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Cedar Rapids Press American Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1970, Page 14

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Cedar Rapids Press-American (Newspaper) - July 2, 1970, Cedar Rapids, IowaPage fifteen criticizes Culver voting record replying to second d District congressman John Culver s charge that the administration remains opposed to devising a policy which would Deal directly with excessive wage and Price Republic a n candidate for Congress Cole Mcmartin said that Culver is not helping the situation by consistently voting for pro Grams which increase the deficit. If we go Back to the years when the democrats were in the White House we see that their actions gave momentum to the inflation we re suffering from now. You Don t Stop it Over night. In 1961, the deficit was 3.4 when Kennedy took office. By 1967, it had increase to 8. 7 Mcmartin told the press american in an exclusive interview that his opponent is suddenly getting very economical. I started talking about inflation Back in february and now he decides to do likewise. According to Mcmartin Culver was t economical Back in 67 when he voted against nine Bills which involved pro the flying Willo Ughoc is Powals to reduce expenditures. Mcmartin referred also to 1965 when congressman Culver voted a boost in pay by a month or 11 percent at a time when the Johnson administration was urging Industry to hold wage increase to three he criticized Culver for a gain making possible a pay boost from 500 per year a 40 percent raise by supporting the enactment of a commission in 1967 which recommends pay increases with out congressional vote. In addition Culver voted to add an additional m 11 lion to hew but at the same time voted against the income tax surtax. You just can t have your cake and eat it too. I m not arguing the specific merits of any appropriations but i do believe a congressman has an to favor some Mea sures to bring in m Oney to finance appropriations Leffering to the unemployment rate which is currently five percent Cole Mcmartin said that in any War situation you can have Low a employ Anent. We re de escalating right now and that s the reason for the increase. He cited a 5. 7 percent unemployment rate in 1963, during the democratic administrations. Cole Mcmartin was sharply critical of John Culver s voting record citing numerous instances where Culver is a 1 legend to have voted against cer Tain key pieces of legislation Culver was one of 16 Congress men who voted against a Dill that would provide for prosecution of those who desecrate the american Flag. He voted against a Bill prohibiting protest on Campus Park property Culver voted a against an amendment which would have withheld f Eder a 1 assistance Grants from College students involved in illegal protests riota and other acts of violence in 68 he missed 15 key votes in a Row and nine record votes on one Day. Included were Bills proposing the formation of a joint crime commission drug abuse and vocational included were Bills concerned with agricultural appropriations which i would imagine to be particularly important to Iowa Farmers a clean air act school lunches and Public health legislation. Mcmartin explained that Cul ver s attendance record on re Cord votes is about 85% at the present time. However he indicated that this is not the True picture. Attendance Actu ally is taken Only for votes and no attendance records Are kept on committee m meetings. Most of Tike work of a congressman is in committee. So there seems to be of telling just How Culver rates. However after speaking with some of his Fel Low representatives i have concluded that his attendance is not Good in committee. Mcmartin emphasized that the Al Cio locally rates Cul ver s voting record As "100 per cent on key issues c o n c or n ing labor. Of he said that this re Cord was unusually and hinted that since the Al Cio locally is a source for Campaign funds for Culver the Congress Man is inclined to vote pro labor and to think that he has a batting average of about them we raw out of gn5 just outside Detroit. Co you know i had to walk six Miles. We had two plot tires in Reno. We averaged 350 Miles a Day the Way How was your vacation Dave a pretty quiet. We flew to Phoenix and played alot of Golf. 71 every family needs sensible funeral plans every family has the Means and necessity for sensible funeral planning. One discussion with an understanding Counselor takes care of All arrangements at a reasonable Cost. Pre planning a funeral May seem an unpleasant task. 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Mcmartin said there is a Pio Blem which is Short changing Iowa cities and towns who have completed improvements hav ing been promised 55 percent Aid from state and the Federal governments. The Federal Aid having recently been raised Means that future Aid will be 75 percent 25 percenter or the state As before but 50 per cent instead of 30 percent from the Federal government. This Means that those municipalities who be dragged their feet and not completed certain projects will receive More financial assistance than those who have gone ahead and completed projects. Unless something is done the progressive cities will not be reimbursed for the 20 percent in Federal Aid that they missed. I strongly believe thai congressman Culver should t ignore the problem which Means millions of dollars to Iowa and effects much of the second District. He should at least join Gross and Scherle in their at tempts to get legislation passed which will reimburse these Cit ies. Mcmartin added As con Gressman you be got to be in a position to help everyone and not just a select in concluding the inter View with this newspaper Cole Mcmartin said he was not expecting any Large contributions to his Campaign from Only a few wealthy but that he looked for smaller c o n t r i buttons from a wider group of people. He anticipated that he will not have a big problem financing his Campaign because won t have to spend a lot of Money to establish name recognition. Having been a news Caster with Wyit for All these years will at least Start me off on an even footing with my opponent As far As being known throughout the second District. New fireworks Law enacted a recently enacted Federal Law will on july 1, m Ake it illegal to transport fireworks a Cross state lines except when its intended use involves crop Protection. Iowa state fire Marshall Wil Bur Johnson explained that the new regulation bans fireworks including but not limited to Cherry bombs m-80 salutes Aerial bombs Silver salutes and other Large firecrackers and other fireworks designed to produce audible effects including kits and components intended to pro Duce such fireworks if More than two grains of powder Are used. Johnson says that in Iowa the Only fireworks that can b e legally sold or used Are spark lers Caps and snakes. He said that anyone caught Selling or using anything bigger than those is subject to arrest of any Law enforcement officer andean be fined up to or jailed for up to 90 Days or receive both the Fine and the sentence. The fire Mariliall warned that any person bringing fire works into Iowa from a neighbor state will be breaking Federal Law and will be subject to prosecution by Federal authorities. He also reminded citizens that sparklers although Legal in Iowa Burn at a temperature of Over 1500 degrees and should be used with the greatest care

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