Celebrity Clipping from Victoria Advocate, Mon, Jun 8, 1936.

Clipped from US, Texas, Victoria, Victoria Advocate, June 8, 1936

STREETS Of PARIS F' AT CENTENNIAL TOATTRACT THRONGSDALT^AS, June 8.—The Streets of Paris with its sensational pie-turization of Gay Paree bids fair to be the most popular spot on the entire Texas Centennial grounds. Fashioned after the Latin Quarter of Paris, with a replica of the S8 Normandie as the central piece in the place, it is attracting more attention than any other attraction on the grounds.Located aboard the SS Normandie is the Centennial Club where j royalty will be entertained. If royalty attends the Centennial Exposition. Three decks of the Normandie are devoted to Centennial Club rooms, two of these being air-conditioned.Famous for its peep shows, its grisettee, its sidewalk cafes, its casinos and dance pavilions, the Streets of Paris opom*d the Centennial with a hang. Featured as the stage show in the attraction is Andre Lasky’s French Revue, with 45 Continental Artists, and 24 Parisienno models. Another feature is Francis Dittrieh’s Art Institute where living models are sketched by visiting artists. Room will be reserved for spectators who seek to see how an art institute is run. Thirteen prominent artists models from Chicago have been brought here for this feature of the Streets of Paris.