Celebrity Clipping from Indianapolis News, Tue, Nov 28, 1893.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, November 28, 1893

*•7;ni- !a!r.w 'ita)lt;1dd I 8- \i e fMl14narc uot confined to the negro*§. Public opinion look* upon the negro as an animal that can not control hia passion. Let tha guilty men be killed—it iia fitting and just punishment—but let it be done with a show of law. 1 do not always doubt the guilt ot the victims ot a Ivnchlng party; I only doubt the testimony of the mob in regard!to the victim's guilt,”IA apeaking of -the future of tha negro, Mr. DougiaM said: “We, as a race, moat work out our own salvation, but we should be assisted at the Caucassian races were assisted in the early days of their civilian tion. We cau not expect a Messiah to redeem ua. We must redeem ouraelvea. Thaonly hard phase of the problem k that wa are not looked upon as Individuals, but as a race. If one negro commits a crime ab-borbeot to nature, the whole negro race m the United States is eon-detuned. If the crime is particularly revolting, and the news of it has flashed by wire from one end of the eountry to tba other, you niav see white men in cities far remote fr.om the scene of the crime, looking askance at the negroea they meet on tha street as if they were rile and contaminated by the action of one of their race. Thki must not be. As we gain education and show ourselves fit for the duties of higher citizenship, I hope that the white peoplewill condemn white and colored criminals alike, and alike praise the worthy man, whatever his color.”|. *sls To Twvs HallFor tbs Christian Endeavor convention Wt Terre Haute the VandaiJa line will ticket* Jiovemher 30 to Uecemher ?. good r*tu rata* until I*eeraber4, at one fare fo^tbe ##**4 i trip. Apply to ticket «sen is, 48 W. Washington St., 40 Jackson place or fotM station.ESCAPEDIThere was a nam!*SSK SS^SSnhod to rub ana SailtLem until! Ley w rrm sore to musUnrlaatranclans attid it w•aw thyforts. Frwet MS hy *B dronrfsts.CTnpllldroggteta on ; iMttoa Medicallt;twk■wbb ft fiiure wflnorcliGf.Id--1« •rnr and a half pl» our brm-fit. ThjM ttPHi lr. Xltasfil cured. Ouiaad ft O. Nrvlo*daat druggist* or *aa*T«WHEAT 57cAmErwmmm couexx ttU West Washington Street. /;