Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, December 6, 1894

o--H. C* Webster.No edition historical of • Indianapolis could omit Harry C. Webster, superintendent of the American Detective Bureau. Many of the city's undesirable people would like to omit him. but the a-e In penitentiaries, thanks to Mr. Webster's sagacity as a detective, and his untiring energy. He has been a detective twenty years. Mr. Webster was a long time In the employ of the United States Treasury as a secret agent, and while there made a record to be proud of. The famous Driggs gang of counterfeiters was broken up by him. He has yet a counterfeit ten-dollar bill given him by the notorious Gertie Drlggs, at a time when he had Ingratiated himself into her confidence. That bill was the moat important factor in the capture of eleven of the gang. Mr. Webster caught the Rev. Henry Crow, a counterfeiter. in 1888. and sept him to prison.No other man did so much to break ui the notorious Foster and Underwood gang of horne-thleves. counterfeiters and all-round desperadoes, several of whom were formerly with the James boys, but are now In prisons. Mr. Webster employs a large number of the most skillful operatives, both male and female, andfrom his luxurious quarters at the northwest owner of Delaware and Washington streets, directs an extensive business.Mr. Webster is a modest, unassuming man. but his ability and his courage are unquestioned. Anyone having private or criminal business that requires honesty, energy and capability, can find no better place than with the American DetectiveAtrenov.