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Cedar Rapids Weekly Pilot (Newspaper) - May 24, 1905, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Fairfield lumber Pine lumber doors and All kinds of building material and Coal Ben Reichard manager the weekly Pilot Henlly application has Boon Tnador for entry As Blooml class matter at the 1oatoftlco at Codar John Engstrom tailor opera House Block the new York store always front with a Complete Stock of gents furnish and it Spidal instruments at bargain Soll 1st pianos you know we sell the 37 years continuous Waite 3d Avenue postpone your funeral god made people to to you Abe tilling yourself unless you Are helping nature by giving her material to build every part of your body now As fast As the old wears you know that Yon can live on and on for Strong and enjoying life in its by keeping your tidy in perfect Imu triola will keep you Well if you Are it will Luukko you Well if you Are for nut Lola and nature Are life pro and do nuns disease cannot enter a perfectly healthy nature and ejects every invading nut Riola contains natures creative Power the Only invincible conqueror of Dis Only doctor that Cost us to learn How to make now we cure or no give a guarantee backed by could you ask More is Pericl health Worth 8 cents a Day to you you can have it at that 88 duh treatment and your Money Back if not absolutely Satis in Elul this Story i am now for Overa years i suffered with mutism and kid Ney every thing i Ato distressed i had to walk with a Calico As a Grippe brought me very near to i began taking nut Riola it not Only Mode perfectly Bull feel Imore vigorous than i did at 60 your sincere John John write right now Send for the Fountain of it tells what to have done acid Aro nut Lola 142148 Madison Chicago for Solo Lyall druggists Joh Sam wha Nurl owl tells Cago Humphreys Witch Hazel Oil for one application brings Bauble hailed Oll co of publication at South Cedar 1st him on the if you should meet a fellow Man troubles Flag and looking like he didst have a Friend in All the 60 up and slap him on the Back and Lowd you do and grasp his hand so warm hell know he has a Friend in then ask whats hurting him and laugh his cares and Tell him the darkest night is just before the dont talk in graveyard but say it right out lond god will Sprinkle Sunshine in the Trail of every this world at Best is but a hash of pleasure and of pain some Days Are Bright and Sunn and some All slashed with and that just How it ought to for when the Clouds Roll by Well know just How to appreciate the Bright and smiling so learn to take it As it and dont sweat at the pores because the lords opinion Doest coincide with yours but always keep when cares your path that god Lias lots of Sunshine to spill behind Tho at s3 or William no Joha now nervous vital weakness and prostration from overwork and other homeopathic specific n in use Over 4o the Cess Ful Ial package for s ulivo the Federal courts take charge of his trial for the of governor Goebel is an interesting before governor Taylor led from Kentucky lie made out a formal Pardon for Powers which As Secretary of and Powers subsequently sought release from imprisonment because of this Pardon Grants de in Advance of conviction or even of now Powers makes the claim that because this Pardon has not been recognized he is denied that Equality before the Law guar rented to every american it is an indict ment of the whole state of Kentucky and n Challenge to the Federal authorities to meet an Issue there is some Point to the claim of but it is an entirely new plea and May be turned Down with Little two Koui flags two proud flags to the skies unfurl types of an English speaking world types of the world that is yet to be Rich and Happy and proud and of a world of device and closer together in Friendship draw can be Descry with what shall be wrought in coming years Een but a Century More will teach a thousand millions the Lin Lulu speech vast from sea to peopled All with our Kin will grand new a Busy Britain in duplicate then will thrive while the dark con dark no More lighted with Law and indies human great and homered and justly India then shall speak the Tongue Shakespeare uttered and Milton what of columbian later Fame what for her can the Century claim ask what the Century past has done gaze of the triumphs that she had then give the imagination rein people each Tennell offs Hill and Plain swell her and All View the Ocean bound but a Century More will teach a thousand millions the English speech As the centuries Onward Roll Earth shall feel it from Pule to the grandest that Man has known gathering thought from every zone the Best that human mind Ever devised to Rule from every pen Ever willed to Gladden cover aug Earth like n whelming Anglo Saxon i he world shall two proud to the sides types of an English speaking world types of a world of peace and closer together in Friendship draw Jjo you the government issues Money and Loans it to he National Hanks at one half of one per cent per this is old party doctrine for it Lias prevailed under the Rule of both old Par the Peoples party favors is suing the Money direct to the people without the intervention of Hanking on this question do you agree with the populists or old Par still Tinky comic hardly a week passes now without some event taking place to encourage Victory somewhere for jeffersonian populists have Long contended that the Rele Reu Dum is the proper solution of economic questions or rather the Means of solv ing and should feel elated Over the fact that Montana adoption of there Feren Dum is the a Lith state to fall in line since this great principle of popular Rule and democratic essentials 1ms been agitated by the populist y the actor air Effort to her Bismut Oue of the if not the of Mode Ern says the rights of women must stand or fall with those of they Are derived from the same authority involved in the same axiom demonstrated by the same the Law of equal Freedom applies alike to both the idea that the rights of women Are not equal to those of men is Akin to the Eastern Dogma that women have no subordination of females to males reveals its decent from Barbar As the usage of Mankind vary so let us hear How it is that the sphere we assign woman is the True that the limits we have set to female activity Are just the proper let us hear on this Oue of our social we Are e x aptly whilst to Are wrong on so Many the desire to Corn mend is essentially a barbarous whether seen in Tho Mukase of ctr or in the order of an Eton bully to his it is alike Simuni Ricaut of Yon must not do As you but As i is the basis of every whether used by a planter to his be or by a husband to his Watsons advice a Young Tho following is an extract from a letter written by Watson to a Young Man of cultivate what is Best in your Char Acter and do not imitate study Good purpose of making the Host Man out of develop your conceit o r i be too proud to Sto ii to anything associate the Host if among your there Aro those Whoso conduct or talk is Weed them out from your i fell deeply on the and i repeal Weed them cultivate the honesty which makes a Man what he appears to be dont to a be a powerful and fearless As is possible to your when defeat knocks you he As soon As you you breath Brush the dust and go up against the enemy Roach a Clear Conception of what you want to and can do be Suro that this is something Noble in Hammer away with All your and keep remember that modesty in almost As becoming to a Man As to a woman but that humility has no Plisco in relation to if you Are not As Good As any Otho its your Tho and All its Aro As much youth As but remember this Tho race is to and Tho Battle is to if you would win the to Swift if Tho to and More uncompromising than Gover nor William whose official term extended from 1886 to in his message to the Twenty second men ral Assembly in lie said much Progress ims been made in the enforcement of the prohibitory klan judges have Given Strong Testi Nosey in its people Arp Trong in their convictions that this Law should be enforced As Well us others and t is the duly of the legislature in these matters is no longer a subject of Dis amendments should be made to the Law As Are needed and Best calculated to make it thoroughly Telec Ive in accomplishing its in his retiring message in governor Larrabee made a powerful argument for the maintenance and enforce ment of the prohibitory Law and against the establishment of legalized saloons in Iowa by any kind of he stated the following facts in support of his position the jails of Many counties Are now empty a Good portion of the year and the number of convicts in our penitentiaries has been reduced from seven Hundred and Flati in to six Hun dred and july it is the testimony of the judges of our courts that criminal expenses have diminished in like we have fewer Pau pent and tramps in our state in proportion to its population than Ever the poorer classes Hove better better better schooling and bet Ter it in Safe to say not one tenth and probably not one twentieth As much liquor is consumed in the state As was five years the Stander of Temperance has been greatly even in those cities where the Law has not yet been tie present Law was enacted in response to a popular is evidenced by a majority of nearly votes cast in favor of the constitutional had the women of lawful age been permitted to the majority would probably have been More than it is tiie Unity of the legislative Power to respect the Rightor All citizens of the common of no voters Tig Well ii if provision were made for suspending for Grobs negligence such officers As Are charged with the enforcement of the Law and ample funds were placed at the corp Strund of the governor to Aid prose the Saloon would soon he a thing of the past in Tims closed the memorable decade from 1870 to 1889 a decade of remark Able United Luro c and Sublime editorial a new wrinkle in politics has just transpired Down in if the same Rule was carried out in Iowa some one weird begin to postmaster general Cortelyou recently directed the postmaster at to inform that he must get off the Republican Central committee or resign the postmaster the first shall be last and the last shall be is a quotation from holy but it seems that Runny Are als ways two and two makes but 2 plus 2 mikes so you must be careful when you say figures wont Jock unit am Imio t May be Scon from Flint Kwh Boer written Bluit the decade from 18711 to 1880 with u memorable period in the history of it is impose Bibl to estimate the hard Umi Ikles and Lurye expenditures of time energies and Money by the officers an members of the woman Cluck Iii Teri Pelanca Union and the Iowa sent Temperance they Ware subjected to a constant criticism and con fronted with every kind of they were called Busy bodies in other mens in pub he and in private often hold up to Ridi charged with dishonest i the Endeavor to deprive them of the Confidence of the besides a Many Nuil ered ions in loss o loss of property and one o u loss of at the same 11 in there were very who Gav them Friendly kindly in Coli argement and substantial help Many gave secret financial assistance who refused to Talf pen stand for prohibition i the courage of their Conzio vere fearless and Uncini their efforts to suppress among the prominent were More courageous my Hon by Russell a Dah my dear 1 very Ucli for lie copies of your the Pilot of Dale May j have read with much interest and pleasure timely and admirable article e titled time to unite and i with i had copies in circular form to mail out to the special Toshh porn Llotd Are getting in he pipe to grand populists clubs in Trio several school such word of i know would greatly cheer them in their work to ate making an Earnest Effort in this state to reorganize the Knatterud Force of populism mid you will under stand fully our plan o work after you Liall have cur Tully read the printed matter 1 am mailing to you under m Arate once we Thall have Hec Ureil 500 old a Rind club the organization of l he next 600 to or More will be certain and once Texas populate he Iii in line und in and belie it our brother to Pulish in All the other i ales will Alho gel Buck into their fight ing god lets you youll Iluk i and Bently it is Gratifying to to hear Hucl cheering news from Henlly of the Lone Star state text fund to say that we Are glad to know our pen has been directed to write something that is worthy of attention and we gladly it same in circular form and Wil wild to each Stuto committee for each slate committee is authorized to work for till weekly Pilot Sun orly Tion Hii Vlist Why do Yogi up i Money its the what not at if i kept i some Fel Low would bunco my out of Cleveland if you wish to by or sell heal estate address Call on Davenport who Nitikas a speciality on farm and grass tracts in Virlous cheap passage to Al Semi Tatlong Ting the stomachs Anab Vrela of promotes Ness Andrest contains neither nor not a perfect remedy for Constina sour Worms Oess and loss of facsimile signature of new exact copy of Castoria for infants the kind you have always bought bears the nature use Over thirty years Castoria seeds j and plants of All our fre catalogue l Kramer son 317 2nd Cedar Beck druggist successor to Luther Owen first door North Miles can secure six per cent semiannual interest on first mortgage Security for parties hav ing Money to All papers made in your own papers sent to you As soon As loan is address Cedar the Yale is the Best bicycle on the the Price puts it in reach of come in and let us show it to bicycle tires and Best equipped repair shop in the Illi third Best on properly starched stands up under the we starch and Iron the goods you Send us just exactly 4 Spencer 3d
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