Wagon Train Review--Ann Blyth

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, December 6, 1962

PAGE TWENTY-NINETelevision in reviewJlWagon Train, laughs and tearsBy Rick Dii Brim like WhiRtlf*r‘n mother And plan!HOLLYWOOD *IT|. - \ thrillj‘»n * nparby ,lHrcb- w|wrr *hr ol anticipation swept through our!nK’k* an^ swigs from hot jn household last night when we ad day. smiling contentedlyheard that Ann Rlvth was going *’bp other neighbor is a binto play a saloon-keepc* - and '*tlp nanwl Seraphim who i.«the only woman in town ~ in rtwher compatible, and who rocks lABC-TV’s Wagon Train *' a make-believt baby lt;of dothj - ■ .. ■ ■ on her porch.It was as though we were to;learn that Uwrence Weik had Wf„ nat|iral|v th, hnhblr'1 ,n ena(‘' Uw 11,0 of Casn‘ bursts when a miner walks in on xa v a dinner for the father to tellj Oiii Nome running a saloona j Annie he's struck it rich — and ! And wearing a plunging ?HvkIin$? giv*ft her awsy. But of com *•lt; Well, «( course we shouldn't have, there's a happy ending with the worriedawl that was the whole old man realizing he’s been sel-* point ol last night’s operetfa-likc fish — and then moving in withcomedy, in which her viiitmgjMi daughterfather was the chief worrier, Ij Annie did all right in her part j mean, would Gertrude Berg play if you like ageless ingenues. AndLady Godiva? (there was a rousing bar-roomThem were « good many belly-1^ for no re**n But trankl!;laughs, nnd a few predictable but 1 al l(Mk a* Wagon fiamnatural tears, in this story in ‘h*nlt;r 1 us' ,lt;0 wat^'1| which the wagon train brings a v,r(iratb He is the finest old|European immigrant on a sur-|8®eier on fllm s,m,c’ Gabby prise visit to his daughter, whom B‘lt;WS anfl a l°t better.he thinks is a happily-married From a ?s,!nS vltwP«»d- V™ land respectable housewife. havc t0 admire An,me's kn°T*| edge of herself. Some of theWell, she is respectable, all *1,ls don 1 lhink “ like ,he ac'I right For we are informed that Itr0s* who ,old a l)roducer shp though she runs this tavern In ‘ould P,a a narcotic« addu'1 ,K* a ramshackle mining town and;r®l,se sbe ha(J smoked marijuana, though she is the burg's only to- ;md also mentioned she was mar-male. she is more chaste 'than! nolt;1 vvllpn sbp Wt* ber aKrn'chased Our Annie can make you ^lded hcr Nm‘r ,el1 * Pm believe this sort of thing, ;,nd duecr yw'ne married isometimes 1 thought it was SnowWhite and the seven little drunks Thp lt;hanae! .swim: Art Link-It's a good thing thev played it lpUer P1 a -v s al1 °l,erlltor nf a for laughs boys' home on ABC-TV's Wagon. . Train Dec 2» . , * same net-( Anyway, two of the Wagon work s ..Wldt, VVor|d of Sports'*I 1,1 'efiulars, I e r r y Wilson ;jirs tj)(, ion;tl Rodeo Cham-I and I'jank McGrath, get the idea j,|lt;rtM#|j|p from Los Angeles Dec might be smart for Miss Blytli Adolphe Menjou is sched-| to pretend she is just what her|ulcd for NBC-TVs Tonight lather expects when he comes to ti|low j^,. t4visit She goes along with the CBS Tv Sunday Password' h hem* though she doesn t like program may move to Mondaywhen Loretta Young’s series goes An old house is fixed up. and of* in March Air Corps crew-even sports some needlework say- men who participated in the atom ing “God bless our hapy home/' bomb raids on Japan talk about Annie gets a temporary husband them M o n (I a v on NBC-TV s And a couple of female neighbors “David Brinkley s Journal.M are rounded up from surrounding Leonard Bernstein s original areas. musical drama, scheduled forOne of these* neighbors was a April 1 on CBS TV. is cancelled; honey; A 90-year-old boozing his other commitments don’t give grandma whom the loys dress him the time to do it . . ,