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Cedar Rapids Press-American (Newspaper) - July 2, 1970, Cedar Rapids, IowaEngland swings for teens London Early afternoon Sun seeped through morning Haze. The temperature Rose a bout 15 degrees and with its steady climb came a tremendous number of teenagers. They came in droves in double Decker buses on foot in Black cabs that looked like 1930 Fords in twos and threes in fives and Sixes hundreds of Maxi coated Midi Loving teenagers All converging on a one mile Square area of City. Some of them just paraded up and Down two Lane Street. Others lingered on Street Corners listening to hard Rock music which blared from boutiques outdoor speakers. A few kids simply sat beneath bakery store windows smelling Aroma of homemade bread that escaped each time shop door opened. The Street is known As King s Road and it is saturday Haven for City s youth. At night when crowd around Dart boards in pubs thins out and teens head for 1 o Cal discotheques. King s Road looks like any mile area of closed shops no Neon signs lighted and no Young people standing near grading statue of some undistinguished statesman or sitting on unpainted benches no foot High streams of water spurting from old Fountain. But Between hours of 10 . And 5 . On any Given saturday King s Road is one of most exciting places in London. It s an area known for its boutiques and shops. But More than that it s a place where you can find almost every Type of 13 to 19-year-old, a teen group which numbers around million in London. King s Road is a mixture of old town Green wich Village and Fisherman s wharf combined. It is mostly a shopping area but that s where similarity ends. King s Road attracts representatives from almost every group and non group in London. Young skin Heads with their close cropped hair and army out fits Black weathered hell s Angels Long haired hippie types in unwashed Levis and to shirts and average run of Mill London teen frequent King s Road area. The stores which line streets Are geared to tastes of City s teenagers. Shops like gee Man kleptomania and just looking display latest fashions for London set fashions at least one or two years ahead of american styles. The 30s look predominates along King s Road both in stores and on teenagers themselves. The same girls who went on Twiggy starvation diets a few years ago now Wear clothing which would make a salvation army Volunteer look under majority sport Maxi Coats. The Midi that includes Coats dresses and skirts seems to be rather popular. Many girls Wear leather or suede Maxi Coats or pants outfits with Matching Midi 01 Maxi Coats. Al so they Don boots and crocheted hats with match ing ten foot Long scarfs. Only 45-Degreeafter noon heat wave causes them to loosen reptilian like accessories. The store windows contain fashions that would make any girl watcher shudder floor length Granny dresses direct from depression Era movies and hats that pull Down to peek a boo level. Just think what that could do to a Guy who likes girls squeeze in dressing rooms in threes and fours or scan Racks of albums in music stores dig Ging in their pockets to see if they have to buy a record. The teenage boys Are As fashionable As girls. They Wear Bell Bottoms Midi Coats ten foot Long scarfs and longer than ear length hair. There Are Art stores bakeries with Penny Cook ies open air fish fruit stands Sandwich shops and pubs where 18-year-Olds can legally drink. The skinheads Are a distinctly British Phenomena. They Wear Union to shirts and Button Down shirts with no ties snap on suspenders that hold up their Blue jeans or army pants heavy boots called Cher by reds or doctor Martins skinheads Wear their almost puritanical uniform intended to be prac tical so that it won t get ripped in Street fights. Skinheads Are a get Tough survival of fit test Street gang who oppose Long haired hippies and promote fights. They even Wear steel toed shoes As offensive weapons in combat. A few Miles away in Piccadilly circus another group of British teenagers waste away their saturday afternoons. Like skinheads hell s Angels seem to enjoy their Label. They linger on streets sprawl around Sta of Eros and even smile for photographers. Literature is handed out by Long haired Young people giving advice on Best Way to live As cheaply As possible. It s called free accommodation project London or freebies As it came to be known and sheets list various types of survival for Urban infiltrate Abon voyage party convince a grocer you need cab Bage leaves for your Rabbit steal oranges in Market As this writer walked Back to his hotel he saw one of Large windowed sight seeing buses that Circle City. The people were looking past hippies and foot High paintings to towering sight of Buckingham Palace in distance. Hope fully tour showed not Only London of but newer areas in City where Young people just sit around chewing on homemade bread or sing ing songs just for asking. Cancer Early detection saves lives to adolescent a clan Destine smoke in school washroom seems a risk Worth taking despite proven link Between cigarette smoking and lung cancer. True it could be exam pie of their elders that dared youngsters to steal puffs or even that of a peer group unfortunately already Wise in ways of lighting up. More than Likely however lit is Tabacco advertising kind that equates smoking with adulthood or with social graces or even with virility or Glamor All qualities desired by Young. And As youngsters Are potentially life Long customers advertising takes dead at them. Such is Case generally in both developed developing countries. Yet to cite Statis tics for u. S. Alone Over last 15 years chances c f dying from lung cancer have been on Rise. Mortality rates jumped from 18.4 per Popula Tion in 1951 to 39.1 in 1966 an increase of 113 percent. Significantly upward of 75 per cent of most widespread lung form Epidermoid can has been linked to smok ing. Moreover according to american cancer society of All cancers lung cancer takes highest toll in male lives with about men perishing from it yearly. But that women also die from it each year and that disease More and More is snuffing out women s lives Are facts that Junior misses that Are shown Here could do Well to Ponder upon. For them in particular risk of lung can a funeral Home within our grounds makes our service you c amp 1 e . A capable staff experienced i helping share Burden of your loss will be devoted to helping you completely. Three nut of four deaths from lung cancer Are linked to cigarettes. Cer is lessened easiest Sim ply by not smoking. Concern for them was one of reasons Why Western hemisphere health officials last year urged nations to closely scrutinize measures which have been taken to control advertising of cigarettes by re Striction. Or of promotion Al material of appropriate warn Ings. That is also Why world health organization and in americas its regional of fice pan american Sani tary Bureau this year launched a program to increase Public understanding of cancer. Cancer is not a single d i s but rather a family of teen Page tace twelve diseases. Some forms Are difficult to diagnose and consequently to treat. Others How Ever More easily detected Are More easily and cured. Through chemotherapy for instance almost All skin can cers Are curable As Are breast cancers through surgery. And Pap test makes possible an almost 100 percent cure rate for uterine cancer number one cause of All cancer deaths among u. S. Women Only 2 5 indeed not Only through drugs and surgery but Al so through radiology physical exams and screening techniques More than 50 percent of. All cancer patients could be cured provided who holds disease is detected Early e enough. It is Early detection above All that who is stressing Dur ing yeast doing so through a theme that hopefully pro that Early Detec funeral Home and cemetery 4200 first Avenue Northeast phone 364-2417 mortuary cemetery Chapel Flower shop crematory columbarium mausoleum

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