Celebrity Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Feb 24, 1918.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, February 24, 1918

May Enter Politics“There is one thing that few people know and that is that McCormack says he would rather he a great orator than I a great singer. He really has his mind made up to retire from the stage at 40 and enter public life.What do you mean by that?” demanded the reporter.“By what?”“He may enter life?”“Oh,” said Mr. McSweeney, “John may go into politics.”“Where?”“Well, now, stranger things have happened than his coming to Boston, taking up residence here and running for Mayor of Boston.”“Ah!” breathed the reporter.“Oh, yes, indeed,” said Mr. McSweeney.“Hum,” mused the scribe, “and when will he be 40?”“In 1925.”And the reporter being a shark at mental arithmetic, instantly responded: “And that’s an election year, too.” ! “So ’tis,” said McSweeney, “isn’t it?” I I “Yes,” said the reporter, picking up j I his hat, “ ’tis.” I“And.” thought he as he went away, “what a wonderful battle royal of a campaign it would be with McCormackgoing over the 26 wards singing ‘I Hear You Calling Me,’ and John Fitzgerald ■ hot on his trail warbling ‘Sweet Ade- tline.’ ” i