate three Miles of Highway at Cost of behind the scenes in Washington Rodney Dutcher sea service staff Washington August publicans May enter democratic primaries next year to help re nominal a anti new Deal democrats hut they will do so Only individuals the mimes on been made by Mark Sullivan Ana a pliers that dynamite a stump about 7 a. The fuse proved defective and he Trier to tighten it with his knife. He was directly Over the charge when it exploded. His body was badly mangled. Law announcement had been made Oday by Frank Palmer of Roch Ester Thurston county commis incr that work on improvement of the Highway Between Centra la. And Bucoda will get under Way in a few Days. The project will mean an expenditure of it comprises relocation of approximately three Miles of the Highway northward from the. county line he said. Palmer also announced work was advancing on two spa Road projects in Southern Thurston county. One includes the construction of two mile.1, of new Extension of the Hannaf Orrl Valley or o con nor Road cast from Guy s service station on the Cen Linlia Bucoda Highway and the other embraces a half mile Extension of the Skookumchuck Road to the Mutual lumber company s Camp. Approve wild life Bill the Senate approved today a Bill to provide approximately annual Federal Aid to the states for conservation of wild the funds would be diverted from special excise taxes now collected on sportsmen s equipment Federal and stale government would share the Cost of wild lit restoration projects which rims be maintained by . The Bill Call s for distribution of Federal funds half on the Basi of area and half on the numb of Hunting licenses issued favor 10-cent Cotton Loans. The Senate agriculture commit tee voted today in favor of 10-. Cent Cotton Loans to Farmers. Chairman Smith . Was directed to name a subcommittee to bring out a Resolution providing the mechanics for the government and Vinces. The action was members said to put a Bot Tom under the Cotton dropped a Bale after the crop reporting Board forecast yesterday a crop this year. Won t attend dinner the White House said today the pressure of other things would prevent president Roosevelt from attending the Senate democratic dinner tonight in Honor of majority Leader Barkley of Kentucky. Instead of being present in per son when the senators assemble at a Stag banquet. Or. Roosevelt will Send an expression of regret to vice president Garner to be read to the diners. Stephen t. Early press Secretary said the president s letter also would con Tain a greeting to Barkley. V gather aug. Inal pics being made for annual picnic of Southwest Washington association War picture., from the Orient m Seal i e a pm press of Russia depict Hie rav arcs in properly in China As tie j Aukse military machine went Tiitu in in undeclared War. Photo shows japanese soldiers behind a Street Barru Ades in North China As they batted chinese warriors near run Darr cric hindquarters. A japanese officer of in Tinl cd by Japan rss in rat Liall for chink. U tiring Kolu Lerr. . Roosevelt signs Supply measure with reluctance adjournment near adjournment of Congress by August 21 depended today on the ability of leaders to cram As Many major Bills through the House in two weeks As in the last seven months. Three developments strengthened their chances of Success so Chagall said he hoped to obtain today the House banking committee s approval of a Low Cost housing and slum clearance Bill. 2 the House ways and Means committee agreed to end its hear Ings on proposals to repair defects in the Revenue Laws which the Treasury says have permitted tax on three Washington ally Lisl 10. Announced today he Hart signed with much reluctance 11 " Interior department Supply Bill. The president criticised is Tho appropriation of for vocational Curtin cation but said can Gros hav ing appropriated More than was he would carry out he obvious intent of Congress 1 Iid spend during the pm rent fiscal year Only so much As Ronal prop Erly be utilized. Connll Wincil i he five Olympia August 10. Perior judge p. A Luht held the 1937 barters License Law con today. Tell y01e t takes a lot to Confidence in one s self to get ahead in this world. You la usually find the Meek persons Takin orders and the one with a lot to self Confidence Given pm. I had one Uncle who had a lot to Confidence in himself. He started out As a water boy on a construction Job but he had such Confidence and driving Force that he soon worked his Way up to Foreman of the whole gang. They called him a slave Driver and he made a lot to enemies among the men but he always got the building up ahead of schedule. One hoi Day he was bawling the workmen out for going so slow and one of the workmen spoke up and says of what a your hurry remember. Rome was t built in a Dayl and my Uncle says i know but i was t Foreman on that copyright 1931, enquire inc g. E. Mcdaniels Seattle apparently victim of sleeping sickness in Mississippi Jackson August e. Mcnan Lyls Scatto and prominent Young democratic Leader of that City remained in n Semi conscious stupor lit n local Hospital today unable to explain How or Why he came to Jackson. Apparently suffering from sleep ing examining physics nor said. Mcdaniels has been uni Lulu to give officers or Rutlen a tents any information concern in himself. Mystery surround in the disappearance of hts automobile and .1 Brown Brief Canso con Aluinc Docu ments of interest to the King comity clerk s office was Piir Lilly cleared with the finding of he Tunilo Mobile in Vancouver wash., stored in rib age. The my skiing Brief Cuse was found in the car. A garage attendant said the automobile. Was left in Star non Only r7, and had not been claimed. It int big Crew is forced into Idle Ness when lumber company suspends operations Tacoma August strife Between Cio and api unionist in the lumber Industry today Force of lie i. Paul and to Toimi , the City intr Cal . Products inc Lustre Between 1.100 and worker were i offer try. The Mill inn employees Wen met by i Strong picket Lino of the Tacony trades Council when they appeared for work till though Simno 500 Mei braved the 300 pickets and in Terri the Mill hip company posted a notice labor disputes beyond our con tool prevent us from Coll main operations. The Plant will re main closed until orderly opera tons lie Camps will be close tonight company officials Ruser Tec they employ 500 to 60 on the St. Paul payroll. The Mill employees of the com Pally recently ratified action of oct walkers convention Here in of minting with the new woodworkers of America an affix Lute of i lie committee for Indus la within a few flays. Abe Mui vice president of the International Larot Herlion of carpenters in Joiner announced no Union car posters would Ever touch n Stylc of Cio his Defiance c the new organization was Behoc by to comic i Canslers who wive avoided the St. Paul Mill for the past to Vernl Days. Cardinal Dies be Vitae August 10.- Cardinal Ilu Undal y. Estl bin. Archbishop of Seville Donl today lie 74. With Contr Ella s annual Pioneer Days Celebration past final preparations arc under Way for the j8th annual picnic of the South Wellington Pione irs association to be held at Borst Park wednesday. August the Inch year draws in attendance of several thousand. Announcement was made today governor Claret in d. Martin will be one of the snooker and others will incl no Justice William j Millard of the s supreme court and j. B. Aarau it. Lewis county prosecutor. Representatives of various Indian Lii Kris in Southwest Washington will also he present. Georgc Ellsbury centrally at Torney and n director of the pioneers ass Ofallon. Will res Eric Dur Hirthe program which will Fol Low a Basket dinner at noon and which will also include music and other entertainment. Coffee will he furnished for the dinner and there will be rat ing concessions on the grounds. No charge will b made for Park ing. I rows to i5c awarded the. Usel prizes will Benword re including i of for the Oldes Active resident in attendance the Nilve Pioneer raising the largest ally mid the Pioneer travelling he greatest distance to the picnic. In the event of rain the dinner net program will be held indoors. He new auditorium at the Park Elan add virtue to House the old t 1 Doduc. Of Mima is Prest Cut of 1 in Soi Thwell in Shine on pioneers association and c. L suckling. A Eulalia. La Secretary run surer. Directors. In addition to str Ellsbury not. W. Alle n l. U Hunter. Old Moln j. K. Caller. Monte Sano. And John West. Chr Halls. N. B. 6fiinrm, cd Clintis in historian. Trips planned Friday Riggs sound car will be sent to Bucoda Tenno Olympia and the Grays Harbor area to advertise the Nice la. Presi Ibi it Dodge will join Higgs at Olympia anal will extend n her so Natl invitation to old settlers of he towns visited to come Here for to annual gallic Lnu. Saturday Lens will visit Willana Harbor. I Onn View. Kelro and Lii Lermer Tinlin towns on a similar mis Sion and film clan. If possible a run win he made into Eastern Lewis county. Of bad Man escapes Marietta. Gil. August Mclntosh. to Georgia Frau Federal Pris on a month ago. Was freed Iron the Cobb county jail today by two men who held up the jailor with sheriff e. La by described my in Lush As lie of the state s notorious criminals. He was under sentence for murder four Ltd Nan Ings. Highway robbery car thefts and lesser crimes the sheriff said. Of had lots of Cash san Francisco August Laheen pushed a Broom As a Street or Cor for Many years in the Polk Street District and Many persons believed he never even had enough to cat. Laheen died last january at the ask of 66 years. A will contest disclosed he had saved 170. Today s games National league Boston 0, new York 1. Brooklyn 7, Philadelphia 3. Daytona Beach fla., August 14-Pasoenger Eastern air lines plane crashed into a newly constructed Power line near he Airport Here Early Loday Tore nto a Thicket and was wrecked ii Lent four persons. Pete dyger., a report manager Giitl the Power Ihie was Strung it ii o clock last night and that a had not been notified. It was not there last night when another air plane took off for Miami at p. A. Dygert said. List of victims those killed in the crash were capt. Stuart Dietz of Baltimore chief Pilot. Robert r. Reed 24, of okla homa City co Pilot. F. Philpots Kingston Jamaica Paf Senger. W. G. Marian. Mexico City. The injured h. Hamilton Detroit p. Nimpson Greenville s. C. C. Dii Lap Chicago. Bryan Merrill Steward not seriously injured. E. W. Philpots son of j. F. Phil pots. Line s first fatality tile big Douglas Airliner in route from Chicago to Miami struck this line at a. M., alter milking a scheduled Stop Here. It was Eastern airline s first fatal . Dictz was killed in pane three defile after today Drivers must get new licenses from state Highway patrolmen after today the Motorist who has t a License will have to go to the state patrol to one. The 10 of Grace Given of Lynn sent motorists August i in which to obtain licenses expire to a Lelh. The state patrol has n Nice list of questions about driving to ask the prospective plus n Nice in clique called a react meter in which to test the Driver s re actions to various phases of driving problems. They Are being installed in the larger towns of the state about 50 altogether. They Are arriving it the rate 01 about three every three Days. Probably or More motorists won t have applied for License by tonight. M it looks is if the state patrol is going to . About renewals have been issued or Are in the mails and will be issued officials at Olympu Esti mated. Drivers increase Harry hush License director Esti mated about Driver s licenses will be issued this Blen nine compared with the past two years. State treasurer Phil Gallagher reported that up to last night Driver s License fees so far for the new i Lennius totalled fit the rate compared with at the rate two years ago. The Money goes into the High Way safety fund and is used by the state patrol in trying to make had Drivers Good and Good Drivers better. Suit dismissed los Angeles August John Barrymore reconciliation became Legal today with the dismissal of the suit for divorce Elaine Barrie Barrymore filed last april. The 21-year-old Brooklyn girl and the 57-year-Ojd actor were married nov. 7, 1936. Steer prices soar Kansas City August new High since 1928 of for prime Long fed steers was established Here today. American 7, Washington 15. Our guests tonight at Fox captains mrs. Allen 709 s. Oolf r. B. Wallace 39u1 Bolgi neers. Leslie a French at St. Helens Sleuth Harold Kreutzer 147 r. L. Oold6mith, Maryland. A. Richter. It. 3 Che Hilta. Chronicle guests Post two int tickets tonight at theatre Boot office mor ninja in Clarai feeds Mau a oaf Tor tickets next

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