Celebrity Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Feb 24, 1918.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, February 24, 1918

Leads a Simple Existence“One of McCormack’s favorite indoorI sports is trying to get my goat by getting me into an argument. We will Bit idown to a dinner and he will take tha | opposite side of any argument I advance. He’d like to swat some of my idols, whether famous American or Irish heroes, and when he gets me good and angry and shouting at the top of my voice he will laugh and say: ‘I've got you going again.’ j“There is no crowd ever got along i J happier and better than McCormack and those identified with him. For instance, he very rarely accepts any invi- j | tations to suppers or parties, and you j can generally find him sitting down In j the quiet corner of the dining room of I a hotel or the privacy of his own home j i or his own suite at a hotel. Sometimes he’ll ask: ‘Well, how did that new song j 1 go?’ but more generally he will talk pol- ;itics“If the Red Cross officials or the gov-j ernment officials feel that his presence there would be of any service or that it would do any good he is ready and willing to go to France the moment they ask him to do so, to sing for the boys in the trenches. Some people feel that he can do, more good here, because his offer of $100,000 for the Red Cross and another large sum for the Knights of Columbus War Camps Fund is really only the beginning of what he will do if this horrible war keeps up.| He Is intensely and uncompromisingly j j American and he is determined to do a j i man’s jshare for the country that has treated him so generously. It is a well known fact that McCormack has already taken out citizenship papers, two years ago. I