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Cedar Rapids Press-American (Newspaper) - July 2, 1970, Cedar Rapids, IowaPage three Schwengel reports on tour of Vietnam rep. Fred Schwengel re publican from Iowa returned recently from a two week tour of South Vietnam. He is con Vinced that the Wai weary nation is finally on the Road to peace. He said he is convinced that a military Victory in Vietnam is impossible. He added president Nix on s program of Vietnam Iza Tion and economic development has been such a great Success that the vietnamese should soon be to successfully resist communist congressman Schwengel re assembled the Volunteer fact finding team that accompanied president Nixon to Vietnam in 1967 for a return visit to South East Asia this year. After the 1967 trip Schwen gel predicted that peace was far in the future for Vietnam and a military Victory would require an overwhelming Dis play of military Force. On the just completed tour Schwengel told the news Media he rejected a government arranged itinerary designed to keep the group out of Battle areas. Many of the villages that in 1967, were under communist domination were visited and found to have made great improvements both in the forma Tion of self governments and in resisting Viet Cong attack he said. Even though the nation Al government is a far away thing to these people interest in local government has boomed because Village chiefs Are no longer going to be appointed but elected. As a result a National spirit is beginning to Schwengel said. Because of the improvement of the vietnamese army and the development of self de sense forces in the villages the entire Countryside is much More secure. We got around much easier than we did in Schwengel added. He continued before the people did t know which Side to be for. Now because of the Security of the Countryside and the discontinuation of the search and destroy missions there is a new Freedom from fear throughout the Schwengel explained that six Days of the tour were spent at the Rice roots talking with vietnamese from the Mekong Delta to areas near the North Ern Border. The remainder of the two weeks was spent talking to us and vietnamese army and governmental officials. While describing his trip As a great Success Schwengel said the group also became a Ware of problems that might cause the country to stumble on its forthcoming March to peace rep. Fred Schwengel said in an interview this we Etc that the vietnamese army is getting into civilian affairs by taking Over Aid the us Agency responsible for economic develop ment. The army should be kept1 out of civilian affairs. If it is not the people will soon have no control Over the military and at can do As it pleases and the intervention in Cambodia is causing dissension among civilians particularly in the Mekong Delta which is practically being overrun by refugees Schwengel said. The congressman said he found answers to a War related criticism by flying Over c am Bodia. We flew Over Cambodia by helicopter last week and it was immediately apparent that american troops were moving eastward out of the country Schwenzel said in answer to critics who doubt the president s Promise of a cambodian troop pullout by june 30. Schwengel said the fact finding team will meet with the. President within two weeks to personally report t h e it observations of the War in Viet Nam. A comprehensive written report on the trip is expected to be completed by the end of july. A Good comparison in the last seven years says an official Survey France s former battlefields have yielded 1. 5 million pounds of unexploded bombshells. Or nearly As Many As there Are in the congressional record. Summer Camp 33 youngsters Are eligible 3nd a special Camp for area to attend a special Camp for diabetic Iowa youths july 26 to August 1 at Madrid Iowa. The Camp which Willbun Der the supervision of doctors and nurses is sponsored by the Iowa department of health. Children eight through 15 years old Are eligible. So 40 have registered and about 75 vacancies remain. Fee per child is How Ever camper ships Are a available by contacting or. Proctor chief of chronic illness and aging s or vice Iowa department of health Des Moines. The Camp will include a variety of summer athletic a Chi v cities and other programs. Can 18-year-Olds vote after president Nixon signed into Law an Extension of the 1965 voting rights act including a provision to lower the voting age in the nation to 18 the Linn county courthouse be Gan receiving inquiries. Congressman Culver s office reports that a number of people have called to ask about the effect of the in the state s Constitution sets the minimum voting age at 21. In the last session of the Iowa legis lature the matter of lowering the Vot ing age to 18 or 19 was discussed. Local election officials appear to be particularly confused about whether or not to abide by the state s Constitution or the president s recently signed Bill. Nixon has questioned whether the provision was constitutional. He is asking us arty. Gen. John Mitchell to seek a speedy court test of the Provis Ion. The president who advocates Low ering the minimum voting age to 18 asked Congress to act now on a constitutional amendment to avoid undue de Lay in reducing the voting age should the provision of the new Law be held unconstitutional. At last report Iowa officials still had not seen a copy of the new Law. There is question about whether the new Federal Law will override the visions of the state Constitution in the interim while the Law is being tested in the courts. For the moment no one seems to know for certain which Laws to follow. Capp Al Capp creator of the l la. Abner comic strip provides colourful commentaries on his featurettes broadcast during the Day on wet radio. The out 1 spoken Capp covers a wide spectrum of topics. The draft Counselor editor s note this new feature which will be published on a regular basis is intended to inform Young men of their rights under the draft. Questions should be sent to the draft Counselor in care of the Cedar rapids press american . Box 124, Cedar. Rapids Iowa men who Are anxious to know if they Are medically acceptable to the army now can find out by asking for an army physical. This is one of the changes in selective service system proce dures announced last month by president Nixon. With the new procedure local draft boards probably will continue to give most men physicals when they reach them in nor Mal order. Boards Are supposed to schedule physicals first for men with Low lottery numbers who Are 1-a or whose deferment is Likely to expire before Long. But now if a Man with a deferment or a relatively High lot Tery number does not want to wait until his Board schedules his physical to find out whether or not the army will reject him he can pick his own time. The new Section of the regulation governing orders to physicals Reg. 1628.11 specifies the Steps in the procedure. To qualify the registrant must be under 21 and must not have had a pre induction physical previously. He must submit a writ ten request for the exam to his local Board presumably an Ordi nary letter will do. The Board is required to set a Date for the Man s exam that is no More than 60 Days after they receive his request. They m ust also give him written notice of the appointment at least 15 Days before he s supposed to show up. If you pass this exam and think you should have flunked it you May presumably go through the Normal Appeal procedure. First Send a photocopy of whatever evidence was in. Your file such As a doctor s letter along with a letter from yourself explaining the situation to the surgeon . Army recruiting command in Hampton va., 23369. There s no risk involved in taking your physical Early the new regulation specifies that if a Man is found acceptable he will not be selected for induction until lottery sequence number is to increase the Chance that any disqualifying condition which you have will be detected be sure to mail to your local Board before your physical a letter from a doctor describing the Condi Tion and outlining How it interferes with your Normal functioning. Whopper actual size a icing sized portion of pure Premium Quality beef broiled not Greasy Fried with lettuce Pickett onions Catsup and Mayonnaise on a giant toasted Bun. A meal in itself i 3535 first Avenue be

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