Celebrity Clipping from Indianapolis News, Sat, Nov 2, 1901.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, November 2, 1901

MILLIONAIRE NEWSBOY.Heir to Half the Eads Estate Livingin Lodging House.ST. LOUIS, November 2.—James EadsHow, heir to a fortune conservatively estimated at more than $1,000,000, Is sellingafternoon newspapers at the southwest eorher of Twelfth and Olive streets.Mr. How is not only heir to half of the Eads estate, now held by his mother, who resides in the family mansion at 4170 Lindel boulevard, but he Inherited directly from his grandfather, James D. Eads, the famous engineer, $17,000, and also a considerable sum from his father. The money he has refused to use. The Income on the $17,00U he has donated to thePeople's Fund and Welfare Association.Mr How became a newsboy Monday for the first time. He sold thirty-six papers and earned eighteen cents. lie has slept three nights in a Uve-cent lolt; jlng house on the proceeds of his sales Monday. Yesterday he earned twenty-three c« sellln* papers.He has graduated at Hafvard and traveled in Europe and has devoted ten years of uls life to mingling with and tryingto better the condition of the lowly./ A Rural Visitor Puzzled.1 Baltimore American. 1•‘What puzzles me said Mr. Medder-grass, on his return from the city, “what puzzles me about these here trolley cars is that they are s'posed to make money by haulin’ people around, but they won't i a btame one of ’em stop for anybody to get on an’ ride.”