Library Club - Big News!

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, October 20, 1968

Library Club Performstic;dis27inImoorfanf Service af SCHSIlt;B} DKMSK KRAFT idcnt. Kathy Kolb. \aa* presi- dition to a free annual But theAn :mporram smuc at Santa dent, Linda McDermott, secre* reward that every Saint si^mC'ara Hieh School carried and Karen Swenson, trea-aiming lor is a holiday Mign _ uroV the M members of this from .school promised to eachKv momh^»rv: nf iho ihrj^rv 0111, Wit i) riRniiRis ui ims i.w._________\arrout by mombors of the library -.n;! 'papiM-back that obtains 100 por centclub. Inder the guidance of libraries (,f cooperation; that every stu-Santa lt;^lara' iilrar;an. Mi'^ foreign exchange studt'nts homenM»m mustFaye Burkey. members an* as their first project. Books to *^ring in one patrontrained to work as library aides, help ^tart libraru*^ in the !*hil- the combined talents oi cor(’!ub memb« ’N can bv lound ;np:nes ha\e alnuidv bi^en '^ent. editor Kitt Lau!i!cher. On- to'■ ■ — ^ ward moderator Sister Mary sur -t*eu r. and Santa dara'^ y(*ar- tr\-It‘^ time onct' again for Santa b;»ok slaft, this vear’s annual beton the job bn*h before and alter cho.(l. a- well as frcf[X^rior:^-.Tra.ning is '-ear round, ac(ara Saints to flo their part mi ’ i'om.selt; to be licter than ever, liy cording to Mr- i^.urki'v, tor a make this year*lt; yearbook a Ibit each Saint mibt coojHTate 7^nc(; 'S. Kaeh '^ludent I'an do b’- now. to ar-ure a li:ok which t h; -hare by bringing in a $5 or sio our .ch(Ml can bt* proud. faclibrary aidi* mu-d become familar with eaeh deparimen: Fit:-m ^ *mately, aides beeome proficient natron. 7'he name of the donorha\at eh' cking out book ^v .-ing . print(‘d in Santa Clara's year- Dre''S-('oui :er cidumnist John I and proparmg perlod;:•al.^ for bonk. “Onward. The patrim McFormiek Npoke at a school thi?repairing and prolt;’essing drne is the primary means ot asslt;‘mhl\ Tuesday to eommc'm- ideook.-. shelving books, and f.nane ng the yt'avl)0(k orate National Nt*wpaper derV. h :he file cata- Pnze^ are being awarded t) Week. At the assembly, spon- f,ai■;ues. Mrs Burkey eom- the harde.-t working Samis in sored by the and Seroll Bn■ '-n '^d. t‘; work pV \ ;des the patron di'ive. The student Slt;u'iety for lournalists, the .-eal on-the-job experieni^e. bringing in the mo.-r patrons CL.\HION -taff was imroduced helThe of the library over F awarded 1.) and a The staff was ackn(ovlcdged for elaiub Is to be of servi(*e to the free yearbook Se(*ond and third the aehievement ot the All- satomm in :v as well a^ t ; the places go to the runner-up. American rating for the second nuschool. Led by Diane Rich, pre* with S]o and $o awarded in ad- (d la -i^year.. .m». **■doLe(staderS».1V. lt;V.•• -A.V,v ' /isiV.*•«s*'A*'•« /tlt;s*. /U.s.-.j A*.IV- .f *1i%\XX..-X--. •r^.•X .1. m • *,v*n'X(■Ph\wilitenblt;»tchoiordenS“T;■|\an(iarcI.aclyTSVri\'• 'rmS.\MA (l..\KA I.IBRAnV ( I.IB (»H U KHs ATAlary Alcraffrey checks out book. Meh’Pd the desk are Kathy Kolb, Linda .McDermotiand Diane itich, who \olunteer their seiwu'csdailv at hiuh school librarv.