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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa CHEVROLETS NEW EFFICIENCY SYSTEM POR 1975 it s the key part of a program aimed at helping our new cars run leaner (more economically), run cleaner and save you money every mile. The Efficiency System is standard on all 1975 Chevrolets with V8 or 6-cylinder engines. It’s a series of significant engineering improvements working together for the very first time. Components include High Energy Ignition, catalytic converter, Early Fuel Evaporation and steel-belted radial ply fires. In sum, the System is designed to heighten the pleasure and lower the cost of driving a 1975 Chevrolet—to bring you a better running car in many ways, along with improved fuel economy, more miles between recommended maintenance and an engine that stays cleaner internally because of no-lead fuel. Your Chevrolet dealer will gladly give you the details and answer your questions. See him and the sensible 1975 Chevrolets starting September 27. CHEVROLET MAKES SENSE FOR AMERICA MONZA 2*2 The small car of tomorrow w ill probably be a little more powerful, handy and comfortable than ever. The 1975 Monza 2-f 2, shown above, offers this today. It has advances like rectangular headlights set in a soft front end, fold-down rear seat, and a new 4.3-litre VS engine available. NOU* In the background above, our new Nova LN Sedan. A luxurious Nova with thick carpeting and wide-back reclining front seats. For 1975, all Novas have been emphatically refined along the lines of elegant European sedans. Nova’s always been good. Now it's beautiful. CHEVELLE Mid-size, easy to drive, room for six, mid-priced, strong reputation for value. America’s most popular intermediate. CAMARO Our sensibly sporty compact. It looks like a million and drives like it looks. WAGONS big ones, small ones, in-between ones. Practical wagons that make sense for America. And you. MONTECARLO Its special ability: making you feel good. About the way it kxiks and drives. About your own taste and judgment. IMPALA America’s favorite car continues to provide the room many families need plus plenty of quiet and comfort. Still the great American value. suggests: Thin 1'hrintmaH, The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thars., Sept. 28, 1174 Sidewalk, Sewer, Street Light Projects Approved Seattle Nov. IK-21. Resolution extending vote of thanks and appreciation to Carl V. Bock for serving 16 years as a member of the board of adjustment. Resolution authorizing purchase of a 1974 Ford Maverick for the employe safety department. Resolution establishing two-hour parking from 8 am. until 5 p.m. on the north side of Thirty-first street NF from C avenue easterly 52(1 feet. Resolution granting permission to Detective Mary Armbrecht to attend a course on the investigation of sex crimes, to be held at the southern police institute at Louisville Dec. 2-13 Resolution establishing no parking from 7 a m. until 5 pm. on the south side of Twenty-first avenue SF 290 feet east of J street, easterly 145 feet. Resolution rescinding resolution granting permission to Police Chief Wallace N. La-Peters to attend the labor relations workshop in Philadelphia. Resolution designating Asst. Chief Gareth Clift as the city’s official representative to the Linn county metropolitan public safety communications board and Capt. Paul Dickerson as his official alternate representative. Resolution granting permission to the Jaycees to operate a haunted house at 59 Collins road NE Oct. 25-31, Planning, Zoning Petitions from James W. Bell Co., Inc., requesting change in zone from R-3 to R-T and from R-3 to M-l in 1700 block of J avenue NE. Petition requesting incorporation into the city of the Seventh Day Adventist church on the southwest corner of the intersection of Edgewood road and Forty-second street NE. Third reading for ordinance rezoning, B l to B-2, property at 3901 First avenue SE, petitioned by Evans, Evans, Hoegen and Collins; property rezoned. First reading for ordinance rezoning, R-l to R IA, property at First avenue W, north of Clive drive, petitioned by Midwest Development Co. First reading for ordinance rezoning, B l and R-3 to M I, property at Seventh street and Eighth avenue SE, petitioned by Wayne T. LaPree. Petitions, Reports Petition requesting permission to hand out flyers in the downtown area on Oct. 12 and 19, for the promotion of the Junior league bargain bazaar. Protest from resident requesting enforcement of various ordinances. Petition requesting approval in undertaking riverbank, improvement steps as outlined in an agreement between the city council and Quaker Oats Co. Petition    requesting city wide leaf pickup and disposal instead of leaf burning. Petition    from Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. and Cuzzins Co. requesting the city to vacate an alley    between lots I through 5 and 6 through IO in block 29, between Fourth and Fifth streets SE. Petition from various residents requesting installation of street lights on Eleventh street SW between Eighth avenue and Third avenue. Petition from R D, Cassa-baum requesting final air test after plumbing fixture installation be discontinued. Turks To Float Cyprus Bonds ANKARA. Turkey (AP) -Turkey will sell “peace operation” bonds to pay for its Cyprus invasion, Finance Minister Deniz Baykal said recently. Baykal told a news conference the tax-free bonds, paying ll percent interest, will go on sale next month. Baykal said the original invasion cost Turkey $357 million and the second military operation expanding the Turkish-held arca added to this economic burden. ON THIS DATE in 1973 the Southern    Governor’s Conference, concluding a meeting in Point Clear, Ala., elected a Black Governor — Melvin Evans of the Virgin Islands — as chairman. CHEVROLET FCHI 1975. CARS THAT MAKE SENSE FOR TODAY. Every' card you send can he a rery' special gift! PHOTO GREETING CARDS from your favorite snapshot negative ... or slideI Come in and see our choice of designs and card styles for your personal HOLIDAY GREETINGS . . . but don't wait! Order yours now — and relax! For finest quality and service.. We're your full service camera store! Times 1413 First Ave. S.E. • 365-5273 Next to Times Theatre Order Now and SAVE 10% (all orders received before October 25th) The Cedar Rapids city council met in regular session Wednesday with the mayor and all commissioners present. Invocation was given by the Rev. David F. Larson, St. Mark’s Lutheran church. The following business was conducted; all resolutions were passed unanimously and all petitions and reports taken under advisement, unless otherwise noted. Accounts, Finance Resolution approving the execution of a first amendment to the grant agreement relating to federal aid in the development of the municipal airport. Resolution granting permission for Lloyd L. Glessner to attend the National Assn. of Housing Redevelopment Officials’ conference in Boston Sept 29 through Oct. 2 Resolution granting refund on cigaret permits to Dale W. and Elinor Andrews and to Bolden Hill Co. Resolution granting contract for demolition of structure at 932 L street SW to Paul Underwood. Public Improvements Resolution granting request to construct concrete sidewalks in Southland addition by Investors Association, Inc. Resolution granting request to construct sanitary sewer in Wilmar’s Tenth addition by Wilmar Development Co. Resolution accepting rider from Midwest Development Co. decreasing liability of subdivision bond covering construction of concrete paving in Bowman Woods unit seven. Resolution authorizing mayor and city clerk to sign change order number ten, FAM project, Mt. Vernon road SE from Nineteenth street to Memorial drive. Resolution authorizing installation of street lights at three locations. Resolution    accepting concrete alley paving petition submitted by LeFebure Corp. as required in resolution 44-74 for alley located in Thompson and Gable’s addition. Second reading for ordinance vacating a portion of streets and alley lying between Fourth street and Seventh street NE between B and C avenues in the Cedar lake urban renewal project. Second reading for ordinance vacating a portion of Fifth and Sixth street NE lying between A and B avenues. Resolution accepting sewer easement from Evans, Evans, Hoegen and Collins at 3901 First avenue SE. Resolution authorizing extension of time to Lametti and Sons, Inc., for completion of Morgan creek sanitary interceptor sewer. Resolution granting request from Wilmar Development Co. to construct concrete paving and sidewalks in Wilmar’s Tenth addition. Public Hearings Public hearing set Oct. 16 on transfer of Ambroz recreation center to the Cedar Rapids community school district Public hearing set Oct. 16 for request by C and L Enterprises, Inc., for vacation of sanitary sewer easement in Edgewood Gardens Sixth addition. Public hearing set Oct. 16 for request by Midwest Development, Inc., for vacation of sanitary sewer easement. Pheasant Run addition. Public Safety Second reading for ordinance repealing the building code and certain provisions of the fire prevention code and enacting a new building codo. Resolution approving the appointment of K R. Steveley as a member of the board of adjustment from Sept. 25 to June 30, 1979. Resolution accepting the resignation of Fire Fighter Richard A. Tripp from the fire department effective Sept. 30. Resolution granting permission to Fire Marshal Anderson to attend the national fire protection assn, conference in ;

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