James Cantrell and Charles Cantrell

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, August 30, 1902

Lyle?, as you knoir, is a prosperous settlement of colored peoj le in Gibson County, 5 miles east oj Princeton, t 'ae county seat. They have two grocery stores owned by colored men, W. H. Rountree and James Cantrell. James Cansrell is al9* Station Agent for tbe Southern Railway that runs through that place, and is also postmaster, long distance agent for the telephone company, agent for the Princtc n Milling and Elevator company, and buj ing thousandsot bushels of grain every year for his company.He is also a trustee and class leader of the A. M. E. Church and never misses a meeting.W. H. Rountree who owns the other grocerrman is a rural mail carrier as is also ChatlcS Cantrell, Brother Rountree is superintendent of the Sundayschool and steward ..in the church.