Celebrity Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Jun 4, 1922.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, June 4, 1922

VALENTINO DECISIONIS HOST IMPORffANTOmtlBaed from First P*g«^ lt;« ho Mid, “for men who have been giveninterlocutory decree of dK'orce, whichis not a divorce until one year fromdate, to go into Mexico, marry again.and oome back into California andflaunt the crime in the face of decentpeople__ * * | • office decided to act In his case.Costello’s argument Is that when Val-* * ■ *entlno came back’ with his bride from Mexicali, Mexico,* on May 13, and lived with her at Palm Springs, under the same roof, when he acknowledged her as his wife, then the laws could not j bigamy could he prosecuted un it r j the California laws.Valentino Shining Mark lor LawMe declared that it was Just because t Valentino’s popularity, fame.^wealtpad iiower, that the district attormv’sIf, instead of living in the same bungalow in Palm Springs with Mis. Valentino, the roovfe star had stayedat a hotel, If he had not introduced heras his wife, then .'he laws could not touch him. The courts oif California would have no jurisdiction over a bigamous marriage in Mexico.The contention of counsel for defence, W. L Gilbert and Prank James,is that in the first place the court has ho Jurisdiction, and that in the second there was no proof to show that Valentino and iMiss Shaughnessy, stepdaughter of Richard Hudnut, millionaire perfume manufacturer, had lived together, especially in Los Angeles County. Palm Springs is in Riverside County and the court has no jurisdiction there.Costello had planned to call Mme. Alla Nazimova and Douglas Gerrard to the stand, but the emotional actress is said to have started East yesterday about the time the subpena server began to seek her, and Gerrard was not summoned.tioncial2.explt;3.cutwhilt;thin4.Silk Garments Interest CourtDainty silk garments, two suits, one of white and one of purple, were introduced today as exhibits In the preliminary hearing of Rudolph Valentino, actor, on a charge of bigamy. They were presented as the attire in whichValentino and his second bride. Miss Winifred Hudnut, whom he married in Mexicali, Mexico, May 13, appeared at a Palm Springs resort during theirhoneymoon.It was left to judicial determination as to what the articles were, the prosecution contending that they were pajamas, while the attorneys for Valentino declared they were Chinese silk suit#. They were identified, however, by Mrs. Alva Hicks of Palm Springs, as the apparel in which the honeymoon-ers appeared.rancconfdumnizecantageIOrisf '*Occupied Separate RoomsQi:Camwhic• *• #CombinationIncludes StyleVictrolaCabinet and 6 Double-Faced75c RecordsJust the instrument for the cjimp. bungalow, boat or canoe. Con-venient terms or cash. Oak or Mahogany Cabinet. Choice of your favorite records. Come in at once, telephone Beach 7350. or mailcoupon now and we will reserve a complete outfit for you.Dr. Floretta White, of Palm Springs,testified of having attended the Mexicali wedding ceremony and of the brirlal couple arriving at Palm Springs shortly after midnight. She said they went to cottage occupied by Mme. Alia Nazimova, Russian dancer and screenactress, but later returned to the doctor’s cottage for the night.Valentino occupied a room with Douglas Gerard, motion picture actor, and best man, and the bride occupied a separate room according to the doctor. She said the bride was ill.yestlt;stucl the J Com pass boatW1easy!edglt;begiitheThwheipool.FEFrance Names ConditionsNamefitVFnr thp ffncfap fnnfpronrpLiFe with of alifteiarrejlice