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Cedar Rapids Press-American (Newspaper) - July 2, 1970, Cedar Rapids, IowaPage two we re still publishing yes Virginia there is a Cedar rapids press. Well actually it s now called the Cedar rapids press Amer ican. Tvs affirmation is directed to those readers newsstand out lets and steady advertisers who have doubted our existence Dur ing the past six weeks. We be tried to think of a Sim ple explanation to Tell people who be called our office. But try As we did we could t come up with one. Some people have accused us of being dishonest and conspiring to skip town All eleven staff and Fly to Bra Zil or some far away Island in the South seas on the subscriptions we be taken in. Not so. Although Well admit we d All like vacations. The truth is that we have been Busy exceptionally so brimming with Energy and full of ideas on How to make our paper bigger and better. We be installed still another new machine. We be done some re arranging and re decorating. And worried that people think we re out of business. The past six weeks have left us with red eyes and tired blood and bewildered at How Many setbacks we be incurred. There have been numerous printing problems Etc. But the Foremost difficulty has been in getting shipping tie ups ironed out the Chicago truck strike is still on y of know. Rest assured that the future of our paper promises to be Good As we be experienced a profit Able 19 months of publishing. We be invested in our future. Now we Hope you la invest your Trust in our attempt to put out a Good second danger Cedar rapids police have warned that a dangerous highly explosive homemade device is being sold to youngsters. It consists of six to eight pop cans fastened together and filled with lighter fluid. When ignited the device explodes sending fragments of the Metal As far away As a half Block. Parents learning of the Pur Chase of such items by their children Are asked to Call the local police. Says future for Home buyers is bullish win Mill politicians Are skilled at creating every kind of debt except1 the debt of gratitude. One trouble with our 1 i title world is that laziness is Seldom fatal. Theory May raise a Man s Hopes out practice raises his income. Science should abolish All poverty within the next ten years says a scientist. Of no it wont not As Long As people have charge accounts. Little girls like to play with jacks big girls like to play with Jack. If you want a Walkie talk in take a walk with your wife. Causes of Campus unrest the causes of student and faculty hostility Are new in sub stance but old in principle. The College and University must reflect the tensions of its times. The world s problems Are its problems because the University is the universe in. Stated or. Gerald p. Burns at mount mercy col lege commencement exercises held recently. Or. Burns professor of higher education at Florida state University Tallahassee in addressing the 61 graduates continued coupling of vocal test with violent aggression raises the questions 1 can National problems be settled on Campus and 2 can they be settled through the use of Vio Lence if the answer to the first question is affirmative Why do the militants disrupt the very institution that might solve the problem if the answer to the second question is affirmative then i guess the militants Are right in destroying the one great Hope left for peace. If so that s about As logical As burning Down your own House because it s not everything you think it should be. Teaching and learning flour ish in an atmosphere of reason Able academic and scientific ferment education perishes in an atmosphere of intellectual torpor or physical violence. We expect that students will b e at times curious Dull inventive difficult Lazy Brilliant exuberant and frequently Rebell ious. These and others Are characteristic moods of growth and we would t have it other Wise. We will encourage d i s Cussion and dissent we will firmly discourage disturbance and in concluding or. Burns said As a graduating senior or a Young alumnus you May feel somewhat apart from the Power Structure. But As the adage proclaims never under estimate the Power of a worn an. As a Young woman and a recent College graduate you Are expected to think and to hold o pinions about issues. Thus the Opportunity should present i t self for you to discuss the need for orderly changes in the higher education the need for rejection of disruptions and destruction on Campus the need for new leadership blessed with both sensitivity and strength and finally the need for female leadership in promoting u rider standing Minim 5 using extremes and maximizing thought re editor s desk like longer limbs men did you know that Ycu have a hidden de sire for longer More potent feet and that s Why you buy your socks too Large that s the word from or. Ernest Dichter a psychologist who serves the sock Industry. Or. Dich Ter is the author of a 73-Page Book on sexology a strategy for stimulating sock the sock Industry s major problem is that new fabrics Are so Tough that socks Don t Wear through the toes or heels any More. So men have been inspired to buy More Gaudy socks says the psychologist. Worsen knit socks for their men to pay homage to their explained or. Dichter. Men interpret this As a sign of affection and a hym n to their masculinity. Wait till you wife hears that one. Men s feet Are loaded with sexual significance that should be exploited with sensual he continues. For most of us putting on our socks has been a drab ritual Over the years. I think or. Dichter needs help. A Surprise the staff and myself were surprised last week when a visitor arrived at our offices and presented us with a cake in Honor of my graduation mrs. George Cramer no. 3 sixth Avenue Hiawatha decorates cakes for All occasions. Despite the fact that she is not personally acquainted with any o f us at the press american she took it upon herself to bake and decorate the Beautiful cake. It f a tured five red roses and a miniature graduation Cap. We offer this Story As testimonial to the fact that the world is full of Good people. About drunk driving members of Congress who Are currently protest ing the Vietnam War might give some thought to this in Japan legislators Are considering a nation wide Law that would establish a maximum Manda tory prison sentence of two years for an automobile Driver involved in an Accident after having had several drinks. What s More the same penalty would apply to the person who provided the. Motorist with drinks. Does it sound extreme impossible effective perhaps. But America s tool in human life anti in jury caused by drunk Drivers is much higher than Vietnam Battle figures. This suggests Whitt we need stronger Federal legislation. The Prospect of a two year prison term for the Driver and his Host alike would tend to discourage the one More for the Road syndrome. Politicians who enjoy protesting to arouse voter support might consider protesting the Large High Way death rate. But admittedly it has less Appeal to some As the possibilities for political mud Sling ing Are slight. Realtors meeting in Houston Texas have named John Zach a president of Zachar realtors of Cedar rapids to the nine Man National Board o f directors of gallery of Homes. He was also made regional vice president of the Organiza Tion for the North Central United states. Gallery of Homes is a nationwide group of realtors who share a common image who utilize the picture gallery concept in real estate trans actions and who share proven ideas and programs. The Tei annual meeting of the gallery of Homes consists largely of four Days of work sessions concerned with improved to the Home buyer and seller mortgage financing listing and Selling techniques advertising and other real estate activities. Associates Are operating in Over 300 gallery of Homes offices in the United states and Canada including members in Hawaii. John Zachar told the press that although the real estate Market nationally is now in a quiet stage because of limited availability of mortgage Money the future for Home build ers and real estate companies is decidedly bullish. According to Zachar who has just returned from gallery meetings held at the Warwick hotel in Houston Texas the local real estate Market is bet Ter than in Many other areas of the country because of a More adequate Supply of Mort Gage Money. He cited the special Effort being made by local savings and loan associations to hold conventional Home mortgage rates to 8 per cent As helping to make the Cedar rapids Market one of the most favourable markets for buyers and Sellers today. He emphasized that in Many parts of the nation interest rates Are higher than they Are locally. An adequate Supply of conventional and magic Horn e mortgage Money now exists to take care of the current Market needs in Cedar rapids Zachar observed. He pointed out that while no shortage of living units exists locally or in most areas of the country at this time a definite shortage of newer single fam ily Homes within the Price Range of younger married Cou Ples is developing. The continuing population growth and the below average rate of new construction will require that real estate As a whole must get into an accelerated program catch ing up in the years ahead. John Zachar said that the recent lowering of the prime interest rate May be a sign of More adequate Supply of mortgage Money nationally than has been the Case in recent years that it will probably not result in any significant change in local interest rates. Issues reminder to boat owners e. F. Pat Kane the Linn county recorder advises own ers of motorboats that trans actions pertaining to the Sale and registration of boats Are to be handled through his office and not through Des Moines. Kane said that Many people have questions As to How some transactions should be handled. He quoted the following registration regulations for the Benefit of Iowa boat owners 1. Change of address whenever any person after registering vessel move from the address shown on the registration certificate he shall within ten Days notify county recorder in writing of the old and new 2. Change of name whenever the name of any person who has registered a vessel is thereafter changed by marriage or otherwise he shall within ten Days notify county recorder of such former and new 3. Lost registration if a registration certificate is lost mutilated or becomes illegible the owner shall in m e a i a t e by make application for and obtain a duplicate r e g i s traction certificate by furnishing information satisfactory to county 4. Destroyed vessel a vessel is destroyed or abandoned such destruction or abandonment shall be reported to county recorder and the registration certificate shall be forwarded to the office of the county recover within ten Days after such dese action or abandonment. 5. Transfer of upon the Transfer owner ship of any motorboai., the owner shall Complete the form on the Back of the registration cer Tif Cate and shall deliver it to the purchaser or transferee at the time of delivering the Motorboat. The purchaser or trans Feree shall within five Days file a new application form with the county recorder and a Transfer of number shall be awarded. Any addition information or application cards and Transfer fee schedules May be obtained by calling the Linn county recorder s office 398-3441. Attention . Box holders c. J. Seda the Cedar rap ids postmaster has announced some time ago for Security reasons we considered Clos ing the main office Box lobby during the inactive Early morn ing hours. Recent trends and occurrences have once again Fiven cause for concern and it As been determined that the lobby will be closed Between the hours of . And 5 . Observations indicate that no one is calling for mail through Post office boxes on a regular basis during this period of time. However it is Possi ble that perhaps someone was overlooked or that this c 1 o s ing might particular hardship on some individual or firm. If this is or should it become True in the f u to r e please express this concern to the postmaster assistant Post master or superintendent of mails. Any one of them May be contacted by calling 366-2411 and asking for any of these officials. Satisfactory a r r a n g pm ens can be made to assure you of the availability of your mail. This lobby closing will become effective on june 29, 1970 and thereafter. Deposit boxes for mall will continue to be located on the drive in front of the Post office and this mail will be collected

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