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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NORTH    25 4 A .19 8 2 V K 32 ♦ Q54 + 76 WEST    EAST ♦ K Q IO 4 3    46 5 ¥ 10 9 8 6 5    ¥ - ♦ *    4 A K J 10 9 732 ♦ 532    ♦KJIO SOI TH (D) 4 7 ¥ A Q J 7 4 ♦ 86 ♦ A Q 9 8 4 Both vulnerable West    North    East    South I? Pass    I*    24    14 Pass    44    54    54 Dble    Pass    Pass    Pass Opening lead —KB certainly South should have doubled five diamonds, but neither partner noticed that South should have made his doubled contract, Ile started out by putting dummy's ace of spades on West's king. Then he finessed the queen of clubs successfully; cashed his ace of clubs; ruffed a third club and played the king of hearts We won’t go into the merit of South playing the king of hearts earlier That didn t matter W hat did matter is that when East showed out on the first heart, South conceded down one. He didn’t have to. He should have played all the high trumps and led clubs. If West didn’t ruff South could throw him in with the last trump. Whenever West gained the lead he would have to play spades. He could cash his queen then he would have to lead to dummy’s jack of spades which would have become good If he trumped the fourth dub South would have a trump remaining to get back to his hand to cash his fifth club. ¥4CflRDJb**4+ The bidding has been: 25 West North East South 14 Pass 24 Pass 34 Pass 4+ Pass 44 Pass *7 You, South, hold 4AK843 4A2 4Q4 4K Q 8 7 What do you do now? A —Bid four hearts. Your partner has show n the ave of dia- I mends. Show your ace of hearts. TODAY’S QUESTION Your partner bids four notrump You respond five hearts to show two aces and he bids five notrump. What do you do now9 Answer Tomorrow Cystic Fibrosis Progress Told By Researcher COLUMBIA (AP) - Symp-toms of the child-killing disease cystic fibrosis have been produced in rats for the first time, says a University of Missouri medical researcher. Dr Ricardo Martinez told the Columbia Lions club on Wednesday that his discovery is only a research tool — not a control or a cure. “Research that would take years in human patients can perhaps be done in months,” he explained. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation says the disease is the No. I killer of children in the U. S. arid estimates there are IO million carriers, mostly undetected A child becomes a victim if both parents are carriers Martinez said about one of every I.WNI live births involves a cystic fibrosis victim and their average life span used to he 14 years “With fretter antibiotics and digestive aids, there are some cystic fibrosis adults among us now — as old as 35. he said “The number is not great, but there are a few He said that by producing some of the symptoms in rats researchers may make progress in finding a control or cure for humans.___ Need a second car'1 Read Classified8.99 11.50 Value, if perfect8.88 Specially Priced! 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