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Cedar Rapids Weekly Pilot (Newspaper) - May 24, 1905, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The weekly Pilot Cedar 1905 ii Yonl Fol personal in about the parlor Send your worn out carpets to the Hepner Bug phone 270 new phone 270 Cedar body of Thompson was transferred a few Days ago from Lisbon to Oak Hill cemetery of this the Farmers and gardeners were blessed with May showers last to say nothing about the May we had a very Plen aant Call recently oin miss Eliza Bardwell of at she was in the City we Are closing out our Nursery mock very Low come and see us Marling Nursery 225 South 1st the Pilot editors old Friend Stringer of Iowa was in attend Ance at grand 3e received ninety seven Voles for q Rand your system of All impurities tits now is the time to Trike holsters Rocky Mountain it will keep you Well All 85 Tea or the ditties from the upper Northern Iowa and South Ern Iowa press association will meet in this City May to consider the codification of Iowa newspaper dont let the children if they Are fretful peevish and give them Hollister Rocky Mountain the Best baby tonic strength and health follow its 85 the Pilot is not so Good an it might be for in moving from Marion the be was badly mixed and we have gotten it out under Many there fore we Hope our readers will look Over any defections in the paper and help us next week to Inieke it better by sending or handing us in the news the Pilot is sorry to Nhi Niclo the death of Lawrence Sullivan who died at his Homo 1113 South fourth Street sunday morning of heart he leaves a a daughter and one Hon to morn his these have our deepest and May they prepare to meet where parting never Over sixty wolves have Heen clip tured and killed in Tama county Dur ing the last two the ferocious which have appeared in Large numbers this have been Mak ing such inroad into flocks of sheep Stock raisers have doubled the state which is for cubs and for old this stimulated Bun i Wersto join with them in the the Wmk Kly Pilot will hereafter be published at 108 South 1st i Cedar and will contain be latest Newt both political and local will always stand for the greatest Good to the greatest not As a stand Patter for it said the stand Pat hurls the fellow who i too lady to move or who has plenty of feed in his own trough and does not care for any neither will it stand for the Democrat party which in a to bailed flush and that is what the republicans would like it to but it is not of that class or variety but As its name indicates it will hold the wheel in question and keep the rubber Lynu county Hii Tiluy Mcl tool Linn county sunday school Conven Tion will be held at Central City this the 25th and 20th of the program is nearly ready for the Printer Anil will be sent out at every school in to county in a few Central City people will take care of All who come Anil it is hoped that each of the 120 schools of the county will Send three Linn county has carried the state Banner for three years and Many of the workers Are hoping that thin year be no exception to that every Tow sip should see unit its work of offerings and conventions is Complete so that we May again have All Twenty townships known As Banner townships in the Ono item goes a Long ways toward giving up our plans in the work As no other county in the state has yet accomplished How it i shot an Arrow Clito the air it fell to the new not until a neighbor set up a howl because it killed a of Ivorio for Large office no better location in Olty tub weekly Pilot Why suffer from i ism Why Buffer from rheumatism when one application of chamberlains pain Balm will relieve he pain Tho Quick Toliaf which this Len Luumi a lords makes rest and sleep and that alone is Worth Many limes its Many i have used it hoping Only for a Relief from suffering have been 1 applely surprised to find that after bile the Relief became Liggett of Yum writes i am a great Ferer from nil Over from dad to and chamberlains pain Tolm is the Only thing that will relieve the for Sale by alts under on Cronl Wheeler at into the thick of the Light he Duilid and sick and borne in an ambulance to the a ghostly Wisp of a Man but the fighting soul of a lighting approved in the Long went to the front in that ambulance and the body of fighting out from the front they were coming smitten of Spanish wounded boys from the Vermont Bills and the Alabama dells put Vliem into the ill ride to the he and he claimed to the and Rodo right that Little old sex con from and to end of the Long Blue ranks rom up the ringing and Many a powder blackened face was furrowed with sudden and flashing eyes and gleam thing and Luicir and Beard of into the hell of shot and Shell Rode Little eld fighting sick with fever and racked with he could not stay for he the song of the yester years deep Mouth cannons Bay he heard in the calling song of the guns was work for him to his country Best blood splashed and flowed round the old White and fevered body and hero this unions heart to j of beats out in love and to Ench dear boy in Blue who stood or fell mid shot and and cheered in the face of the foe As wan und to the heart of the fight Rode Little old fighting a Niple a would am told there Are twice an Many men an there Are women rest in the poorhouse of the How do you account for it my the women get the and we get the commercial Viiu Iichi Dedi Henry editor you Are cordially invited to attend the exercises in connection with the dedication of the new House of Wor ship and the fiftieth anniversary of the second presbyterian coi Ner of third Avenue and fourteenth Cedar May the Twenty lint to May the Nineteen Hundred and the follow ing program bus been arranged Calendar of services May dedication services morning and to to addressed b the f a Moderator of the general As Sembly of the presbyterian monday May Peoples address by the John bul com of tuesday May by arianism address by the George d president of the University of wednesday Muy by the Harris of thursday May the pastors and people of sister churches Friday Muy 20threception by tiie ladies Aid Sabbath May morning historical and dross by he Franklin evening of the Sabbath by the John d of special at each and and or Anil Stoner left recently for where they will Malie their future Albert Stoner will Stop at Foi some time and visit her Grace Schnoor before going on to her new Send weaving to 8th and ii Street phone Hepner Rug Block the Experiment station it the Iowa state Collego has june issued from twin animal husbandry department a very in resting bulletin 81 giving the comparative results of feeding steers of beef and Dairy Type respectively Over a period of twelve this Experiment was carried on with four steers of Type two of each of the following Breeds being Angus and Here Ford represent ing the Aid Jersey and Holstein the Dairy full tables of thu feeds Given Are with relative gains of steers individually and in figures Are gluon of the Slaughter with to Iii Brief and valuable on the Cir cables from butchers Point of View by John Gosling of Kansas who the this bulletin is partly Maury Well illustrated with u number of excellent und should by of value to every feeder of either the beef or Dairy the above May by obtained by apply ing to the a Kukuly Pilot with stumps or to director of the Experiment Why not take the Pilot one year Only North May editor of the a few Days ago 1 received a copy of the and thought i would like to say a few words to the readers of the state of Iowa and others that Are fur Lunate enough to get such a valuable paper to it is very cheering to know there Are so Numy papers and magazines taking up and discussing the Peoples people that read must know there is something wrong with the Laws of the tiie Earl of Chatham once said show me the Laws of a country and i will show you the condition of its How Many of the people know anything or As for that what our Laws Are the people of this country make the that ours is self govern ment is this boast True self gov Means a government of the by the people and for the peo slavery is where a Man or a Fen men own and control the labor and its did it Ever occur to you that you Are in the latter class is not the Man or men that fix the Price of your and the Price of the products of your the masters of the situation in fact we have had no self government since a Law was passed on april for 113 years there has been no self government in this that Law was the the Corner Stone of a government by the to exploit the do you believe it Well let us reason a will you admit that the Man in debt is a slave to his creditor if this be and it is then when a people of a nation Are in beyond their ability to pay the without turning Over All the wealth of the nation into a few is not that of slaves perhaps the term serfs would be a belter term than not exactly chattel but Industrial a u result of that Law of which has never been repealed Nance being placed there a debt of forty thousand millions of on which very woman and is con Rili Uteg to pay the which into every necessary to Wistain this Sot this debt is increasing at the rate of millions of dollars every business Day in the year in and year and the worst and safest part this great people Ilo not know let us now go Back to that Law and examine the peo ple had to have Money us the government alone had the Power i o make by Law As it has tiie people were obliged the have to pay which the government levied on the what did con Grosa Dor it made u saying any Man or men that Hail a certain Gold and Silver Bullion could bring it to the mint of the United states and the government would make their Bullion into Money for free of a few men it first owned Tai Money after it wan there was no other Way for the peo ple to get this Money to except to lure it of the Money give Goon Ami pay them for the use of called the Money being All in the hands of the Money the people could get it in no other except to hire now comes in the secret of All this enormous and you want to Stop and and think when a person goes to the Money As a Rule he takes his interest in it 18 immaterial whether it is taken in Advance or the person that hires the agrees to return to the More Money than he let me and at the same time ask u question i for you to a Man to the b Ink and gives his note for for one at 10 per cent interest to be taken out in the Man owes lie gets from the now please Tell How a Man can pay with Only of Money remember no other person Ctm get any Money from any other and on any other different from the first this is a debt that cannot be paid with und so the top Root of the enormous debt now hanging Over the every time Man goes to the bunk and hires it adds just the amount of the interest to the now existing if you wish to know just How fast this debt in top and think How Many men there Are that hire Money from the Banks every business Day in the i am Well there Are a great Many men especially in the that trunk the Railroad Trust is the greatest Trust of i cannot agree with for the Tiit rail roads cannot very Well be built with out and when the re Iliad builder hires the Money to build the of the he agrees to return More Money than he and so in order to meet his obligation he must get this from the in Hig Litu freight rates and higher Puin engr the rail Road Man ban Learned the value of the pass to in bribing our Law makers to make Laws for Ulvi own one other que Silon i wish to especially of those who believe in Public ownership of Public when the govern ment takes the railroads How Are they going to pay for them Are you going to run in debt fur und add 8 or 10 billion dollars More of debt to the All Rendy overburdened people As it is Tho government cannot pay Cash for because the government owns no it is the government nukes All the but it is All made for the and the government pays Tho bunkers to loan or furnish the people with the if the government gets it simply borrows runs the people in and then taxes them to pay the great government dont you think so the government has the Power to make Money for the if the govern ment Hast who has the government make it for the Why not for the people Franklin has it claims to he Fione Icil fhati5unal Benk Cical John Jordan Upchur Cli was the Lodge at was the first members of the tuesday und wednesday there were gathered in Cedar representatives of the workmen in Iowa and of their auxiliary the degree of some Strong in the a the coming together of the Maui hers of these two organizations in mini session Calls attention not Only to the fraternity they but to the broader that this and Oiler Irene Lucial brotherhoods ire no longer a minor nor a negligible actor in the movements und tendencies of the More than nil other these great associations Are doing a Woik which has removed Relief from cold Region of compulsory and ing Charity into the sunlight Oivo Lun tary duty Ami Loving Kinness these societies Are eminently prac tical in their they make no claims to great refinement of Ritualist work or elaborate and mystical All with wonderful und fascinating love which clings to the they Are Content to leave us possessions to the great fraternities having other and not less important evil Ever Breeds its own antidote and human need has never yet far outs stripped the invention of Man to remedy or ameliorate Friendly societies or associations designed to cooperate in the affairs of life or to sustain individual members in time of misfortune Are by no Means hut the development of these Small and exclusive bodies into great fraternities is a recent More than perhaps any other these societies have broken Down the ancient dividing Walls of caste and class and Creed und and hive taught and Are teaching the brother Hood of Man with All the duties and responsibilities which the term in first among those fraternities Benes facial possibilities and blazing the Way for All have since is the ancient order of United work yet the idea of organizing the units into a wisely directed cooperating Force did not occur to a philosopher or sociologist but to a Plain Man of the one who had lived the life of an Arti Siun und knew the difficulties and dangers which beset the Way of Thi average wage to John Jordan top Church there came As an inspiration the idea of association for Protection and for the cure and Benefit of the widows and orphans of deceased the ideas was crude and yet within it were All the wonderful potentialities which time and experience have in the narrow life of this Man there Camp no Conception of the millions of his toiling Fellows who before a generation Hud Hail with Joy the development of his thought is the salvation and safety of their loved the following of ulcers were elected grand Des grand grand Miche Stet Sioux grand grand Arnod inside grand outside grand Des grand Van it grand trustee Traci inti one of the great duties of the Public school is to develop goo i of citizens Are pal riot this lends to the and what in patriotism a Childs bomb time presented a picture of an old Man showing u Hoy a beneath the picture was written teaching put Blunder is lint too Many teachers make the same As a result is it Uny Wunder that the average school Bays idea of a Patriot is a uniformed Soldier and that in his mind patriotism a associated with scenes of the despite the fact that during by far the greater part of our history to have made no use of guns in National defense the pernicious notion generally prevails that patriotism is somehow connected with the idea of bloodshed Anil there is something wrong Wajih the teaching and Tho environment which is responsible for the too common idea Cut me out and see what i am Worth this Coupon is Worth 10 per cent and will be accepted and allowed on any Purchase made up to june we propose to give our patrons advantage of the saving in our new if you have not visited our millinery and suit department you have missed a great we Are showing a Large and Complete line of silk shirt Waist rain co Vert and silk either in read to Wear or made to dont fail to take advantage of our special Salt the rest of this month come Hetzel 119 3d Cedar everything in Cut f Lowers and Hants Cedar rapids Floral both 4 second that patriots must be Noli Liers ill that patriotism is shown Only in deeds of during i i formed on Fields of a Man once remarked that he wished he had been born in Lima to have taken part in the civil poor foolish dreamer to filed to realize that at no other period in the worlds history wus there such an Opportunity to do something really Worth while for his und for humanity us there at the present but perhaps we should not censure him too he was but the logical product of that false teaching which fails to Dittin Guith Between the a Tutu patriotism that is nothing More than empty spread Eagle oratory which lays great stress upon our wealth and size and boasts of our ability to whip any other country on Earth and the True patriotism which prompts to deeds of self sacrifice Devotion to and finds strength in the moral Worth of the kudu strip Manly but not All of this pernicious teaching comes from the the air pounding memorial Day or fourth of july orator whose one ambition seems to he to excite the Pride and passions of his hearers instead of arousing their intellects must Bear a Large part of the it is unfortunate that the element of patriotism Are not of Toner taught in the Nursery where to much might be done by keeping u careful watch on games und tin Little h and guns May not create a lust for car nage but they will turn the terrible business of War into play and spread a Glamor Over years of careful teaching Are necessary to Correct the wrong in precisions in the mind of the child who has come to think of kill ing As a necessary und Normal vocation which in his mind becomes associated with Guy uniforms and martial prices if you Wunt to keep up with the times Yon must take a newspaper that discusses up Odate there fore we invite you to become to sub Scriber to the while it is u Little out of the Ordinary we believe it is on the right and the attn principles will dually Over names added to our list in the lust two weeks is very Gratifying if you receive this number and have cot been u subscriber remember does not Cost you one Friend has paid for it to go to no charge will Ever and when our list is corrected the Wupper show to what Date is pictures if i were pretty like i would have my likeness taken too Doty can take it pretty like you at Tho City 411 c for 25c he takes tintypes two 24 col Rabii Stamps 12 full flu to 2 tintypes 25 12 12 half Jyo Elias Doty 411 c Cedar rapids g g Harris painting and paper we furnish Wall paper cheaper than any one in the City 81o South 2nd Cedar to it old phone Joseph fire Tornado life and Accident insurance steamship Agency Down it03 second cellar Send your weaving to till third Cedar new phone Hepner Rug to All Pilot to extend the circulation to More subscribers Anil attic Cash one who receives a copy thin week to secure us at least Ore yearly we receive Many letters and meet Many people nominally who us Htit Jii Rit muh a paper i Vantuil Anil to make Yuoh a newspaper your there Are Many who expect to take the but who have failed to tit Down and Send their Manieh to please Send in your name right the paper will fun Arlesly stand for reforms the people of Iowa and the nation the paper is Independent it will advocate men and recur Lea of and it will feel free to criticize democrats and pop when in its judgment they Ani will you lend us a helping hand in Tak Brugle for the old land Marks accidents will happen always to a policy in Tho Bankers Accident will give you reliable Protection at a reasonable for particulars cull or address Wilbur District Ceil of Ita Piihl Bank new phone Rock Island Cedar rapids time card in effect 1002 South Anu East Leavo Arrovo ice Presb up pm Ohl Cioku Puiul Kaunas City pm pin cd Ilcisko Llin Ltd am m05 am cd Luukko Cuil it ii Oulu am am unit Kan City Lute to am am Uil Unie spurt pm 1unaeiiktir or Liberty Lavra pm North arrive St Paul und a Lapolla am air 8t Iau loud Ltd pm Loii lord Piu mouser pm pm Iowa Falls in Pistono lib Besikof Hoq am b00 pm us disc Oahu Oue Kintli am 0io pm aunt Union pm 18w am of us Uduh leaven at b00 Usu what cd kill i und j am pm City trains am i5u pm pm have night try club Luave it am 10uo in pm am Goth Tara except Rullman so ups of All trains to and Aud of Elk lit trains to mid Loux a Luxor of 10ilo us train Tor City Luen Liml to Day trains to Uduc those trains run dully and will tune through 1ullnmu Suud in no opera to Paul Aud flu Nen poll May lit scoured no Luul new train Lor Louis loaves dully time will us to All Storla Aud add Ruhh Iho ii you do not Rocalve u ult
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