Celebrity Clipping from Indianapolis News, Fri, Feb 28, 1902.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, February 28, 1902

. ■ ■....... — ...• '■V. ' “ VA HAUl’TED THICKET.Hair-Raising Antics of the Ghost of aPlainfield Negro.[Special to The Indianapolis News.]PLAINFIELD. InC., February 28.-Theghost of Thaddeus Dufree, an old negro, who hanged himself In a thicket, justsouth of the Vandafia r^flroad bridge, two years ago, is said to have been seen by! persons who have passed along the road to the north of the thicket. The roadpasses within 100 feet of the place where Dufree killed himself. There is but oneI small cabin in the neighborhood. Plainfield .has a number of Colored men of th^j old plantation kind who are Arm in their belief of “hoodbos^^hants” and the like. A few nights agOvjjbe of these colored uncles was passing along the road near the thicket. He says the ghost of Dufree-came out of the growth of underbrush and accosted him. He says the apparition looked like Dufree and had a rope around its nock and a bandana handkerchief around its head. The spook walked by the side of the terrified negro until theyreached a point beneath the railroadbridge. The ghost aeoended the bank ofthe creek and walked out on the bridge just as a fast freight train came from the west. The phantom yralked to the center of the bridge just as the train rushed over the structuregtttfran over the spotwhere the ghost had stood a moment before. The horrified negro who had been accosted by the phantom stood staring at the bridge, and as he did so he saw thespecter standing er*gt on the farther side Only for a moment did the ghost of Dufree stand there, then the phantom figure took a wild leap Into space and vanished. There is not enough money inHendricks county to coax the old negro to go by the thicket again.