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Cedar Rapids Republican Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Republican (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The weather a louder in West rain probable in cant portion Day generally fair not Ucli change in temperature. Ceto Republican vol. 56 Price 10 cents Cedar rapids Iowa sunday morning january 1926 final edition no. 266 Cedar Al Republican Fife de Witt observer the bla1rstown prls5 ,1 the Servov seems Farmer and City Man much has been written of Laly about the troubles of the far. Mer. I have no solution of problems that Are troubling him. Maybe if 1 were running for off leu 1 would have but my ambitions in that direction Are and always will be. I believe in a state of coins. But of this 1 am conscious thu j Farmer the town Man must get to know each other better. This must be More than a superficial one. The Farmer must know that there Are other kinds of men in town than the ones that come to him. For the purpose of j Selling him on something he j Aoese t want and in turn the City Man must know that there Art other minds in the country than the negative mind that is agin everything that is Dif Ferent. While i m on this subject i can t help telling you about Jim Bradford s experience at keeping store. Jim represents one aide of the question when kept a oboe est it s Good As circus to hear Jim Bradford Tell about the time he tried Hie hand at Keehln store a spell. He d followed Firmi since he was jest a kid. But when Sid Martin s health played oot Jim bought the store from Sid. Jim said it looked Euy to be grocery clerk 3e moved bin stuff in from the farm and started right to wort. The a oafs they All gathered to Welcome him to he built a in the and done the thing up Brown. Proposes new tax Cut prohibition 6yeahsold is big Issue very much alive Asna tonal question on sixth birthday floods sweep Europe Given wide support volstead father of Law describes it As bless ing to America he tapped a Box of and told them to they tilted Back their store Side and started in to gab. They talked about the weather then turned it off to they about Ralh Rion and Sodden Market Jim said they took his crackers and Ham fulls of Bis prunes and made him set the peanuts on afternoons. Or said he got 30 tired of fwd in All that Bueb Bongot Wormy Box of to furnish for Lonb. To. Siyi. Tier knocked Fth _ the tit his am mat or m to Ana bowed his Bead sad prayed but folks Alt. Said he went there to help us Floc Etc Trade. One be set up elder and Ford Rook some went sad told the Pretcher that Jim was Yon outfit to Jim Tell it total As any Clown rut he Sot pm non Defoi rusted with Keehln store in town. Know that s the Liole thing in a nut Shell. Jim did t under 51 and the folks at Shellsburg and they. Not. Being used to Jim s ways. Did t Andersland him. There s Ai Rood Folk s As Ever lived out in us m in a boyhood where Jim had Al ways lived and no better folks any where than Jim had for customer but they re still talking around town about what a crab Jim ? and Jim a still talking about How mean they treated him in shells Burg although he s always Good natured about it. Now there s been a lot of talk Here the last few weeks about Corn sugar you re Rod so much about in the papers. Around our town Sre mostly suspicious about ii. Personally. I think there s something to it and t think the men in Towa who arc giving a lot of their ume trying to work out a in create a Apmand for Corn should Hare Home credit. Bui Here s a Sample of Way Hwy talk about thing like this in mar tin s grocery it Mem do him twin bar to mini Jet Lur t Oam w a Wartt that to Wand Bert Atu h Imit out to Toft is Ami we tax s to. Me fat title Fth my Tohm tilt am or Fry 1i Hans t 1 wll is 1 to the of raft i Washington Jan. Celebrated its sixth birthday today entered the seventh year of its existence very much alive As a National far from being disposed of As Many believed on Jan. A 1920, when the eighteenth amendment was proclaimed the liquor ques Tion continues to Agate the nation. And Drys Are constantly on the Alert the Drys to defend their gains the wets to push every advantage for modification of the Law. Practice political observers re turn to Washl Neton with reports that prohibition is the sole National Issue that at present inter ests the people. The future of the nation s Perment in alcoholic aridity in shrouded in doubt. Wets claim that the fall elections this year will fought Over the Issue and result in the return of con Gress. Drys scoff at the idea pointing to a recent 1si-17 test vote in. House in their favor although the anti Saloon league recently held convention. House Stamps its approval on six debts settlements with coun tries ratified and sent to Senate hot fight Likely obligations total comes speedily Jan. Mule s kicking saves property of local actor i mysterious Smith a Tel third i Iive nuo Cedar rapids it Ipi t Cian. Has Tony a Small Donkey to thank for the safely and probably i the existence of his baggage and j properly. I when fire broke out the state theater in Huntingdon va., at Midnight recently. Where the local i Man s company was booked to j play. Tony was annoyed by the i smoke that poured into his habitat i in the basement where he had i been sleeping peacefully. As his irritation grew he kicked flow Down thereby attracting i the attention of the night watch i Man. Who after visiting the base mint. Turned in the alarm j although the loss due to the fire was estimated at not one piece of property belonging to Smith was damaged. The i Cedar rapids magician and Hist wife Madame Olga Are Well i known in All Paris of the United i states. The mysterious Smith com would slice House plans committee favors trims of in latest measure Cut big sur taxes Compromise reached by finance unit Dur ing session Jan. A Ted to a More pour or than Over before under direction Secretary of Treasury a. Andrew of a my hoary Man draft into service from private life to supplant Federal prohibition commissioner Roy a Haynes. A of rum and extradition treaties with foreign nations is be ing put into Force. President Coolidge has pledged All available of the government for the fight and called on the states to assume their concurrent responsibility some of whom have responded with drastic Bone dry Laws. Appropriations Hare risen to practically a year divided Between the prohibition service coast guard and Justice department whose failure to secure speedy trial of the flood of liquor canes in the congested fed eral courts has been blamed for weakening the nation s entire Law enforcement fabric. Blessing says volstead economically prohibition is claimed by its friends to have justified itself. Despite Ibe actual government outlay of More than in appropriations to enforce the Law in the past six Ream and the Low of 600.000.000 in Reveau a that would have secured from the alcohol tax had not prohibition been enacted. France As were Germany. Holland and Belgium was visited by floods when unusually heavy Rains filled Rivers to overflowing. Millions of dollars in damages was done and hundreds were made homeless. This picture shows How buildings and Trees were Subj urged when the Seine overflowed at Paris. Chicago University opposes fag habit says he pawned her saxophone j for elopement Wilburton buries its mine victims Treasury Mellon and his debt fund j Iusi ohs and the greater number of Der Hailds labor. Movement is against women tobacco users Chicago. Jan. Movement against the widespread practice of Cuba ret smoking among College co eds was launched at the University of Chicago today. An editorial appearing student in the Publica denounced the practice As in fringing on Man s hitherto to exclusive vice forgetting that women owe a debt to civilization. Hot satisfied _ with Swan s i Trues a Sminia Ai cited upon the she forests that Retro upon Ber Small the editorial brought Forth de durations from student leaders Moat of whom endorsed it and la Elope it skit in a signed state ment to the Cedar rapids Republican last night admitted that the bodies committed to Small cemeteries knowledge of his pretty sweetheart. 1 3 pulse Achter in his statement a Sumeg entire for Pawn ing of the Cay phone. To finance the first Lap of the Tope and Siats further the trip was arranged without Surle knowledge. _ mentioning or u Wii Burton. Okla., Jan. N. Drab and Depres i j wanted the or Ajce of smoking by by the co eds. It is filthy said Gra Ham Magey. Member of the student Council and certainly does t add to the Grace of Fred Handschy editor of the another student Publica Tion objected for another reason. If they must smoke i wish they d Bur their own instead of exacting the men to provide them with their he said. Squad Here starts night liquor raids and even acquaintances of in else i 1 pawned Louise s saxophone the Money for her to go arid was in communication with her at All according to statements issued j what at first i seemed a dark tragedy to them has sing in an aftermath of mine Hor court and ing commission for War obligations i the costumes worn by assistants totalling arc Iada in Cedar rapids by be with Belgium a Thonia. Rumania and Czechoslovakia were ratified in Quick time this afternoon and sent to the Senate together with the agreement to accept lenient terms on Italy s debt approved yesterday. A hot fight was expected in the Senate for Cruji the irreconcilable group which May recruit some democratic support. The upper House will hold the sir settlements in abeyance for a few weeks probably until the world Tion provided committee duration of the the reduce in the House Bill rows buried its dead today. Forty five bodies of the 91 Vic Tims known to have lost their lives in the Degnan Mccoy Roll mine blast wednesday were committed to Small country cemeteries bae morning. Lej sonic Lodge and surrounding defers action on goal resolutions will resume debate on control monday Washington. Jan. Action on two Coal resolutions one to authorize president Coolidge to reduction Bill Are disposed of but they will be placed on the Calendar ready for rimmed take whatever action is necessary late action. To end the present strike levies the italian cattlemen will re-1 and another to auth rate the sult in extended debate although Carat Over Hie tees Anil tier last rites of the Ntim from j325.000.000 to senator Smoot Republican of Utah chairman of the committee. Announced that he would present the Bill to the Senate tuesday. The committee voted to change the surtax schedules on incomes Between s24.000 and but did not accept As great reduction on these incomes As advocated in the democratic plan. A Compromise schedule was adopted Between proposal and the House Bill. Inheritance provisions of the present Bill were stricken out by the committee by a vote of 15 to 1. Senator King Democrat of Uusi dissenting. Decreases maximum besides voting to repeal future. On n majority now Stefas to t. 4or i operate them for the duration of cent Eros Lead. Services were Field in scan Jared Homes the greater part of the e Day sorrowing1 and destitute families Soine robbed of More than one pro Folio Wing yesterday s 26? to 39ie first Resolution went to Federal agent searches two buildings a ref Rimp of six years prohibition in Cedar rapids closed last night with a liquor drive by Federal county officials assisted by police which began in so South end and extended into Down in a a developed into Light comedy. Lri left Home the girl left her Home Jan. 9 in company with or. And mrs. La. T. John itinerant musicians who had been playing Here in an orches tra. It was intended that the three proceed eastward and find employment. Achter to join them later. He and Louise planned to be married. Achter according to his state ment realised his mistake a few Days later and confessed the entire j riot to the girl s parents. In the j j meantime the runaways had reached North Manchester. Ind. The Home of the John s parents j and grandparents. J upon their arrival in the in-1 j Dlana town the girl called i i her sweetheart Over the Telephone Vader. Could be seen following hearses to the Gray cemeteries. Business on the town s one main Street was suspended As Union and non Union sympathizers alike at t tended the Many services or watched quiet saddening processions As they moved from the town to the grave Yards near which the dead had once Laboured. More than a score of the bodies were taken to neighbouring communities for burial yesterday and today. Also a vote of ratification on the italian i Calendar Binder the rules. Agree rent which was preached by j ing session having Nedeil before the four Days of debate. Debate on it was concluded. De the tota.1 of each of the six debts Bate will he resumed Manduj As follows according to Treasury the second Resolution was re Floures which include charges up to last aug. Italy Belgium. Esthonia. Jet Tavla s6.3z5.139. Rumania. Czechoslovakia total. Interest. Feared to the interstate Commerce j committee As requested by senator Copland. Author of both measures. Woman is killed Driver of army truck arrested give Law Chance to succeed plea for prohibition i is damage in mine explosion 19 lives lost in blast in West Virginia . W. Is. Ian. Achtor explained All j c the Jamison Coal turn to 2 prohibition has been a Success it is claimed. Financial Mcjulton e Compromise surtax follows 24.000 o of 1 per to 000 t per cent. To j36.000. 9 per cent. 936.000 to 140.000. 10 per cent. 1 j40.000 to 11 percent. To 12 per cent. To ss2.000, 13 per cent. To 14 per cent. To s60.000. 35 per j60.000 to 16 per cent. On amounts in excess of the Senate committee retained the surtax schedules of the House Bill. The Senate committee slashed Omaha. Neb., Jan. From present i mrs. Anna Rocek. 38. Was instant a rates by retaining next year Only i by Kilich and her husband serious j the present on alcohol by injured when their Light tour two big items inc car collided head on with an i the retroactive feature of the army truck near it Crook to i estate tax change will Cost the Chicago. Jan. J night. George Hugill of the Quad j Treasury and the sir four my nuts men will mount the corps Driver of the i tax Compromise will Cost pulpits of churches Al Over the i Ruck was arrested on a charge i 000. Besides these two items the country on beginning i of speeding arid reckless driving j Senate changes reduced of he seventh year of prohibition mrs Rock was hurled throw ii j and additional s4.000.000 and the Windshield and was when else taxes an additional survivors of the Accident reached j a total of her. I restoration of a tax on trucks and several other changes put Back Inlo the Mil Between and in Revenue taken out by the House. This makes the total difference in the House Bill i and i to Lull As amended by the sen ago. Jan. Ate committee of i Corom a s jury late today con i year and crated mrs. Watson. 43.thereafter j widow from from App Vul for a United a Uon in giving the Law a Chance to succeed. Astounding Progri is and lip benefits Wrt for prohibition by f. Scott Mcbride. General superintendent of the anti Saloon league today in announcing the pulpit a and we have ii Ifland. Widow freed from blame in connection with Hartle death i to j of the will 30 vessels Are in peril cold hinders Rescue a Guaito a of to Venchi Icet Wajid la car Baltic today is int Cariotis Kurt Reg old was Callej Sbory after men of tray s foun l Isif. Rev Tomb. K. Mils it. Vib Knox. Jan. Spe a. Tracy. Com Astel Al Somr h r bal s major offensive today by take nor a in Man count i cording to r. A. Vonwihl. J Noi Rimo Utti. 1 is Jav to the Jar ii. Loffer a filid sir to Nunt found on a than result of the Mast men caped Alfr entombed 20 hours. R. M. Wisl Virginia depart a or liminal of to. Min. That no f h a rings As to Muir of la Hac yet car had. Operation in All we tons the hearings on Short sales measure open before Senate group i blame in 1hr Drath lot e. U. Wealthy Mana of Chr Iron works t o i 11 i n the Jurj Jirou thl in 3 Arditi to Bill mrs Walron prohibit Short Kil frs in mrs. Watson told the. Jury Towl train of no l the shr gift Airt no Fth. Winsto inti cultural com Nitto to bad dinner with him find then an he Sec 1e shortly afr Jan 21. a Ninny or was under Way. 2 arraigned in connection with of age mysteries in a until of Jsn Jinx that of to Kiili. Said wan listed in t and Sonajo a Warta. Nebraska. I o Ihler mrs. Walywn Hai Hattle Raine 1o her room uni Lane m. Ministered to my All night a r publican Iti Rhawn non of the and i mid. 1hl morning he mrs. Long pin Sadden i of heart on part of a by not ship a few my Naif Sinforo abrupt in the Dock air and Bis about our 1rlj abroad. I which bus in tartar 1n in Merton wet i -1 carry Tiit the by air plane had thirteen to Ftp Stan ice they bad in f rowing of found 1i con Kiln track for i Imp twit by bin the Oiher. Is. Born St Horn j dial Mph will known in the plot to Hill off the Weast Liy far to lift Mcmoy. When Tif it 1n Are Ian mid a a Vry to nil Al Trtat it old or lie wait Hymy Lafollette wants Senate to examine mexican state papers the Oil tank explosion rocks buildings in California City snows predicted for cold weather 10 o. Lir Wood in i at h now by. Tuts Ltd Aro in my Marl i e i h work ing foreign . Him i 4 in in in Chr Oday. 1bf Rouh of Wijn my. If id rile Tori in if . I on Ricort to on of is in Iii Al 10 any it. Of of term avid the a forty

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