Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, December 31, 1969

The Press - CourierEntertainmentPAGE TENWednesday, Dec. 31, 1969Timing ImportantFor Dino's PianistHOLLYWOOD — Ken Laneja radio show, asked Ken to met Dean Martin in 1948. He come to work as choir director did not see him again till 1956, following his discharge in 1944 when he was asked to become •‘This led to Ken Lane and Dean's accompanist the Hit Paraders’, with Frank“I kind of let things happen, ;aS star.” said Ken “I had the said Ken. ‘The timing has to!choir ” be right. I firmly believe that He also worked with Dinah tWng is most important. ,Shore Victor Young and JnStafford. He met Dean Martinand Jerry Lewis as vocal arKen has continued as Dean'saccompanist to this day, ap- _pearing with him in nightclubs;ranger at^ Paramount Studios and on The Dean Martin - -Show, colorcast over Channel Sinatra a Accompanist4 Thursdays “1 never got to know Dean real“T was born in Brooklyn, said Ken. ‘My parents were§twell, but I knew who he was, said Ken. ‘‘I was still workingboth musical. My first with Frank **»»» p*r* memories are of them winding niount Job folded. After I did up the victrola. They liked:'he Hit Parade for three years, serious music My father played ' went TV- bul not with usI stayed as Frank’s acthe fiddle, my mother played the piano. Father was an at- companist until 1952. Then I betomey My mother is stillcame Eddie Fiber’s accom living, in North Hollywood. I panist. We did ‘Coke Time'started studying the piano when twice a week ,or fiv* ypa^ and I was eight.” two months ”After high school, Ken worked The ^ow went off in Febuaryfor four months as a bookkeeper0* ,957- Ken was ‘ betweenm a meat-packing house. One of his father’s clients then sent him to aee George Marlowe who was opening his own publishingassignments.” Dean and Jerry had just gone their separateways.“A mutual friend called mefirm on the strength of and said Dean was looking for “Home.” a song which had he-ian accompanist.” said Ken come a big hit. He set up and eveningSong Demonstrator appointment. Dean re My main Job was taking membered me from Para songs around to people like BingIIKun' ^e talked. I asked. Crosby and Kate Smith.” said Don’y°u want to hear me Ken. “I’d demonstrate the songs P^’ ’ He said, if you wanna hoping they would sing them He was casual then as now.on radio” |I played a few bars and heHe also did some singing said- That’* fine.* We’ve had “1 loved singing.” he said, *‘I a handshake deal ever since.” was a second tenor. 1 sang with They've also had a song In Kay Thompson. When this common ever since - ‘ Everyended, I went back into the pub P^y l-oves Somebody Somelishing business. I met SinatraJTime ”before he went with Dorsey and “H became his biggest seller Harry James. He used to re-ijust before the TV show, said hearse in m? office. At that Ken “It sold almost two mi) time I had a show in New York.'Hon I wrote it in '48. Sinatra including a choir and in- recorded it in *49, Peggy Lee. strumentai group.” Dinah Washington sang it, butColumbia Pictures brought it never made a big noise til)him to California as vocal direc-'Dean did it.”tor, but the Ainny got him four Tt became, and still is, theirmonths later. Sinatra, who had'theme song.