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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa g The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Jhurs , Sept. 26, 1974 Carton Creations Inexpensive toys, games, decorations and gifts can be made from empty milk and beverage cartons. They are waterproof, unbreakable, easy to cut and bend and come in a variety of sizes. Creations from milk cartons are limited only by the imagination. It is important that the cartons are empty, washed and thoroughly dried, before beginning your project. When using cutting tools, use caution If you wish to paint the cartons, you must use a plastic paint that will adhere to slick surfaces. Be careful to select felt-tipped markers that will show on the carton surfaces, also. To begin, you might construct a carton village. You will need the half-pint, pint and quart cartons. The sloping spouts suggest roof and steeple features. Just cut openings for windows and doors. Spray with paint or cover with colored paper and glue. Include vehicles in your village. Spools and buttons make ideal wheels. Straws make fine axles and chimneys. A train is possible when cartons are attached with cord. Copyright 1974 items from the supports. Decorate your cartons with pictures that you have drawn and cut out. Glue them on Or select pictures from gift wrap or magazines and glue them onto your cartons. You may wish to include some painting as well. Tie each carton to a support arm, being careful to achieve balance and design. Leave ample space between cartons so that they can move and turn about without bumping one another. Then hang your mobile in a spot where it can be readily seen and enjoyed. Fear Shortage Of Insurance MIAMI (UPI) - There’s the meat shortage, the paper shortage and the gasoline shortage. Now get ready for the next one — the insurance shortage. That was the warning from B. P. Russell, board chairman of a New York insurance holding company, to the National Assn. of Insurance Agents convention here. “This may sound a little odd. a little unusual.” Russell conceded. “but these are odd and unusual times.” He said the nation's insurance firms may be heading for the worst “capacity crunch” ever because the value of their invested reserves is declining. “We have had a slow market crash and the bond market is in shambles too. Now, just superimpose on top of this weakened condition, the ac-celerated increase in loss ratios. "In just a few short months the industry has gone from underwriting profits to big underwriting losses.” Russell said. What Young People Think Students Want Media Recognition Bv Nancy Gilbert Gilbert Youth Service Today’s youth are an opinionated group And, as indicated in a recent survey of 426 college and high school students, more than half believe their views should be aired in the establishment media. Of those polled, 42 percent said they have been involved in either a school newspaper or with the yearbook. Fifteen percent have submitted short stories to either a local newspaper or magazine; ll percent have sent in poetry; 7 percent sent in nonfiction articles; 6 percent, an editorial rebuke; and 5 percent sent in “other” materials. Youth Sections Sixty-seven percent of those polled felt the establishment press should be more open to the views and opinions of young people Here are suggestions they gave as to how the press should go about achieving this: “Give young kids their own section in the papers for young people's news,” says Mark Benning, 17, of Metairie, La “Have a section in the daily paper devoted to and by young people," says Arthur Fletcher, 16, of Lynbrook, N Y. "Establish a youth commission for input by the youth in society,” says Noel Musquiz, 21, of Dallas. “Use more young people on their staffs,” suggests Ron German, 20, of Republic, Mo. “Publish an entire issue every so often devoted entirely to the opinions and views of the youth,” says Lv ls Daniels, 15, of Lemont. Pa. Debate Participation “Let the kids produce their own paper and sell subscriptions to it,” suggests Mary Barry, 16, of Metairie, La. Of those polled 71 percent said they considered them- cerning the possible legalization of marijuana. It was wild,’’ claims Pete Zimmerman, 16, of Lynbrook, N. Y. Talk Topics “Which is more detrimental to your health, drugs or alcohol0’’ It was a great debate and I learned a great deal from it.” says Buddy Michaels, 15, of Metairie. La “Women’s Lib What else. It was fantastic.’’ says Camille Fuosto, 17. of Nutley, N .I “ Amnesty for draft dodgers and abortion. I had great fun both times,” says Karen Good-fellow, 19. of Metairie, La. "Democratic government in the United States under the two-party system. It was fun, says Sherry Ross, 19, of State College, Pa. ON THIS DATE in 1777, British troops occupied Philadelphia in the American Revolution. Teens on Wheels Accent T) Mobiles are fun to make and watch. The trick to an effective mobile is in the balance. Use a variety of sizes when choosing cartons, and try to arrange them in a pleasing design that will still hang correctly. Wire coat hangers with ends bent for hanging hooks are ideal. Sticks work well also. The hanging supports may be straight, curved, and of any length. The longest support arm should be at the top. Heavy thread, string or fishing line are ideal for hanging the Planters and patio lanterns involve some cutting of the cartons. Seal the gables of half-gallon cartons. Cut out any desired design on all four sides. If you are making a planter, do no cutting in the bottom For a patio light, cut out a hole in the bottom large enough for an electrical socket. Insert the proper light fixture. Reseal the hole with electrical tape. Or suspend a light through the carton’s top. Planter or lantern, attach a wire at the top with which to hang it. Spray paint your carton and use it as you desire. Cartons have very interesting possibilities if they are retrieved before reaching the garbage can. Can you rescue some and turn them into exciting and useful art Hems? ON THIS DATE in ihuo. Turkey was defeated by the Russians at the Battle of Brailoff in Russia. By Michael Lamm Dear Mike; The power steering on my 1969 Polara makes a buzzing or hissing noise. The odd thing is that it does this only when the tires are pointed straight ahead, and I can hear it most clearly when idling. If I turn the front wheels either left or right, the buzzing goes away. What causes this noise, and should I have it looked into? Buzz Dear Buzz: Yes. It sounds like your pressure control valve might be sticking. Dear Mike: Can you tell me where I can get parts for my 1958 Austin? It’s not the Austin-Healey — it’s a 2-door “saloon”. I just bought the car Searching Dear Searching: First try a local BLMC (British Leyland Motor Corp.) dealer in the U. S. — any dealer who handles Austin Marina, Land Rover, Jaguar, Triumph, or MG. lf you can t get parts through local dealers, write directly to the factory: BLMC Parts, Longbridge, Birmingham, England. Dear Mike: Here’s an interesting problem for you. I have a Chevy 283 with 81.000 miles. About 5.000 miles ago it suddenly started using a quart of oil every 500 miles. Before that, it never used oil between changes. I had a mechanic check, and he found one spark plug coated with oil. He replaced it and the engine has run reliably ever since, with no more oil on any plug. Gradually, though, my oil consumption has gone up to a quart every 200 miles. The engine doesn’t leak, nor does it smoke. This has everyone scratching his head PHANTOM Dear Phantom: I think that though you perhaps can 't see the smoke, the engine is simply burning oil. It s probably a combination of worn rings and worn valve guides. (Write to Mike Lamm at Room 601,    50 Rockefeller plaza, New York, N. Y. 10020.) every little bitV helps Most of us like to take advantage of moneysaving sales, bargain prices and special discounts — especially with the current tight money situation. Now, more than ever before, ‘ every little bit helps!’’ At the New Outlooks Club at First Trust and Savings, we do our best to help you stretch your money further. Your membership offers you reduced loan rates on loans of one thousand dollars or more — just in time for the new car season and the holidays coming up For only $3 00 a month, the New Outlooks Club membership gives you the opportunity to save with reduced loan rates, as'well as offering you: Free checking with no service charge and no minimum balance Free fully-imprinted personalized checks and choice of checkbook cover — all reorders supplied free. $10,000 accidential death/dismemberment insurance coverage. 50% off on a safe deposit box. Great vacation trips at reduced rates No issue fee for cashiers checks, bank drafts, and no service charge for money orders . . . and more than a dozen free banking services Every little bit helps! First Trust end Savings Bank 1201 Third St S E. 1820 First Ave N E 364-0101 1600 Dows Street Ely Iowa Member F D I C on Youth selves to be an opinionated person Yet. only 46 percent said they have ever taken part in a debate. Most of those were females, college age and from the central region. Here are some of the issues they debated: "We debated the pros and cons of the Vietnam war I was against it and my side won the debate I enjoyed it tremendously,” says William Mueller, 29, of Richardson. Texas "I took part in a debate con- ‘Body’ Questions Detectives CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) Four homicide detectives and six patrolmen were sent to investigate a train dispatcher’s report of a body lying on a flatcar. “A lieutenant who climbed aboard the flatcar turned white as a ghost when the man’s head rose and the ‘corpse’ asked. ‘Where am I?” a detective said The man, very much alive, had been drinking in Erie, Pa., and had jumped on the flatcar to sleep it off, police said on Tuesday. Last week I didn't know a chalk line from a knife. Now look! How-to-install booklets with 0 any purchase. Geneva My family room has a brand-new floor did it myself, and it was a snap First I talked with my Armstrong retailer He gave me tips on installation, tools, and helped me choose the right floor for my room He even gave me a “how to" booklet Then, in much less time than I thought it would take done' Suddenly the family room looks better than it has for years Now you can say Low-cost vinyl floor covering. Goes anywhere without cement. Armstrong $6.95 sq yd Copley Square Castilian $6 50sq yd rn; EMM: J ss. Castilian ..    $6.50    sq    yd SMULEKOFF’S Carpet Showroom First Floor, South Ila Urn ic clod FALL BULBS Tulips Daffodils BKT IKsr Hyacinths Crocus Fall bulbs must be planted now for blooms next Spring BONE MEAL For Biqger . , . Better Blooms 5 lbs. ‘2.79 WINIER LANNI TURF FOOD 10 20 IO OPEN SUNDAY 11-S I RED EMPEROR TULIP BULBS FIRST TULIP IN THE SPRING-the earliest of all the large flowering tulips. Glowing hot red cups, rich scarlet inside, with yellow ringed black center. A $1.49 Value IO BULBS 89 < Sp 2 for the price of IRIS SALE jy\ I WINTER LAWN & TURF FOOD Specially formulated to help your lawn through winter High in phosporous and potassium to encourage root develop merit and increase the grasses ability to resist disease and cold. Ideal for use when seeding and starting new lawns ‘2 off 10,000 sq ft Bag Reg SII 95 ‘9.95 MAYPARK LAWN SEED Tk« fin#v mixture of permanent Orestes available All perennial grass es, tailor made to build you a beauti tut long last ng lawn So good it s unconditionally guaranteed 50'aff 1.500 Sq Ft Box Reg $ 5 95 ... ’5 45 2.500 Sq Ft Box Reg S 9 45 ‘2.50 off 845 10,000 Sq Ft Bag Reg $29 50 ‘27.00 Buy one in* at the regular price, get    X the second one free, this weekend only. Plant now for blooms next Spring , A. M.19 en. TOTE SHEET Ideal for carrying leaves, grass clippings and other yard trimmings Made of strong, rot proof, woven polypropolene fabric. Reg $2 49 . „ n.,'1.99 TREES, SHRUBS, EVERGREENS All are growing in containers or balled and burlapped. Every plant is living and growing in its own container of soil to minimue the possibility of shock from trans planting Thew are the finest plants available and each is fully guaranteed LANDSCAPING | SERVICE Fall is an ideal time to landscape your home. Let us help you with all your landscape needs. Earl May Garden Centers will assist you in all your land scaping needs, from planning to planting Us# Y«ir Credit Card iMtlMOXAIS %■ WWW A WI m «n»«llilH6 GARDEN CINTER i w\T/\T/ JssysiasL. aarsfsjw, I ..........       iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ;

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