Celebrity Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Dec 10, 1916.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, December 10, 1916

Hotel Rltz-Carlton in New York, Miss j Louise F. Krug, daughter of Mrs. A. Mertens of New York, was married to j Mr. Russell Lee Steinert, Dartmouth, *12, tiie eldest son of*Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Steinert of 401 ('ommenwealth javenue, this city.Education in New York city. He is also a noted figure in the labor world, having done more than'any other one man to better conditions among the garment workers of New York's East Side, lie was formerly a member of the Socialist party.ton itav Freet-ham. Miss N I *ean Academ From Norwn of Miss I TehThomas J. SvMr. and M\ erndale strcnounced the 01Fhe Girl With 1 000 Eyester. Miss Julia Eschner of PIIto Read Boston MindsSOCIAL (OF THEV.V.48?ff•A , v v. i ^vyA;v• -v I 1 J ^ V AKH IUKK.*'lt;* W§fts , v;vt «./-o v\y va? --4 - J. • ..-mtoy:;- \ ’ • -*lt;Y*r - -• .or • « vjr* *^ awl x-* ,W. v '■I. . .*1 , rkjW« •*«£*»:vN♦ 4 ♦ ..V.-yt •w.4. ’ • A3 * J. •. * V '»Oy• * •lt;* •....»* o.5V' V» *. »V•V*•yWlt;A1 ■ 54jw dHf: *•*F»**v• •*--'X-JB % ■ M.V,4kMrs. George her Washingt and rented flt; ! house on Dai i (Efferent plan? Mrs. Dodge i Helena, are their home w I Lodge.! Miss Lodge 1 school favorecresidential arher youthfulJohn Davis Lstudies in Ma;Ma ior Davie Crocker is e1 winter at the varying his p ! days’ visit toa country ho: phen S. Bartl I nut Hill of th also been for , making the tr Late arrivacountry horn Mrs. Henry C Mary and Mr non street. A ker have recr nut street r months at Cc Mrs. Aslcel 'the more reclt; | ter colony in 7 a juvenile dMonday afterwith which hI Mrs. TV iehfeld Airs. John h I home this wi? port, was the (•option Thur* dence.4 • • ■- - A f ... j aWilW-X* * -V,GvwSS*•' 1fN;::' vlt;«*^ ^ 4 1 JT|kV * T_ l:: JP* * a ■■ v*■V« « «'• * •a\^s.v\\, i*c * * 'A•.: . vGIVINGFOR NE\Several hun issued by Mr: street, for a set, tomorrow o’clock to Tn law, Mrs. Ar street, Brookgirl with 1000 cyc^- #/?^------♦at the Boston Theatre.NEW RF- FOR W.Leona Lamar, the girl with 1(W) eyes*who prophesied the great Europeanwar one year before it happened, willcome to the Boston Theatre tomorrowto answer any and all questions the people of Boston may wish to put to her. Miss Lamar allows hersplf to be questioned freely and an answ» r is always on her tongue’s i nd. Mow she does it is a problem.She not only tells vour am*, vourname, the month oil wore born, though she never saw you before; locates lost money of friends in any part of the world; describes the state of your health, and advises in regard to marriage, but she seems to read the thoughts in one's mind. It is not necessary to ask Miss Lamar a questionaloud. She tolls whatever Is in your mind at the time.•‘Answers just seem to come,” sheexclaimed yesterday. “It is like a vision. 1 seem to look beyond and see things as they are or are going to be. It comes natural to me. My mother possessed some of this power, but she did not believe it should be used for public demonstrations.“It just seems as if a picture flashes before me. l sec things just as they are. A woman may ask vne how her son is. A vision of a building Mashesjlt; fore m*\ D is a hospital. I soevu to se,; a bed. ‘Vour sen «tfck?* i .nsk. The woman answers ‘Yes ' Anri thenin sorne wav i seem to see the future as to whether the boy is recovering or getting worse. It all comes like aAir. and M (Christine L! years have r Brookline, hi are occupyin tate on Hawt and Airs. Bethe summersince theirshares her lv of-door pasti a shooting tr:Be id gave a last week totr’s birthd iflash.Mrs. i laroh St*wall as sh called, has elt; son and gone wintei.