Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, May 11, 1969

h'ciins!J : 0Y'-()lt; s:•!sy,nlU:f-:-xUe1JI/. »)SAM .\ CLAKA IIK.II SCHOOL SENIOR FROM Linda Li)|R‘z, Ken Kipp. Priscilla Orrantia and (ieorge Lopez spend li\el cM iiingSonia Clara Saints Dance Away the Hours at PromRv ADRIENNE LARA ion, was announced as the win- Elected in January, liosh class , , ‘ ,, ... , ner of the 'dut.standing service officers proved themselves ca['Flowers bloomed flouiesctnt (^■lai-jon” award. able as a successful crowdpinks, brilliant oranges, sui n included Sisterout- Tht-’b’ officers areyellows, and cool greens for the' '-^uesis aiso mciuueu sisici ----- .. . Santa Clara High ir prom Saturday, a May pole withf*hpm^^“Scarbo^^ «i‘-''’etary-j Admission for the night wastheme, scaroorougn cau. ,...................., ,pj,^yellows anu cwi gieeos dean of girls and David EcLsall, president; Carolannual formal Santa Clara High biepben .tnne acan ot gii is ana vice president; LauraSchool .senior prom Saturday, liioi-ner reiti, uean oi ooys. j . e..............\long with a May with“Union Book Store” provided Thuinian, vice■music for the graduates to P|-esident w'ere in charge of dance from 8:30 i.m. to mid- Plang ^he banquet, night. For this traditional event,seniors rented the Oxnard Room at the Oxnard Recreation Center.Linda Lopez, prom chairman, believes the “final outcome was worth all the effort the dance committee put into it.”Saturday night was a big night for the freshmen at Santa Clara. They sponsored their first fund-raising event, a Sports Night.evening of fun lasted from 8:00 to 11:00 as Saints engagcRl in vigorous volleyball games, ping-)ong playing, and boys vs. girls lasketball ccntests.Proceeds went to a fund for a future dance.Dinner was served and awards were pre.sented at Quill and Scroll's annual awards banquet Thursday at Capt. Jack’s Restaurant.Monsignor Joseph Pekarcik for the evening, presented the awards.Denise Kraft was cited for her perservering efforts while Santa Clara’s coiTe.spondent for The Press-Courier’s Young .American’s page.Patty Huff was also praised for her work as a youth correspondent for the Star Free I*ress.Daniel Navarro was selected to receive the .special “.spirit of service” award. Dan, through his courtesy and willingness to put in extra time writing articles, proved himself deserving of the award. He was also sports: writer for the Santa Clara Clar-: ion. Tidings and Star Free PressSteve Thurman, of the Clar-i420 South D StreetCreativeSeniorPortraitsbyTedSchultz486-7793