Celebrity Clipping from Indianapolis News, Wed, Jun 15, 1881.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, June 15, 1881

APPEAL—O0-DEFR3nAHT9—NOTICE.7729. Hiram K. Hendricks vs.. The 8tate of Indiana. Gram U. C. Appeal diamtewd.Howk. C. J.In this case Hiram K. Hendricks alone has appealed to this court from a judgment rendered*«rrecord and flies of the case show that the appellant, Hendricks, Uhs not served notice of hi* appeal on hh» co-defendant. Foster, and filed *»ein conformity with the requirements of section 561 of the code. (2 R. 8 2W.) *Tpon the ground of the appellant’s failure to comply with the ex-ecs« provMons of the statute, the appeal must • dismissed. (55 Ind., 64 fad,. 254;19 Ind., 87.) •