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Centralia Daily Chronicle Newspaper Archives Aug 7 1976, Page 4

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Daily Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - August 7, 1976, Centralia, Washington A saturday. August 7.1976 chronicle publisher. 1966-1968 opinions is the be pages of for Jack Britten. Publisher we need a Sunset Law the . Senate government operations committee has approved a Bill that would require All Federal programs to be renewed by Congress every live years. Nicknamed the Sunset Bill it would require Congress to determine on a staggered five year schedule whether existing programs and tax expenditures should be continued or ended. The Bill has More than 50 Senate sponsors. A companion Bill in the House has More than 100. I under the Bill Federal programs would be divided into different categories with each segment coming up for review every five years. A program that Congress found no longer justifiable would go out of existence. This is an important piece of legislation and it should be passed by Congress with dispatch. It is a first step toward getting the Ever increasing Federal bureaucracy under control. The Mem Bers of Congress Are obviously considering this legislation because of heavy pressure for it from voters in their Home states and districts. They the Public is fed up with what has become an almost uncontrollable mass of Public pm Pioves. The Washington state legislature also should heed this Public attitude and it too should enact a Sunset Law when it convenes its next legislative session in january. We hear much talk from candidates currently running for the state legislature on the importance of getting the state bureaucracy under control. Most of this talk however is couched in platitudes and generalities. We have yet to hear a candidate offer a specific and constructive proposal to reduce the Cost of government in Olympia. These candidates utter such platitudes As we must hold the line on government we can reduce the state payroll through at or if i m elected i la work to Cut the state payroll by 10 per All that is Only political rhetoric and Many of those mouthing such platitudes have not done their Homework and do not understand the Workings of govern ment. The Way to reduce the bureaucracy and costs is to Cut government functions. If you do that then the matters of fewer employees and lower costs will take care of themselves. What needs to be done is for the state legislature to Analyse All functions performed by state agencies and departments and then make a As to which should be retained and which should be eliminated. After this has been done All functions to be retained should be Given a specific period beyond which they will not be performed unless specifically renewed by the legislature. We Trust that the candidates seeking a state legislative seat from the 20th legislative District which includes Lewis county will develop such a proposal and then if elected do their Best to get their proposal enacted into Law. It will be refreshing to have a political Campaign in which candidates offer the electorate thought out alternatives on Public issues. The candidates who do this May just find themselves in the Winner s column in both the primary and general elections. The Birch log politics Rule at olympics Kevin p. Phillips Carter s cultural backlash cultural backlash Hay be a major ingredient of 1976 politics. To understand How read critic Benjamin Stein s article in the summer Issue of the Public interest lamenting Bow hatred for the Small town is spewed out on television screens and movie screens every his thesis is this new York based television typically caricatures Small town life with fat Deputy sheriffs crooked storekeepers Clever Hsi Billies and pregnant 15-year-old High school cheerleaders. Hollywood is even More hostile. The Countryside is one big Macon county line or invariably portrayed in the heat of the Here in Washington Rural politicians will Tell you that the attitude of the communications Industry is matched by Federal bureaucrats. A few weeks ago Nebraska s Carl Curtis took to the floor of the . Senate to protest arrogant and insulting language a a new occupational health and safety administration Booklet called safety with beef Farmers Are being Given such pro Fuad advice As Wear clothes that fit right and if your ladder is broken do not although Hollywood new York and Washington May be Down on Small towns i am even More optimistic than Stein that a counter revolution is underway. Of television it s countrified food commercials and programs like the in music it s songs like John Denver s take me Home country roads and the whole country and Western craze. The biggest indicator of All however is political. A Small town cultural resurgence especially below the Mason Dixon line is of the verge of electing a president. Candidate Jimmy Carter of Plains ga., has played provincial psychologies lie Chet Atkins plays the guitar. Take Plains with its storefronts Strung out along the Railroad tracks looking like a set for the last picture of tend Are brother Billy who runs the Peanut business Uncle Alton the retired mule auctioneer and mayor . Blanton who cuts hair on Satur Days. Carter s press Secretary Jody Powell is straight out of an Erskine Caldwell novel Toolin around in his pick up truck telling big City reporters about Possum Hunting and the fresh Flint River Catfish sold at Daphne s. Then there is Carter s farm coordinator promising that Jimmy wants a new agriculture Secretary with manure on his wife Rosalyan is laying plans for Square dancing in the White House. Plenty of grits Brunswick Stew and collard greens a Fol be served. There will be a Uto races too. Vail come. Four months ago. Carter told a Florida crowd full of Fried fish and fiddle music that he was a country boy feedback please limit letters to fewer than 250 words. Every body should pay people who have children want them to have a Good education a Good teacher and transportation to and from school and take it for granted the homeowners will foot the Bill. People who do not have children have not Given much thought to the above because children and schools do cot concern them. Then there a re people lie us who have worked for 30 years to receive a Small retirement. Our Chc Drea Are grown and gone. We Bave never owned our own Home before and Are old enough to retire but not old enough to Benefit from tax cots. If a student lives within two Miles of the school let him walk. The schools will cot need As much Nosey for equipment since get fresh air and exercise of the Way to school. Arrange bus routes so that fewer buses Are needed even if Drivers and students have to get up a Little earlier to get to school of time. Mothers who Are concerted about Drunken Drivers Railroad tracks and youngsters being coaxed into cars c a a do the same thing my Mother them at Home hazards. Renters with children a school should pay their fair share of taxes. It is Only fair that the landlord raise their rent if a . More cooperation May be found when schools get Back to the basics of Reading writing arithmetic history science and . . Bums congregate we have been watching the congregation every night from 5p.ta.ca in Cor Lovely Wash Goa Park a downtown Centralia. It is not Safe for Young girls or women of any age to pass by these creeps. The destruction of the grass grand stand and sprinkling system i. A disgrace. If a group of half Way decent people were there every night there would be charges brought against Tiem. Bat these trashy worthless Good for Noti ices can sit and destroy the grass and possibly even sell their grass and nothing is done. The City is waiting unto they destroy the Library or do some big destructive Job so they can throw our Money a Way to fix it. People should storm the mayor and City Hall to get some action or get people in office who will do something. Let these hoodlums do their thing on the Yards of their Homes if they have to be grass but their landlords would t sclera a it five minutes. They have to be out so people can see Leo. I say run the brats oat of the Park and keep them oat before our Lovely Park is ruined by those trashy worthless go . Mabel Binder ceo Antii read Aboul right to work it might be important or anyone in tending to vote a november to read any one of the 20 state right to work Laws. Then he could see that tie Union propaganda against them and Section he of lie tart Hartley act which permits them is false misleading and half truths. Anyone who reads those cannot explain anything oaf air about them. And seeing Whit the Union does to employers and workers a states without them the summer olympic games of 1s76 Are history. Unfortunately they will be remembered More for political controversy than for athletic achievement. Bal it is to be hoped that some of the shenanigans May Jet serve the useful purpose of exposing political phonies crypt communists and bearers of double standards. More than 20 african cations walked out of Montreal because zealand whose Rugby team had toured South Africa was not expelled from the olympics. Had such a supposedly idealistic protest been based upon any principle the africans should also have protested Henry Kissinger s recent conclave with South african prime minister John Vorster a Germany. And they should have demanded the ouster of the United states from the games. The protest was not against All who Deal in any Way with South Africa. It w As a protest against any Friendly or civilized relationships with South Africa. The Rugby match was taboo but a secret conclave in which Kissinger urged Joha Vorster to betray anti communist Rhodesia was Fine. That was exactly Whit Kissinger sought and the facile consciences of the african leaders ignored that meeting. The olympics also provided a Opportunity to witness Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau in action. Wait Ira until the eleventh hour to everyone in Washington is trying to he can Lay on the stuff about having no electricity and running water As a boy to the Point of embarrassing his own Mother. That s because the Rural electrification Bill had t been passed clarified miss Lillian. If Jimmy Carter somehow loses the election he can always sell his Plains based Campaign As a television Pilot. Exaggerated As it May be this strategy has made Carter the hero of every Jia Berry red in tie United states and Why not he has taken the Small town caricature turned it around and flaunted it As an asset. Every weekend he goes Back to Plains. Plains Plains Plains. The Media Are full of Plains. Edmund Muskie hid to Fly to Plains to audition for vice president. Walter Mondale has had to move his Headquarters to Plains. Expert after expert from the fanciest Law firms and the fanciest think tanks must come to Plains to have is English Bench made shoes ribbed in red Georgia Clay and his Brooks Brothers tie dipped in red Eye Gravy. With tactics like these playing a mix of cultural Pride and backlash Carter is Well on his Way to the White House. If he wins it probably will not be Long before that Small town Victory is reflected a television and movie Content. Are you ready for in the heat of the faculty Cambridge and Aspen township should make him understand How necessary they Are. Ever since passage of the the act about 30 years ago the Union has tried hardest to get Section he of it repealed. It permits states to have right to work Laws. Why is it against them because while they exist it can t make everyone belong to it. Forcing employers to sign Una shop contracts whereby they agree to fire employees who Don t belong and pay dues to it is its one and Oaly important goal. Ask what it would accept in Exchange. This year the Union finally and strongly endorsed a presidential candidate Carter. So it knows he will sign a repeal of Section lab if Congress votes for it there might be a majority in Congress who will. If having to belong to the Union to keep a Job is important to anyone intending to vote it is important for Hia to know Bow any Cocores Saraa for Boa he Caa vote stands on the right to work Issue. Carter already carries the Union Label on himself in Plain sight. Reading i right to work Law might Tause a voter to give More thought a boat whom to choose. A copy of one can be obtained from tie National right to work committee 8316 Arlington blvd Fairfax. Vij. 2203j.-R.J. Smith a Mehilis barbs before calling a sick nuke sure Yoxall be teeing off at a course where no there is do such thing As a generation . It s More like a Canyon. Hurl his sult at the nationalist chinese he told them that they could not Call themselves the Republic of China even though the International olympic committee lists them that w a. Trudeau. It appears went to considerable lengths to Embarrass the anti communist chinese. What the reports of the Well publicized affront did not reveal however is that such conduct is quite consistent with the blatantly pro communist career of Canada s Leader. During world War ii for instance Young Trudeau affiliated with bloc Populaire a communist backed anti War Effort. In he was a student at the London school of economics a marxist training establishment. Trudeau praised marxist professor Harold Laski As the most stimulating and powerful influence he had encountered. After a mysterious and unaccounted for few years the future prime minister turned up in Shanghai in 1950 to witness the takeover by tse Tutaj Bis new hero. Back in Montreal a year later he launched the publication cite Libre which featured articles by secret and know Canadian communists. In Jed a delegation of known communists to a red economic conference in Moscow. And he was labelled a red by be Droit Ottawa and l action cat Olique Quebec by 1953, his communist ties were so blatant that he was denied entry into the United states. Then in 1955, he organized a front called be Rsssie Melement which was so patently communist that admitted socialists would have nothing to do with it. In 1960, he led another communist delegation to peking to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the red takeover. We could go on but let us bring the Saga up to Date by observing that during the 1363 a Trudeau underwent a transformation. He became a Liberal and was smiled upon by then prime minister Lester Pearson. In 1963, after a Suc cession of political victories he became Canada s prime minister. La that office he extended full recognition to red China joined in David Rockefeller s secret Bilde Berger meetings and began a War on free Enterprise in Canada. There should be Little wonder Why Pierre Elliott Trudeau would act so offensively toward anti communist China. Let us Hope that the world and Canada find out Why before Mao tse Tung journeys to Canada to celebrate another red takeover. Adele Ferguson Dan s designer disagrees where did you get your of the redecoration of the governor s asked the obviously irritated voice on the Telephone which turned put to belong to Kirk Adams of design consultants inc. Of Seattle. I went in and looked at it. I said. Well we did All the Desiga work of that thing and want to know Why this was done what you be said Adams. We Are always open to criticism but obviously you Dida t do your Homework very Well. Some people Are color Blind. Are your colors All there you said it was ail beige and Cream Aad it is co such thing. The carpet in t Booey dark Honey coloured i said and if it in t that whatsit Well it s not Honey said. So what color is it it s probably a Earth tone he said. It s a custom color we designed but it sure in t Honey he did not like much else of what i had written either. I said the new office was so blah it was like walking around inside a Milky Way Candy bar you know some of the people who brought the article to my attention said Well that does t sound like she is up of her said Adams. I am not going logo into that but some people Call something red and some Brown. But As far As retaining the old stuff we did. We kept every one of the leather sofas. We spent a lot of Money refinishing them and restating them. We rebuilt the conference tables. We redid his desk you know. And that conversation area a group of Over stuffed chairs in a Comer of tie Ianer office is something he definitely wanted so he could talk to people without having to sit behind his desk like a King. I be gotten to know this Man very Well and i was not an Evans supporter before i started working for him. That area is working out beautifully for i had not criticized the conversation area i said. You know we know we Are going to get criticized but at least when you do something like this it s a Good idea to do a certain bit of said Adams. We be had people from the times and the i and National magazines who think it s great and they got their input from us. You should have done a Little bit of groundwork. Everybody Down there is very Happy with i said that i said. Everybody is Happy except me. Well people told us the Job we did the Way it was carried oct it was 10 times what was done on the said Adams. That was a fiasco they were very pleased with us but you should do a Little bit of groundwork. I Don t care what you write and i Don t mind being criticized you know. I could care less. But it would have been Nice if you had contacted Okay i said How much did it Cost you la have to talk to the general services administration about he said. Why can t you Tell me i asked. You just got through saying you wanted to be contacted. In t it Public Money yes it s Public Money but i Don t feel that that s you know if they want to give that oat. If they want to Tell you they la Tell you. I Don t feel that s my you know responsibility to Tell you so much for going to the source. The redecorating Job. By the Way. Earned Kirk Adams design consultants inc. Plus sales tax for a total Cost to the taxpayers of dear Abby my son David. 18, and Pam his Girlfriend. 16, came to us saying they to marry because Pam was pregnant. We met with pain s parents who agreed to the marriage providing David could support Para and the expected baby. David tried to enlist a the air Force but was told he needed the equivalent of a High school diploma he had quit in his Junior so he got some books from tie Library and studied for the exams he has to pass to gel into the air Force. He passed the exams and the Childrs a were married Al a Little Church wedding. David Thea went to Texas for his Basic training. After oae week he was Seni Home with an honorable discharge they said he was unable to Cope with military this was a terrible blow to All of us. David and pan Are living with us now but we can t keep them indefinitely. Para s parents have been very Good to them but say they can t live with them. David has looked everywhere for work but because he has co skills he can t get a Job he is discouraged. There is talk of their separates and pan going Home to he parents. There must be a solution but what if Para leaves David. Don t think he could survive the blow. What should they do desperate Mother dear Mother urge divid to to Namre into the Oei rest Toci boil Lech Kil school a i relatively Short time be Eta acquire a com sensible Seffl. If you and pants of assist for a Yew or two longer perhaps the marriage can be sired. If they Are willing to try c to t Joa dear Abby Lam a woman who has been in the business world for Many years. I have been that i Thiac like a Man. Should a woman take that As a compliment thinks like a Max dear thinks Only if she Rinaa s thinking is Superior to that Wood s. Dear Abby we Are a Young couple expecting our first child in two weeks our Best friends had their first child a boy and they named him the very name we had chosen for car baby we know they got the idea from us because when we them the name we liked for a boy they both agreed it was a great name. We Felt obvious resentment when we found out they used our c 3 a e. Our question the other couple will probably feel obvious resentment now if we name ours what we had planned to but would we be showing poor taste toward our friends in doing so nameless in Oklahoma dear nameless go ibid Tad use the nime Yoo Tike. Sorely the world ii big eur orb for two Boyi with the use dime. And there in ttys the Chance tilt doors will be Pirt

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