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Killian Store, The (Newspaper) - November 2, 1917, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cedar rapids Kings Bright eyes Pink peeks and steady nerves i to a local stenographer i Mccormick says huns Are failing 5iuk Ida Dkl alarm to lies How Mii taking . Is no Wiful. Digestion is. Port n a ii thai if a Etc has not Mies l the i hive champs. This of full Cimon i a cd ii in cud. Ii fact. M soundly at lil Liti. J my Biol Hor tannic Adver i cd asked 10 by u. I if Kol a a i Ruth Tun Lac in c. Nii in. For it i Vert while i Only an it l a Corl iliac i find i it Ihl a c Oak to Al non a in i i Lin a j 13ci a urls i f .St., . Al apis up of tactful. I eel up in which j. Now . if mkt the i Iii at in jump with Vick co. Cedar c Iuis Ncnutt it. Fail n. Of veal Ileus . Only the k at we Vrej or. unow.-. Tort n loins. Helli he Carratt Mcdill Hrc Onnik Illinois con after visit to lab West pm front do cures that them ii no doubt that the Are foiling in munitions and nor or. Mccormick is . However that the Pmj May yet last year and that Merece a Cai not coat to or be Loo great 1 i from May married to Kate. Bu6jne5s girl heart hunger with or. Irmi. -3 with c. .1. I Call u l i there old kits to cause you Lra Vai Tinc the Jiuu . Am All a Solieri Over your a Usiri of your ill a i a hopt3em Cul de i j0ulh. O Man Jad i Abb lit Iffe new ma.-. Intel tin tron you your ii have called i a like Vario is us Cei a of isome a. Socially in me and i is. 1 do nol from idol Caylor. To passion. Inn no Leoti me is More a durig will Over Law wholly free. Cafe Lyles Ever said the actual Wor-1 thai you me face i should not Tomiji Hatcil to we will Start our november sales Friday with the unusual offerings great varieties of slits at remarkable reductions Choice of suits of Coats last of details. Have you broken with c. m Tiai is ills firk Hia Brailon life in you k it Iusi a. A Tiu. Of is marriage of our Niarra be Liin. Lou Are a so Ltd. Ihn j hut enc ugly cd this. I nimble on for am la Only Fec ache i you to City and of Ihre yer happily Init rid. All i Crri weary to be brutally of Hal of to be. J Don t cite what they Fence. Kir. I to the Contr or. Cind dlr. Your. Clean. In Enn-1 t Haid. o the in who St mrs to Ifo to. Or Syriala Rolal trash and o e Ruay run. Mejio Jud your to re Wund Proni the aloud came can. Younce Inman in the ranks of he to Sitiar. Kiy Jelf by a year Ami n. Half George a. Mullin company Morris Sanford president Michael o Halloran by Gene Stratton Porter 60c lir Lurl Oiw Poniti or t soon est 10 Call Jilm b email 1" Sfax. I jail 7i bar. Brow. Twymon fee 01 Lite Neil n la Wirtl a e 1 is last Pecktol in or a Milf n ror no pan to Mars a Ali Ley Coli i Flor i mid in 1" boy Sho Khouw he by Man lab Liy in of Imp Mpr on ii r fret ills no a. 7. From training some litre in. You receive i Ictor from sonic son oi1 Uncle stun who 13 i coping to make the word Safe for demo Wal butter compliment win you pay him limn to use your lest writing paper Roii reply int Long is Loo Good fur those who serve. The Joine Lolly is on Crane s Linen Lawn or Eaton s Highland Linen. They a Dit your Plotler safely through Ivry hard slip and Icli Findling that ordinarily n Soldier s mail. Or quire with up fro today s i new i goods paper hem a Foo i Mill. Fabric w acc full 100 of Tiepo Mboi. Hoe a Pia Chical manual Lral in the i Lochtu. Twin us of and Euc recipe. If tit de Wir Al Ai 68 lilt full of l the War. With in Lac Alt maps of All Klip ii Only flu Lii lamps just i. Far Day fonts let vote Soldier. Many . Jiz take Home some Victor records wife can t to out is freely j Mayca Shedid in her unmarried Days but she songs As much As Ever for lie Best Mujic Emort ailment. Delight her and the friends who Call by Regul itly bringing Home ionic never records for the Victrola. Mikes a Nice ending for the Day and a enc Suri for the evening. Our Stock of Romu contains the Best music and of All classes by the a world i leading make it a Point to come in and Lei us play iome i Ictor records for of. We Are glad to Rio that Withol pulling you under november records ready today up on Sale today november Victrola record Tito pop Nln patriotic hit of Llin Nti a Surnson. Ask Renojo Panr Lurf. 18383 i i m of oing. Biti m of my 1 c Rolffs quid Tyrl. Price 75 cents Tomo m play Liis for Ynn. That sold at and up to s45. Beautiful fur cuffs and collars Beaver Seal and Kolinsky. The Best materials nod col ors of the season that sold at and Plush cloth. Big fur cuff and colors. Fine velours Pom Poms and Silver tones. Poi Lively he Best values obtainable s29.oo Coats and suits j Over 1000 garments must go. Your pick every coat or suit reduced to Atkind our millinery wonder Sale beginning Friday Choice of 450. Untrimmed shapes and hats s1.9o Choice of 200 hats to values Choice of 150 girls Hata s9c special 90 Fine velvet hats t o the would. He3j in Leash us big had 1 Foj been Brar. Adoring Moi her. To me he 5fci-Juej the fit youth and inc . To him i Ivas Chat vision of Rel Turlej or tort or had not Titford. And there was in Pertsi of music. You Kaw rest. Reed an of Thice Inonia. Saw each other d Parade. Vej itch Nikii system. C to Oul Ness which is i Clr and us hurried our us it my then Rollou i ill to Clile a poit the fool l an Spaien in Lowa Dolif Clun of Are. Francis i. Of Webster City of Lule chair Man anal ill. J. K. Deems of Bur Loiva. Has to a greater Polyni of probably Shari f any other slate. The Etta Iii in he Fiji in the erect of food. The food ledge card is dec a Neil to be n a Rilde r loyally Tich in res j Uil of the i place love in he Lead by Novena the Ivy Mest sup and men act veg i it by the women Iclal the Fly in Onel ii Aanal my. Wanted no Neil Alco to Niles of Iowa h Hott a How 1 j7 a longed for a How f had i to be out of Iho buffets. In u ? Harbor trill n Man who loved . Admired my talents regarded me. Irviing. I loved too. Or thought i he deemed moldable 1 Felt Well no i Jittler what i Felt. Ii i Hafl a Terr the bit in a i minor key. Lei u pass la a mood. I am Happy. I have the i the Presb Freen Earth the Blue Iky. N Homo. I anal you of i have Wrai j . Loo. Each i fur it Kite you la Nevi Refl ii if pc i fever this old of yours. Hut n. sure the dark Torch incr is i i Ayni on pane. Of. I know Are to Caro of yourself. Hut no woman is at ways on card especially in the Mooi you arc i in of am . Pfow will i thai i Vir Evinic to write you Aboul my i c i Kors. Hul cot i Liavine l to while i but it i Ilo it. To 4 Ovail by. A Arlinr Lon t think i m Piej Chang at Juu May. 1 Erceia the of Nutter in every Guniy Mill the car final1 sunday novt mixer 4. La Xhu 1n and make their Reron id deems 6. Public meeting Are bal Nof held for. Actually every in the a week at which at dress Esbo iroc out hip absolute Neces. In Navy now he Asiatic. South american and Josiean to has Many Eslyn of the he by these Are in i cd . Pent Chile. Guam Hawaii. China poll in plan the of Luffa set Iii Nam he maj two trips to Europa oat to in kind Iho other to Francc. we rated a Pouv of ulcer in nary Only Storl after he in ered. I to was an tip trl Max j Haa Travelet. The my left moulders of the Iowa com-1 is land and sea. I Are just la proud of the Nood i i hive hid five of record made by Ono of their former said or. Sac own. And now i would fellow rep Joyed. Lluch Strachan. Tho Juke to see a Lutile. re enl Lelend in the Navy a fir he was popular h Lih All Hla fellow i la up a. Five Vear term. And All Hli friers Wasli Nurling he first pm of or. Of Luck is he re Nett Al it Rue Kab r. Duly to Aclair ainu Iho of Uncle the food pledge i card Campaign in Ltd i Mer Burl Ilover today thai i first and duly of every citizen in with foot i i Conan Atlon in to understand and sign the food pledge pm i Thea made in vow of of or Loil i to it Lutfe is a Raj of lakh do you know that with a Brunswick in your Home which plays All records Yeu can have an unlimited musical Library that you can have All the finest artists there Are Oday in eur Ope As Well As America Brunswick Superior ties plays records including paths. All Wood sound Chambers better tone. Costs less than cheaper instruments. Two reproducers instantly inter changeable. Accurately timed automatic Stop. Thro Way volume control. Extra capacity motor. Improved Index files. Finer Cabinet work. All phonographs in one. We have eight different styles to select from Brunswick Munn music co. 112soulh2n.t St phone 4133 the

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