CP School Santa Paula, Pic

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, February 2, 1963

KLKS All) lt;IlilJifthV — Two television sets were given to theCerebral Palsy Schol in Santa Paula yesterday by Oxnard K!k«.Lodge No 1443 Or* of the major Klks’ charities is aid to crippled children, and the school takes care of 4fi such children from all parts ol Ventura County. Students present when the TV sets wereturned on were Karen Slevpnuin OunHmo »i leftand Lilian Bixhy Others in picture are Billy Davis, lecturing knight of the Klks. It Blmn Maxwell exalted niler, Mrs. laiwhorn.»—i m»i mWi1. ia teacher. T A DeBoni, leading knight of Klks. Guy F school principal, and Hoger Hollis, loyal kmghl of Klks The sets and antennas were installed by Jack Keockes Tony Mitchell, andRay Rauschenherger