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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa '«»' ......»«»s    ..IU) ROA XlrlOO 100% Solid State Color TV 21” diagonal 4 reasons why you shouldn't settle for less than RCA XL-IOO 1. XL-IOO, 100% sc'id state reliability 2. RCA s best picture tube over— XL-100 sets with the black matrix picture tube give you sparkling bright, dramatically detailed color pictures and natural, warmer, more pleasing flesh tones. 3. Automatic Fine Tuning Convenience 4. Superb furniture styling Good design, careful craftsmanship, specially selected material result in superb console cabinetry. RCA's lowest priced console! The LAMBERT Model GT540 21“ diagonal Easy Terms at Smulekoff’s Q — I'm 5S, seeking maximum growth of capital by age 85 so as to supplement social security benefits. I’ve thought of cashing E bonds and buying utility shares currently yielding 13 percent A — I don’t know your in come-tax situation, so can only point out that budding capital with high-yield securities works only if Uncle Sam isn’t going to take a big bite of that high yield. Your E bonds arr* growing at fi percent — tax deferred How much of the 13 percent will you keep9 And. more important, can you overlook the risk of a 13 percent yield? Q — How can I transfer some stock to my son? A — VI rite lo the bank which serves as transfer agent (you ll find it listed on the stock certificate). ♦ * * -- -.ar ; ima.-'TmM    ____rill    IOT«MRrW«WiMMILimilL_ll The Investor’s Guide B> Sam Shiilsky — I ani a middle-aged construction worker with only a high school education I’ve been “hooked” on the stock market ever since 19B2. Other than my work, it’s my whole life I can hardly wait for the market lo open Until recently I charted over KHI stocks on a weekly basis and did very wadi on longer-term and intermediate bases. How can I become a day-to-day scalper? A — It s no big deal. Set aside a few thousand dollars you can afford to lose and jump in You have every bit as much right to speculate in stocks as any trader on the floor of the exchange or one sitting in a brokerage office (But don’t let your mind wander while you’re walking a beam 45 floors up!) You can buy or sell stocks directly; or trade in options, buying calls on stocks you think are going up and selling calls on stocks you think are going to decline You ran trade daily, or weekly or whenever you wish. A few precautionary remarks: lf you’re going to speculate, follow your own hunches; put a limit on the money you are committing; and tx1 prepared for stresses and strains you didn’t know even existed when you were speculating “on paper.” And finally — don't let that “only a high school education” give you an inferiority complex. Higher education, alone, holds forth no guarantees of success in the financial world ... as witness the dismal records made in the last half-dozen years by many financial “experts” with ad canoed business and economic degrees, operating with huge amounts of money, and with every trading advantage. get from other sources which do not invade your capital. Since you are obviously going to be in comfortable circumstances, you have several options open Keep your money intact, as is, until you retire and your tax bracket drops Then rearrange your investments so that you will have 25 percent or so in equities and the balance in income-producing bonds. Arrange the bond portfolio so that your taxable income cuts aff al around the 3(1 percent bracket. Income which would otherwise bi* taxed at above that rate should come from tax-exempt bonds. If you have any appreciated securities turn them ever to the charity you intend to benefit and make some deal for income when you will need it There are tax savings in such a course The bulk of your money can also tie turned over to charities later — when you are much older and when the income from lifetime annuities (fixe-the de*SI his due de payment: It is no secret that over the last half-dozen years common stocks have not proved a hedge against inflation But the recent issue of “Exchange”, published by the N Y. Stock exchange, does show that from the point of view of income provided, they’ve done better than a fair job. Companies with shares listed on the Stock exchange paid out ll percent more in cash dividends to shareholders during the first half of 1974 than they did in the first six months of 1973. Of the 1,537 common issues listed on the Exchange 1.282 paid cash dividends in the first half of 1974; 893 increasing their dividends, 310 paying the same. 79 reducing dividends and 22 omitting Hurry! See Smulekoff's; your RCA dealer now while we have a big display of the most advanced color TV line in RCA history! Giant 25\****) consoles with values to match! See them Now at Smulekoff's ROA Th* AI MIKKI* Mod* crr?i ii' diagonal »(Uur« RGA Th# IHSBUWtt Modal GTH4 Ii" diaconal putoff Aiv) availabia with lamata control (optional, tin a J Open Tonight ’Til 9 p.m. gift jrm Tho VINCINNIS lllfil Mod* GTI* Ii" diaconal pictuft Conserves energy! 100% solid state chassis uses 48 percent less power than comparable RCA sets with tubes. Uses no power when turned off. Instant sound. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Th a rn.,     J Island Mouse Plague Nipped WAILUKU, Maut (AP) - An infestation of mice has been brought under control o». the southeast coast of Maui Island, Hawaii. “There is a marked decline in the mouse population and we aren’t receiving any more complaints,” said Dr. Alice Broadhurst, district state .health officer, after a ton of poisoned oats was dropped on the island to dispatch the mice. Dr. Broadhurst said the mice moved into coastal communi ties after an unprecedented reproductive cycle over-populated their normal habitat and lack of rain dried up their usual food supply. They had plagued the coastal area for three months, causing some crop damage. The problem was controlled by dropping the poisoned oats in the pasture and brush area above the coastal communities. No birds or other animal life were harmed, Dr. Broadhurst said. There was no problem in cleaning the area, she said, because many of the mice burrowed into the ground before they died. She also said the tiny bodies decompose rapidly. ON THIS DATE in 1984, the FBI, after an inquiry into. recent riots in New York and eight other northern cities, said there had been no systematic planning or organization of the disturbances Sam Shulsky they may offer would be more generous than they are today. * * * Mr ShulsKy epitomes written que* ♦Ions, but he will be able to orovlde answer* only through the column For information on retirement, and ore re tlrement planning please Include a self addressed, stamped envelope Address your requests to Sam Shulshy, care of The Gazette plan la retire next go BO I will have a ision (taxable) plus ne from substantial of AT and T and Richfield plus large of treasury and E here is no need to estate: my money o charity. Should I nutty? don’t think an annui- ning with payments I, will pay you very certainly not when with what you could MIN-WOMEN Soma of tho bant a due a Hon* include ■wo year* of Army. can worn college credit* in the « with the Army paving 75% the tuition And when your tmenf s over, you ll be eligible 36 month* college financial tame iotn the people who vt •cf the Ai my Call Army Opportunities 365-8601 2712 Ut Av*. N.I. i Equal Opportunity Employer Smart portables with AccuLine picture tube system. On Display at Smulekoff's PCA XL-100 KXM, Sold State Color TV 15” (Saga sal •Prices optional with denier The PROJECT A 15 Model ET3S6 15* diagonal Great tex the den. Tha PROJECT A 17 Modal ET30b 17* diagonal |B|1 ai is# n*iurnr BmaJPirl ooumbtm* ii' <Jii#onel (Helot# XL-100. 100% solid state. Don’t settle for less. Low Prices Start at '379 95 FREE PARKING Pot our customers, please use our customer pat king lot, at south end of store, or park and shop plan FREE DELIVERY When you buy at Smulekoff s Smulekpffs TERMS TO FIT YOUR BUDGET ;

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