Celebrity Clipping from Indianapolis News, Sat, Apr 25, 1896.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, April 25, 1896

GEORGE J. DUDLEY.Mr*. Favrkaer and the Conservatory0k Xnflte.To the Editor of The Indianapolis News:An Item appeared in the music column of The News one day last week, stating that Mrs. Flora M. Fawkner had resigned as piano teacher from the Conservatory of Music. The next day, Signor Vegara, one of the directors of the school, published a card in your paper stating that he had asked for jMtrs. Fawkner’s resignation by letter, mailed to heir on the 12th ult. As a matter of fact, Mre. Fawkner resigned from the school several days prior to the date of Signor Vegara's communication, as a letter received by her relatives here on the Stb of April gives evidence. In the light of'this fact, it would' seem that Signor Vegara's letter of request came a little late.Mrs. Fawkner was one of the first teachers of the school, and her efficient work helped to build it up and make It a success. long before Signor Vegara was heard! of in Indianapolis. 1 may also say, as a matter of fact, that Mrs. Fawkner resigned from the school because of what1 she regards as unjust criticism on Signor Vegara's part, and, m doing so, took all her mUb with her.Tfqie fqcts are all so well known among the principal musical people of Jndlanapo-lis that Mrs. Fawkner has not though? it worth while to notice Signor Vegara's card; but here and elsewhere over the State where The News is largely read it is calculated to do her an injustice, hence my object in writing this. I am a brothel of Mrs. Fawkner, and write of what I know, and am responsible for the same.JAME3 V. COOKE.Danville. Ind., April 23.