Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, June 1, 1969

Recogniti OutstandingScholarsSenior awards mght was heldMay 23 at Channel Islands HighSchool. Laurence Murray was master of ceremonies, and Scott McEuen, ASB president, lead the flag salute.Among those top 34 students receiving recognition for theirscholastic efforts were:Cheryl Hammer, who is a California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Sealbearer, 100 per cent member of CSF, Bank of America certificate winner, State Scholarship winner to the University of California at Los Angeles and the recipient of the Governor’s Scholars’ award.Steven Johnson, CSF Sealbearer and 100 per cent member, National Merit letter of commendation, Governor’sScholars’ award, Soroptimist {bearer, Bank of America plaque award. Bank of America plaquejwinner State Scholarship, Stauf-winner. Bank of America South-jfer chemistry scholarship toern California achievement award winner, Elks Club outstanding student, National Seymour CSF scholarship, state scholarship and class valedictorian.Richard Katsuda, CSF Sealbearer and 100 per cent member, Governor’s Scholars’ award. Bank of America certificate winner, State Scholar-Central College.Scott McEuen, Elks Club award and national merit letter of commendation.Juanita Reynosa, Bank of America certificate winner, EOF scholarship to Westmont College. “Others not pictured are Joe Aguliera, who received an EOP Scholarship to the University ofto Stanford University, California at Santa Barbara; Ethel M. Haydock Memorial Ruby Ayers, Twentieth CenturyScholarship, Stanford University, and class salutatorian.Steve Loiselle, four-year-ath-letic scholarship to the Univer-saty of California at Los Angeles and a state scholarship.Ronald McClard, CSF Seal-Onyx Club award, EOP Scholarship to UCSB.Linda Barnett, Ethel M. Haydock Memorial Scholarship to Stanford University.Charles Brammier, appoint-(See Top Students, Page 25)