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Cedar Rapids Weekly Pilot (Newspaper) - May 24, 1905, Cedar Rapids, Iowa He weekly Pilot Cedar Linn May number 34 Gles Are a important Par of and As the Spring Rains Are about it will be found necessary to replace Many old wac carry seven grades of shingles and Are therefore prepared to wants from the cheapest to the there is nothing Good in the building line that we cannot furnish and our prices Low As such goods can be sold Clarence Pyle vice cashier Marion savings paid up a interest paid on Money loaned on real estate Deposit boxes for directors c formerly with Len Union West Side dental Parlours i save you Money on All your dental it makes no Dif Ference what Price others give i can save you from 10 to 20 per on every Worth of when you Are in need of dental services cull get Niy it will Cost you and will save Jou in ability to do Good work i am second Crown and Bridge work a specially remember the i inc and place third half Block from end of rapids Over savings hunk vice National transacts a general Hanking business drafts Irsuell on All the principal cities of the safety Deposit boxes for directors 1 is Boal prices for the next 30 Days on every garment in our ladles silk shirtwaist suits Wash and accordian plaited suits walking skirts in English mohair p dress Panama cloth ladies Covert jackets latest styles in millinery at prices lower than any other store in the special credit at Cash prices Peoples credit clothing masonic How the Popup St party Goi its Namh populism is a term at which Many eminently respectable but sadly misinformed persons like the staid horse when he first encounters an automobile 6n the Road to writes Charles de Secretary Peoples party National in Tom Watsons Magazine for they regard it As synonym mis with Mohib nihilism and Haifa dozen other real or fancied that it is simply a Short expression for Radical or jeffersonian democracy has never occurred to populism is a term which Well illustrated the growth of the evolution by which circumlocution is avoided and clearness of expression at the same it is an Apt illustration of the Power of a subsidized press to create an erroneous Public Back in the Early when the Peoples party was being organized in a number of Western there was considerable discussion As to whether it should be regarded As a political organization on the usual whether it should be a sort of league of Independent free to choose and vote for such on any As might seem Best fitted to represent the interest of different organizations of Farmers and wage workers out of which the Peoples party finally the Omaha National convention in 1892 settled the question in favor of regular party it is True that there were to be Points of difference Between Peoples party machinery that of either old party but these minor rather then Delegate convention was retained which to my was the mistake made in until some system of direct nominations is whereby every elector May have a vote not by Dele who May misrepresent fear that As our party grows in strength we shall More and More be called upon to combat the same influenced which dominate both the old this is with the Advent of the Peoples party a difficulty was found in scribing a member of that a met Berof the Republican party is a Republican and a member of a democratic party is called a How designate one affiliated with the Peoples party 1 the omnipresent and omniscient newspaper As solved the his agnosticism applies to nothing except the word and with him circumlocution and criminality Are almost synonym it would never do to be ring ing the changes on an adherent to the Peoples party or one affiliated with the Peoples party it was not Long before we began to see the word used in verbal description of what the cartoonist invariably depicted As a one Gallus armed with Fork or and blessed with a hirsute adornment truly applied As a term of yet responding to the inexorable Law which compels men to follow along the lines of least the word populist came to it just As the term methodist for that from descriptive of the to designating his political easy and af1 of and Gross mis the great Middle class is just begin Niue co Sefia clearer View and to discover that populism is the Only logical answer to the what shall we do to be saved from economic ruin the Peoples party Houku have the government Issue More there is now less Money in ence in the United states than it requires to pay a years interest and a years with this condition the people can not possibly but on the must sink into on the other a few men will possess nearly All the wealth of the the populists favor the speedy increase of the Money volume to not less than fifty dollars per this demand was made by the Green backers when the Money volume was about seventeen dollars per and it was made by the first populist con when the per capita of Tifoney was about Twenty four Bear in Friendship is frequently an excuse for impertinence by people who Pride themselves on speaking their minds Success in life begets envy and he who is Wisest will j treat them with silent the foundation of self respect is work is the Parent of always give apparent offenders the beige fit of a nothing rankles in the heart like in every heart there is an Ideal life higher than the one it in moments of passion we of ten demolish work that has taken half our lives to build the world is full of miserable people who Are so by reason of trying to get More than the world life at its Best is not very a Little a Little a Little Many tears and meeting Sand fare is it Worth while then other a Man to change the object o est feelings is one who capable of High feelings in any True there is a knowledge which Many persons shrink it is that which involves certain duties and which they afe not willing to brains cannot be measured by the size of the nor eloquence by the extent of the peace is better than Joy is a very uneasy and is always on tiptoe to the Good that a woman can do toward the great world at Large is As nothing compared to her responsibilities in her own Home if she be a wife and a he that loses his conscience has nothing left that is Worth do not forget that if you accomplish a Little every Day it will amount to a Good Deal in a one of the first lessons that a Yonng Man should learn is Faith fullness to and in Small oldies when a boy applies for one of these places and is refused they May not Tell the reason Why they did not want but the y can depend upon it that Hes rated according to his boys can not afford to adopt the Liabis of standing on the Street Corners and use the conversation of the loafers and rowdies if they Ever want o be called to responsible Timlick in Tho United states feet of Pine lumber Are used every year for matches or the equivalent of 400 acres of Good Virgin about new ties Are required annually for re the amount of Timber used every year for ties alone is equivalent to feet of there Are now standing Telegraph the1 average life of a Telegraph pole a ten so that nearly new poles Are required every year for those figures do not include Telephone poles and the poles required on new rail Way the total annual Corsuti motion of Timber for ties and poles is equivalent to the amount of Timber on acres of Good Virgin for making shoo pegs the amount of Wood used in a single year is equal to the product fully of acres Good second growth hard Wood lasts and Boot Trees require at least cords most news paper and Doc King paper is made from although this Industry has been developed Only within the last forty yet the amount Wood consumed for paper during that has been the total amount of Wood for paper pulp is equivalent to Over Board feet of for which it would be Neu Esary were the Trees All growing together to Cut some acres of prime age of five and that in the one City of new York alone daily go to school the Noble understand of Frances illumined by her great Mother apprehend and taught that the world needs a womanhood sufficiently elevated to he capable of rearing Chil Dren in wealth and virtue and to be posseb8ec4 of the self respect to desire their share of political Power to enable them to seek out and secure better conditions in which to rear their children than those now she Besought for mothers the Boon of a voice in the Ihus in those words of hers chosen to be inscribed on the Pedestal of her i Clargo give them to protect along lifes treacherous Highway those whom they have Laura Chicago tit Rijuk to look in those listen to that dear notice the feeling of even a single touch bestowed upon you by that hand make much of it while yet you have that most precious of All Good a Loving read the Yunfu Honable love of those the kind an Toty of that tone and Bow Over slight your in after life you May have friends but never will you have again Tho in exp Rossl ble love and gentleness lavished upon you which none but a Mother often do i 3igh in the struggles with the hard uncaring for the deep Security i Felt of on evening nest Ling in her i listened to some quiet Talo suitable to my Uge read in her untiring never can i forget her Sweet glances cast on me when i appeared Saleo Guevor her kiss of peace at 1ears have passed away since to Laid her beside my la the old churchyard yet still her voice whispers from Tho her Eye watches Over As i visit spots Long Sinco hallowed to Tho Nemory of my a would to Hoys when we see the boys on the streets and Public places we often wonder if they know that the business men Are watching in every Bank store and office Here will soon be a place to those who have the management of the affairs of business houses will select one of the they will not select them for his ability to smoke cigarettes or tap a Beer and the society swell who is Daft about Little social functions and is Happy in his conceit that he is just the article that Young ladies India Pensule on All if Given the Glassy Stair quit often As the Beer guzzler or the cigarette business men May have a few Loose habits them but the Arey looking for boys who Are As near ill every sense of the soft nested y Cin and they c to Joe character of every they Are common id Ethe children Wil who was greater Frances or the humblest Mother to Tuk in the Eulogy of Francos Willard by senator Beveridge on thu occasion of the unveiling of the Illinois statue of her in saturday Hall at the nations cup it us he says the Mother of All Moth the sinter of All to every child the Frances Willard sacrificed her own life to the Imp piness s her after she knew with All her gifts and the Halo of her godsend the humblest Mother was yet greater far than Uhel Why should tech an estimate of herself be imputed to wat above All a and this in not a Christian when Jesus answered the woman who blessed Mother who bore him he Are they that hear the word of go i and keep Luke there something possible fur woman Lwood More blessed than to be thu most exalted fur Mere motherhood is a physical function and such a function cannot be thu highest achievement of a being endowed with intelligence ant bowl whether woman or Nam How clearly this have appeared it the instead of the name of 1 ranges irid used that of George Wash Jig on or Philip 13rojits mud Hal i1the numb Luht father was yet Greate than he perhaps this extravagant Prate of the humblest Mother was Given the question of race suicide is ii pvt to much but if there Foldan ger of race suicide at All it is a deficiency of that motherhood Liioi is so Humble that it expires to Little More than to bring children world and take no thought of thu cuu editions which surround statistics show where f danger lies when they toll such Drohr lend us a helping of there is a Cradle within the door of on of the great institutions of new York before which a constantly recurring tragedy is being it is a Plain quite simply draped in but with such a look of cozy Comfort about it that one would scarcely suspect it a Cradle of a Little White bed with a neatly turned Back Coverlet is Nile up within a Long strip of White tied in a tasteful Bov at the drapes us rounded about but within the precincts of warmth and which it is a chamber of silence quiet plus ily Furnire Frej of which emphasized the peculiarity the in ill if the mind were not familiar with the details with which it is so startlingly the question naturally arise As to what it was doing it should be standing there no one seems to be watching it has not the slightest appearance of useful and yet there it Day after Day year and after Yeara ready pre pared Crolle ill no infant to live in and yet this Cradle is the most use Ful in the most inhabited Cradle in the Day after and year after it is the recipient of More Small wayfaring souls than any other Cradle in a in it children of sorrow Are and Over it More tears Are shed than if it were an open it is the place where annually foundling Are Many of them by mothers who Are too helpless or to unfortunately in ironed to be further Able to care for their and the misery which compels of the Little open crib a Cradle of the interest of this particular cradle1 that it has been the silent withness of More truely heartbreaking scenes than any other Cradle since the world for nearly thirty five years it Haa stood where it does while ii Many thousand mothers have stolen shamefaced by in and looking hopelessly have Laid their Tel bless offspring within Ltd for thirty five Winter and Luttner in the bitterest cold and the most tilling it has seen them the the he proud the Beautiful the and one by Ono they have Laid their Chil Dren Down and brooded Over wondering whether it were possible or human love to make so great a Laor fico and yet not and then who i the child Haa been actually when by the simple act of releasing their hold upon it and or Niue away they have actually allowed it to pass out from Jove and tenderness into the world thin silent Cradle tuts seen them smite their in Angush and yield to such voiceless tempests of grief As Only know who have loved much and oat the circumstances under which this secular Charity comes to be a part of thu life of the great Metropolis need lot be rehearsed the Heartl Ces Lenh of the frailty of women the brutality of those who sit in judg ment in spite of the fact thut they do lot wish to be judged is so old and to caution Puma that repetition s almost a still the tragedy repeats and year Ufir and Day after Day the Inlo Keil is opened and dethrone virtue victim of ignorance and a Talon and and a child is robbed of in honorable for the old land Marlot Hou Uit who we tits drunkard fora a a a business an a companion or a then Why should anyone want the Drunken factory to be kept running every Asylum is an argument against the Gro shop fur More than half the i Mutya Are there because of a protest against liquor a Kwh three quarters of the of the Tou of Frt Rulu Izoula Loulli Ninnon firn Tom cards will f ail drub Liliu in Aux a
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