Celebrity Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Fri, Oct 11, 1963.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, October 11, 1963

Bayshore apartments offer incomeplus new modern home for your familyBerkra Development Corpora- with Owens Corning Fiberglas. They can be seen anytime during tion announces a new and flexible Each apartment has a 2-car gar- the day and since they are mght-investment opportunity, in the age '6 spaces for each triplex', lighted, can be seen in the even-Rayshore triplex apartments in There are outer steel stairways to ing by appointment One complete Oxnard, according to Bernard the upper level An important de- model. Bayshore Triplex, with 3 Krasik. Berkra president. sign feature of Bayshore is that apartment units, will be complete-Bayshore represents a new con- they are planned so that exterior ly furnished and these furnished cept in investment for retirement, maintenance is held to a mini models are to assist a potential he says It consists ol one deluxe mum investor in deciding to buy.unit of 3 bedrooms. 1*4 baths. For (hr sma|j investor. Bay-: plus 2 apartments each with 2 shore Triplex represents not onlyDUTCH BOYbedrooms and 14 baths Theseapartments offer an opportunity (saving advantage. The prices of to achieve an income up to $415.00 Bayshore Triplexes start at $41.-a month. 950 jq per cent down, with 25Rental on the 3 bedrooms will year low interest bearing loans lie $165 and each of the 2 bod- on conventional financing. Bay-room apartments will rent for shore ^les are being handled by $125.00 a month. Size, approxi- (he Mandis Realty Company in mately 3300 square feet of inside Oxnard, and they may be con-area. not including garages. tacted at 487-4051.To most buyers, says Kiasik. ^,o reacj, j^e Bavshore Triplex this is not merely an investment A rtments in 0xnard, g0 west on opportunity - it is a home plus;Roa(J t0 Ventura R()ad income plan and the purchaser h{ , b|(K.k ,0 Azalea The fur. could buy a dwelling plus a U1„ soon ^ oponmonthly income of either $250 or — —$290 a month, depending upon which unit his family chose tolive in.Each Bayshore Triplex apartment features Magic Chef balanced power kitchen built-ins oven, range, and disposal. Kitchen counters and bathroom counters and showers are all tile. Each apartment has wall-to-wall carpeting. with vinyl asbestos floor covering in kitchen and bath There is a central water heating system and all plumbing is with copper pipes. Roofs are insulatedincome and dwelling but a taxPAINTSS'It Costs .No More For THE BEST! PICIJKE FRAMINGL. W. BALSAMO135 No. A St. HU 3-404$ SH GREEN STAMPS