Celebrity Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Sun, Aug 31, 1975.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, August 31, 1975

Hal WilliamsActor’s Roles to GoFrom Cop to ConvictBy DICK KLEINER He read and got the partHOLLYWOOD — When But now there's a problem. He ABC's new comedy series is still going to play Smitty about life in prison. On the occasionally on Sanford and Rocks, debuts in the fall, you Son and must be clean-will see Hal W illiams as one of upper-lipped for that one So the happy convicts. he figures he'll have to wear aIf you are a fan of Sanford fake mustache in On the and Son. you have seen Hal Rocks.Williams in his recurring role Hal Williams caines from as Smitty. the cop But you Columbus. Ohio, and he says it may not recognize Hal was a pretty nice place to Williams in his new role — this grow up in time he is wearing amustache And there is a story THERE IS A GHETTO in behind that new adornment Columbus. he says, but I •i've always had trouble didn't grow up in the ghetto I being cast as a street person, grew up in the American Williams says. I seem to give dream of two cars in the the impression of being garage and plenty to eat. something other than that — My only problem was thatunless 1 grow a mustache I was dreaming of becoming marriage and his career on When he heard that John an actor, but I never saw any the rocks Williams decided to Rich, who used to produce black actors, so 1 figured I see if he could implement his All In the Family. was could never put my dream into dream, acting. He and his casting On the Rocks, he reality. three children came todecided to go after the part Instead he went to college California Rich said ho just wasn't right and became a social worker. And. after the customary — I wasn't 'streety' enough which was tough. slow start he’s done well in hisIt was a bad thing. he new life, lie's done a few SO HE GREW a mustache says, because 1 soon realized shows — such as Kung Fu and went back again Rich I couldn’t do anything for most and The Waltons — in agreed to let him read, for the of my cases It was very which he’s played a character two English writers who frustrating. who was supposed to be spun-created the series in England off into another series Theyand were recreating it here HE HAD A WIFE and three never materialized, but now But Rich said it was a long children but that broke up and he finds himself in two series shot — until he saw the actor soon he only had the three Two series — but only one in his new mustache. children. With both his mustache.