SC Newspaper - The Clarion

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, October 13, 1968

T-Ft-c-iaie,illStSantaRatedClaraNewspaperiAAmericanfB HFMSK KRAFT hold the main responsibility for All-American is quite an honor To promote more activities Once again. Santa t'lara’s the publication of the paiier since the staff has had no previ- for the girls at Santa Claraschool newspaper, the They plan the articles to be oiis loiirnalistic extMTience. High, a Cirls' League has been“Clanon,” has won the coveted writ ten, give the assignments. _ organized .liinior gtrls were'status of •All-American” rating, and a.ssisf the writer when help mainlv responsible for the for-the highest rating that can needed Interested parents and .stii- of this leagueachiev^ hv anv high school .Steve Thurman, editor, is iad the opportunity to u-i, , r.- i ,^o„ichiefly resnonsible for the snorts hear Merry King. Santa Clara’s I he League held its first meet-dISthroughout the eountrv.under wav. and to Donna Maul-while .Angie Kucia handles cla.sses, .Merry showed 1 . |. Size of the schwil. frequency ttire articles found on page slides that she had taken, andviomca borcnartr‘‘ of publication, and the method three, spoke on her experiences Stu-;^‘’^‘' of publication comprise the cn- All of the students who write dents were then able to ^ S * i-‘‘tenon for judging. In addition for the (larion belong to the questions on the country. ana putv'» to being praised for captions, QuiIl and Scroll Honor Society. Wednesday evening, in the picture content, and content of for high school journalists. A school library, AFS sponsored A memlership dnve held last^ the pages, advice was offered Clarion writer must maintain at a parent’s night Both parents l^Yiday. Monday, and Tuesday'for making the paper even bet- least a 3.0 grade point average'and students were invited to was a great sucres^ Many girls ter. and be recommended by teach- hear Merry speak. Articles that have proved to be very enthusi-Page editors, who work under ers, and above all, meet de*ad- she had brought back from astic about this new club All^ICIanon advisor. Sister Carmela lines, Receiving the rating of Japan were displayed girls are welcome to loin.iSiIdet• • Ii :ni1-1.ddddV1,dr-VK*‘rdyrhtimISyhdVSANTA ( I AHA IIH.H S( IIOOL lt;HAItlON' STAFF Sieve Ihurman. editorJn-ehief, and Tom Sterling, Angela kucia and Katht tjguori liMk over award winning issue.