Celebrity Clipping from Indianapolis News, Thu, Dec 6, 1894.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, December 6, 1894

WIIV WHr lUv IVTI H'li /from Michigan to the gulf. The firm has branch house at M Wort Mala street. Louisville, Ky., for acoommoda* tlon of the Southern trade.M. H. Farrell.M. H. Farrell, dealer Ir, monuments and statuary, located In business sine* Jan* uary, 1880. at 308 West Washington street, starting upon and maintaining a high standard of workmanship and materia! in monuments and statuary of every do* script!on in Scotch and American gran* ltes. also Italian and American marble*. Busts and medallions from Ufa or photo* graphs a specialty.In Crown Hill cemetery are many monuments erected by him. especially may be noted the OelsendoriT, the Thalman* and also tb* Fox monument.I factor in It has but tethod Mr. Ineae that Wsshlng-Ited. Tlit ho largest ere having me larger,' »upi*iy **\ / Xm at. i ' * r % |the 5c and H. H. FARR ELI* ' V%. % \\ . 1 • ♦' -li of rt.'ioo* -an inter- Hl. low prices and fair dealings have rement of commended themselves to all who havod in April had any buaiaeas -with him during thonterest of fifteen years he has been here in busi-Mathews), ness. Hie reputation and popularity havo and most placed him in public office many times, I being elected a member of the GeneralAssembly in 1885, and Board o* Aldermen in imJohn h. iwc tJohn R, Ixwe. sculptor and designer, lately with the N. C. Hinsdale’s Granite Company, is one of the best known in