Celebrity Clipping from Indianapolis News, Thu, Dec 6, 1894.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, December 6, 1894

union. The ample stock* and grew vwrtety of toy*, fcincy goo'** and sundriesdisplayed by the toy house* of thi* city . art perhaps unequalled in any othery place in America, and Indianapolis Is recognised os a mart for the trade. One.of the prominent bounce Is Ktpp Brea. Com* pany. 87 and a? South Meridian street, which was established in 1S70 by Albrecht and Robert Kipp. Two yeans am a stock company was organised under the present name. The company employes twelve traveling men. who cover the territory from Mk'hitrun to the /. df. The flna has a branch house at COS West Mala street. Louisville. Ky., for accommodation of the Southern trade.M. H. Farrell.M. H. Farrell, dealer In monuments and statuary, located in business since January, 188®, at 308 West Washington street, starting upon ami maintain leg a high standard of workmanship and material In monuments and statuary of every description In Scotch ami American granites. also Italian and American marbles, Hunts and medallion* from life or photographs a specialty.In Crown Hill cemetery are many monuments erected by him. especially may be noted the Oeisendorff, the Thalman, and also the Fox monument.M. H. FARRELL.