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Cedar Rapids Press-American (Newspaper) - July 2, 1970, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Page five confusing drug picture cont finding out that your teen age has used marijuana once or twice the end of the world warns an Eastern Iowa psychiatrist experimentation of this Type is just part of grow ing up like drinking a Glass Libeer when we were kids there is an obvious growing insist ence across the country among adults and Young people that marijuana b e legalized some medical authorities even say that marijuana should be legalized under the same restrictions As alcohol with its use regulated by local communities As to availability and Taxa Tion but on the other hand a Large num Ber of physicians Are urging that there be More research to determine exactly marijuana properties and Long Range effects few Law enforcement officers will agree that the restrictions placed upon marijuana should be taxed they see the Weed As part of the total picture of drug abuse and crime and some psychiatrists Are saying that they Are beginning to see some marijuana psychosis the aft ref for ten Days or longer feet of a bad hallucinatory trip we dont know what is causing these lasting marijuana panics admitted a psychiatrist interviewed by the pres american maybe they just getting More potent substances or maybe they Are being used More often by less tolerant people the use of heroin a hard Nar Cotic which causes powerful addict Ion actually has been tapering off in recent years heroin is so expensive an aver age habit costs about a Day or As High As per Day that most of the users must commit a crime to pay for the drug drug authorities say that Only a Small percentage of marijuana users graduate to heroin but they add most heroin addicts began their drug abuse with marijuana heroin users must ordinarily take the drug daily for a week or More be fore they become addicted the withdrawal symptoms Are extremely severe and May continue in diminishing form there is no Way to make a completely accurate estimate of the total drug problem but if you include the housewives business executives and students abusing drugs along with the criminals there Are thousands using drugs illicitly some persons have worried that the whole world is but the problem seems to go beyond drug use it can be tied to a loss of values and a moral breakdown this then is the drug scene in America a very confusing As Well As Complex picture with Many questions and answers in the coming series some of the v More Subtle shadings enter the picture the role of parents detailed descriptions and photographs of the drugs themselves some gripping personal experiences As told by Anonymous contributors and sketches of some who Are trying to help and weve drawn some sobering conclusions on All night Klow radio in Cedar rapids has begun operating 24 hours a Day with the exception or a three hour period on sunday nights it becomes the second station in the City to go to Al night programming however Klow has the distinction of being the first in Cedar rapids and one of the few stations in the Midwest to operate its newsroom continuously around Hemlock Klow offers local and regional As Well As National news each hour throughout the night most 24 hour stations rely strictly on Tele Type reports of National news for the newscasts during the Midnight to 5 am period because some of its staff is presently on vacation Klow is following a temporary schedule it will release details of the times when its various announcers Are featured at a later Date Klow programs contemporary music and is owned by the Blackhawk broadcasting co of Waterloo Don Ald Wier is local manager tips on Golf technique the height of cars has changed dramatically since Buick turned out its Millionth car during the roaring twenties but fortunately not the height of skirts As evidenced by this photo of a flapper girl posing alongside a 1923 Buick the 1970 Skylark with its min skirted Model is bricks 15 Millionth car since the Buick motor company was founded in 1903 men s fashion Dan Sikes player the hips in the Golf swing the movement of the hips is a very powerful one and must be fully and correctly accomplished by anyone aspiring to hit the Ball for Long distances i position my Hipsin a Semi sitting position at address this my weight Down towards my heels As you can Sec i allow my hips to move away from the target As i go into the backswing at the top of the backswing you can see that i have made a big de liberate turn a full swing on the downswing i rotate the hips to wards the target and the weight be gins shifting to the left Side As i reach Impact i tuck my right Elbow into my right Side my head and shoulders Are As they should be be Hind the Ball the left Side has turned away allowing the hands to pass through the hitting area and As i reach the conclusion of the swing my hips As you can see Are facing the target summer formal Wear its time to think about those saturday nights at the club and other social functions where summer formal Wear is on the Agenda in dinner jackets the Vari Ety is As great As it is through out fashion today Many men Are now wearing lightweight mohair blend evening jackets in Black As Well As other lighter colors with their Black Din Riner trousers in addition Fig ured jackets with allover printed patterns Are turning u b in almost every color and combination and so Are the very lightweight Cut velvet jackets yes for summer Brown is a Mong the most High fashion colors for evening these Days and because of the emphasis on White in All areas of hot weather fashion there Are distinct signs of a revival in White dinner jackets one of the hottest m o d e is is the single breasted jacket with wide lapels and especially the peaked usually stain faced but dont Down Grade the double breasted Din Ner jacket in models which Range from six Button to four Button to two Button one to the thin and lightweight e vening shirt in eyelet or other kinds of embroidery or with pleats and pleated ruffles continues to be a Cool solution t o the summer heat look for them in Pale colors such As i vory Pale Blue or Pink Light Green or Gold to blend or con Trast with your dinner jacket and one of the Best look ing ways to look for casual for Mality is in the shirt suit with its lightweight thin shirt and Matching pants in a heavier fabric belted have a question on fashions for men Send your inquiry to the Cedar rapids press to Box 124 and watch the next edition for an answer q what is a boucle sweater a boucle is the term that is used to describe the looped or knotted yarn that the sweater is knitted of it has a Loose spongy look that smart and it is Cool and comfortable for summer weather q Ive heard that Many of the new shirts have a Dob by texture what does this mean a a Dobby fabric is one with Geometric figures Woven in a set pattern similar to a Jacquard weave but not As difficult to produce hat makers and renovators now at a new location 1210 3rd St East finishers of new hats clean and blocking of hats clean and Block cloth Cedar rapids hat works Western hats a specially

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