Celebrity Clipping from Indianapolis News, Sat, Jun 13, 1896.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, June 13, 1896

Wfi tftou'n 11111m.The first bill which Assessor Watson turned in last -jtmt was on April 18. It was as follows: James Watson, 10 days, at $2 h day. 810; 8. T Beaver. 10 days at 18,$20; W. T. Cory. 10 days at $2, $20: George B. Elliott, 10 days at $2, $20. ✓On April 30 tile second bill was turnedin. James Watson, 10 days at $2. $20; 8.T. Beaver, 10 days at $2. $20; A. J. Newkirk, 10 days at $2, $20; George 8. Dunn.10 days at $2, $30.May 15 the third bill was rendered. It was: James Watson. 10 days at $2, $20; G. 8. Dunn, 10 days at $2. $20; A. J. Newkirk, 10 days at $2, $20; George B. Dunn,10 day8 at $2. $20.June 1 the fourth bill was allowed as follows: G. B. Elliott, 80 days at $2. $60; William T. Cory, 20 days at $2, $40; .James Watson. 20 days at $2, $40; Samuel T. Beaver, so days at $2, $60.The final settlement was made June 10.. A. J. Newkirk, thirty-five days, at $2, $70; George B. Elliott, fifteen days, at $2, $80; William T. Cory, twenty days at $2, $40. At the same time the following bills were allowed for real estate appraisements: James Watson, fifty days, at $2. $100; George Dunn, thirty days, at $2. $60;S. T. Beaver, forty days, at $2. $S0.Including the real estate assessments. Watson, from April 13, when the first bill was allowed, which was for services from April 1 to the 10th of June, when the final settlement was made, drew pay for himself for one hundred days at $2 a day , S.T. Beaver drew salary for ninety days’ work at $2 a day; G. 8. Dunn for fifty days; William T. Cory for slgty days, without any real estate time; A. J. Newkirk for fifty-five days and G. B. Elliott for fifty days. This time was put In front April 1 to June 1, Watson putting in onehundred and Beaver ninety day*.Tfowkftrk's BIUaM|Assessor Newkirk'* bills for this year are as follows; April 29—A. J. Newkirk, ten days, at $2 a day—$20: 8. T. Beaver.ten days—$20: James Watson, ten days, at at 82 a day—$20. r*V jMay 9—A. J. Newkirk, five days, at $2—$10; James Watson, five days, at $2—J1C,On May lo the third bill was allowed:A. J. Newkirk, twenty day* ,at $2—840: James Watson, twenty days, at 82--840 ; 8.T. Beater, twenty days, at $2—840.June 2—A. J. Newkirk, thirty days, at $2—160; James Watson. thirty day*, at $5t~ $60; Sam Beaver, forty-five days, at 82—These bills give Newkirk pay for seventy days, Watson for sixty-five days *nd Beaver for seventy-five days, or a total of $420, the cost of the assessment In Lawrence township this year.The two deputies who examined the records for themselves say that they gotall the money that was coming to themand that Wataon also got pay for his services. They claim that it appears fromthe records that If they worked five orten days in the month W’atson would put them down a» working in some Instances the full month, and there draw the money for the full time, with which he paidthem and himself. Watson made out ail of the bills and paid out the money.Watson was in the city to-day. but could not be located. Hts friends say that It would be found that he had a satisfactory explanation of all the circumstances alleged. V*