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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ,,    ^    ...    „ ,„,,Ri| A pts|Ca//eV Bid for Reoort Pollution Rules Alibi Witness Jailed Invitation to r/ jT £    DdeyGMDebut _    .    _    .    .......    /    i    kroner    rn    l/v nt&rnntt* O' Rotary Enaine Regional Library Sets Up Resource Center Program Following T esfimony White House Liksnsd to Watergate    En(t'ne’,    n»    *«««"    1111' 12^ g"men\int^ we s' ,eu brT r" JI, -  *-L  *fcssp^t£»,xsrsr£ Tenth street SE, an alibi witness murderer involved in the unlawman, has accepted an invitation|fl?1kll1,llnfi °[ “7B°irl®ntaIs,the trial, bailey petitioned the tody, he could be released ontor Second district congress*)“I “‘JLT."?"’! Elllott said als0 that during S,ne’ saying his own recognizance. He was released to the court to meet with President Ford at which number included men, women and children.” Elliott said that by the time Galley March would accept him into their cus- Rapids' Rcpublican candidate in an assault trial Tuesday afternoon, suddenly found himself in jail on an assault charge as a result of testimony he gave. services later.    (he    whi(e    Housc next Monda J Johnson was called by the O.ibson s trial was expected to i( defense in the trial of Mack R. 8» to the jury Wednesday. Gibson to testify that he had not    *    *    *    .    Rib*    said    he hopes to discuss seen Gibson at the scene of an District Associate Judge An- "l,h ,he 1 resident a variety of incident in which David Lint Jhony Scolaro explained his ab-was assaulted June 15 at his sence from the court at the time residence at 1206 Fifth avenue the county attorney called by SE    saying    he    went    on duty at 7:25 a.m. and left at 3:20 p.m. He problem in the nation today, said he was out for lunch for an Riley said he will focus speci-hour and 15 minutes.    ,fically    on agricultural problems wwtwt huu He told The Gazette he is han- *n *be district, pointing out that impregnated with the thought of dung civil cases this session of the farmer's plight "is more    that    it    rould    wed    I jWhich makes it possible for all Gibson, 41, of 1049 Fifth avenue SE, is on trial in Linn district court on a charge of assault with intent to inflict great bodily injury. house armed services subcom-nittee for its investigation of the My Lai incident. went en trial for the] Despite three attempts by the I%a, My La! slayings, ™,ita7 J”?**- <° Reid 'Kennedy, to obtain the house wise would not have access to libraries. .Submit Request Under the “resource center” program, a local library will it cannot meet....... ,    . 1<v_.    , .    .    .    * j j residents in the 10-county area 1975-model emissions standards !    ..    .    „    .    . _    „    ...    . .    .    to obtain virtually any book The    firm had planned to de-    ■    . . , .    ,... .    .    .    t. . , through their local library, but the rotary sometime late!    ® . i Nelle Neafie, ECRL admims-    ..... next spring, but a spokesman tra|()r sajd Wedncsday that the;^, a raqul,st for a book to said there was no way to deter- servjce ajso includes providing i^c cedar Rapids public library. ....... mine now when the engine answers to research questions, jf cedar Rapids doesn’t have issues    concerning Second    "dis-! Cailey    had    been    described    as]    report    it    was "denied Von" the vvould    ** available for sale.    a    contract has been    signed    the    book,    it    will    check to    deter- trict citizens    and    to indicate    his! “everything    from    a    mass    mur-    basj* af    “separation of    powers.” | GM    President Edward Cole    with    the Cedar Rapids    public    mjne    if    the    book    is    in any    other agreement with the President’s dorer to a ghoul.”    j    “The question here presented blamed tough 1977 limits on library to serve as the 10-county rcRL library. Failing that, tele view that inflation is the No. I continued• “The American (s whether the privilege claimed emissions of hydrocarbons and “resource center”. The ECRL ft-jtype requests will be dis- iiecominuea. im American!    nitrogen oxides for the delay, nances the undertaking » there patched: A GM spokesman, however, is no cost to the Cedar Rapids First, to larger public li- confirmed that the engine also taxpayer, Mrs. Neafie empha- braries throughout the state. cannot meet less stringent sized.    1    Secondly,    to    an “academic standards in effect for the 1975    First Step    loop” of seven college libraries I ,    - Coe, Cornell, Grinnell, Chevrolet Dirt-    ^JZTnf/n    Luther, Drake, Graceland and in trying to obtain a book or an- public — including all prospec- by the house of representatives live jurors - and, indeed, the •    • is an absolute privilege or entire world had . . . been so is limited by application of the ______     _    Bill of Rights, farmer’s plight “is rnore Cafje>“s guijt that it wulcT well1 “The answer to this question is court, rather than criminal serious than i>eople realize.” have been assumed that all that madc obvious and easy by the models. cases, and that he had takenjRde-v said problems confronting;would be necessary would be for!recent definitive decision of the! Last week, a Words Exchanged Johnson was asked at the triallcare of 17 cases on Monday androl* citizens and others on t'h7* co^rt-martiaV to convene supreme court in the case of the Ision executive predicted certain    “JinV ouesttanV ^contact Simpson Tuesday afternoon about what nine on Tuesday.    u.Xe,    J?5Tei    5°._    .    -xT    lopi?    i    and    the judge to announce, United States vs. Nixon ...”    |    small    Chevy    models, including    5n    hi.    nr    hor    nan    Thirdly,    to    the    three    state    uni he had seen during the incident. I He said he left early Tuesday |l0pcs to discuss with Piesi- -bring the guilty rascal in and    “Must    Yield”    itbe    ^ega    and    tbe    new    ^onza>     “J.    **    v    versity    libraries. He told about words that had because he was finished with his dcnt Kord been exchanged between Lint business for the day. and some people who had gath-    Heavy    Workload ered at his residence and then    *    ,,    , was asked what took place next, i J, our wo^load over , .. . .    ...    here, he said, “I do not intend Johnson replied that he picked j j0 raRona]jze wRh anyone the up Lint, took him into another amount 0f work done.” He said room and threw him on the hp had arriyed at 7;30 a m fIoor*    Wednesday and had We„wi" SiT Ii1'I aHfair'If'’ ” Tho former President claimed gl darting0 sometime5 4" “0ften'.thal0cal Hbn7 b abte    Spfcial S#Urc" lie concluded his section on executive privilege in declining tween April and June    to answer the question.    “lf    the    book still has not been pretnal publicity by saying, lf to produce tapes and documents] “GM continues to feel that ^be “resource center" con- located, an effort will be made which aeon vfct i orTshou Id be set! relai.'ng t0 Water^ate-........the    rotary    engine,    because    0f    hovve^7.    P[ovdd7,    10    tap.    sp3ciaI ?)Urces’ suc,h.,aS the library in his or her own community,” Mrs. Neafie said. D. M. Man, 30 Faces Building “The supreme court held that its size and weight, has imper- t0 lar8er collections and to addi- (he Library of Congress and the . „     *    ll____ Aon!    An    «A I    AV lOAfl I CU    \i I »I T    I    t    .-a    II    kt/lh Damage Charge pubUcity^hisTs it°” prejudlCial ht'11afe7ion of, privilege must tam" advantages" particularly J professional expertise National Union catalogue which Walter E. Carter, 30, Des already j Moines, was charged Tuesday yield to the need for evidence in Witnesses    a pending criminal trial and the Elliott said that there is no Process of law,” Elliott said. as the auto market continues to] “The system, in fact, will pro- lists holdings of libraries grow in the smaller size cate-'vide residents in smaller com- throughout the country,” Mrs. . _    _ ,    j,    ,    ~     ~    saiu    uiat    urcic    15 UUI- ,    gory,”    the    spokesman    said.    munities    better    and    faster Ii-Neafie said. After Johnson completed His handled four cases by the time with malicious injury to a build- right nde th constitution iott continued' “If we sul> GM had originally planned to brarv service than a person liv- The regional library system testimony, Judge Robert Os- he talked with a Gazette report- ing after he allegedly broke a * fundamental to the con- stltute the word ‘,egislative’ f°r introduce the rotary as early ashing in some of the nation’s was set up by the general as-mundson ordered the jury out of er at 9    store    window    while    fleeing    with    t    f    f    ■    t    :    ,    th th r;Pht tho words ‘Presidential’ or ‘ex- January, 1974, but delayed then larger metropolitan centers,”,sembly last year. The East Centile courtroom and ordered a He said Judge John sieben-a check he tried to cash.    rn    thp    ronf^^t    wit-    ecutive, W€ see that the su*i because of repon deputy sheriff and an assistant manrlt wh0 handles juvenile Carter was arrested following nesses    prerae    court    is    deciding    the    (    with    fuel    economy, county attorney (in addition coUrt matters, reported leaving an attempt to purchase a tape *-     ’    —    Nixon    cace    also    decided    the    Cal- \n    infn    a. .  i «_ a *    *    aa    i    *    •    .    . the Case)    int0!'he,court about 4:15 or 4:20pm    deck'^and' s^nTalid'Tt    iwiS. EllioU said'The ^ case" Scolaro said he did not know    $18/ from Team Electronics,    defense requested that then Sec- Improper Charges where the magistrates were, but    4444 First avenue NE.    retary of Vfense Laird, then, Th, third constitutional    issue the courtoom Orders Charge He instructed the assistanttha! they probably cleaned up While a clerk was calling po-Secretary of the Army Stanley T'Vll™    f»*y    Monday    had 31 ^ ^    '°    dC Went to inflict great bodiw |b™ an especially busy day at injury and instructed the deputy ,    *'    ,    * to take him to jail    Judge    Lynne Brady> who 13 in to take him to jail.    charge    of    criminal    matters,    saidlstore. At 4: Id p.m. on orders from she jjad an appointment at the the judge the county attorney s tjmej and she did not want office attempted to find an as‘to comment further. sociate district judge or a mag-, ___________ Resor and former Army Chief we see that the su- because of reported problems Mrs. Neafie said. “For examp- tral regional library system Ie, residents of Solon can get serves Benton. Cedar, Clinton, better service than residents of Iowa, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, New York or San Francisco.” Linn, Poweshiek and Tama The “resource center” pro- counties. ; gram is in addition to another ECRL program whereby the j termine the validity of the of Staff William Westmoreland check, Carter allegedly grabbed (be subpoenaed. He said Cailey the check, ran out of the store was denied the right to confront and into the nearby Pet Bazaar these witnesses during his court-martial.    ifact that Cailey was charged center and indoor ice rink proj- On his way out of the pet j Gordon had said that if West-With premeditated murder of ect here was defeated bv Dubu-shop, Carter allegedly broke a moreland appeared, defense at- not less than IOO civilians in two    vntpr. V c\ window.    ;torneys    would have sought to specifications, but the uniform;    ues    ay‘ cited by Elliott was that Cailey was convicted on charges and| specifications which had been “improperly drawn and illegally used.” That last point involved the build Dubuque Voters Reject Proposal ECRL program Whereby «>e|A|; fi L-T« For 'Five Flags1 East CentraI re8ion library sys-^HVSn    I    O tem pays fees for non-resident ^ m,    «    - DUBUQUE (UPI) — A $2.5 use of the Cedar Rapids, Iowa QQllgOP J million bond issue proposal to;-"’--- a “Five Flags” civic Ford Campaign Visit Dr- Me! i(hi;on’ >pavs1(7 irf - .j 51 . .structor at Kirkwood Communi- TO Oklahoma Planned ty college, will speak at a gen-OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — eral session Friday at the Assn. President Ford will come here °f Community College Trustees istrate at the First avenue divi-sion of the court, but none could Union GrOUOS be found.    ' At about 5 p.m. District Judge William Eads arraigned Johnson and gave him until Wednesday to waive or demand a preliminary hearing. The judge set When police arrested Carter compare him to Gen. Tomayuki code of military justice does not! 'proposal asked if the city next month to give “a boost to (ACCT) convention in Portland, at Second avenue and Twelfth Yamashita, Japanese com-permit prosecution for the should acquire lands for the everyone running” on the Gre. street SE a short time later, he mander in the Philippines of an    murder of more than one person Project and also if    the bonds g.O.P. 'ticket in    Oklahoma. Sen. Oliven’s presentation, entitled had a towel    wrapped around aloccupying army which mas-    under each specification.    should be issued. The    first ques- Bellmon says.    '‘Doomsday — 1980”,    will deal bad cut on the second finger of nacred civilians during the clos- Elliott said research did not tl0n received a 46 percent ap- Be|lmon 'who is opposed for with population dynamics and his right hand. Officers took,ing days of World war ll.    find    “any    military    or    federal ProvaI margin, with 44 percent re_clcctl0n’by forme/Democrat- ec°logy. a    fin    .nnn.o^lCarter t0 St-    Lukc s hospitaI for, The U. S. hanged Yamashita    cases, other than this ewe, a1- *ayi«f “yes” to the second : conaressman    Ed Edmondson1 AIs0 Participating    in the A    flu immunization progra»|frCatment.    Warn*    he failed to exercise flowing an offense to be alleged .question.    |» Sgee saw Tuesr" that ACCT program will    be B. A. Plan Program Of Flu Shots to bond at $5,000. but said that    5    ^10031 j Carter was betag held in the fectivc control of his troops. Icovering muhiple unnamed vic-j^Sixty ^percent approval »«a|*tails for Ford s ^a"re'being|-,ensen of Cedar Rapids, presi- (,‘ounty jail on $1,500 bond. C a 11 e y ’ s attorneys alsoitims in a single specification.” needed for passage. Banana Prices To Rise 5 Cents Because of Firi The rnm1*aflwo P0lice said Carlor did n°l    that    "command    influ- f om IO a m. to I p.m. at two [,ave tde jn his possession ence ' resulted in the army deci- ^ <! .l. ^., when arrested. Attempts to io-'sion to charge Cailey' with1 ren Commission’s report on the Aration of the nation's 200th candidate Jim Inhote" lernational Brotherhood of Elec- . .    ,    u    worked    out    bv    his    staff    with    the    den‘ ot ^ K>rkwood board of ,.OT—    „    lh.it,    J*    Oklahoma    Republican    commit-    ^01'5 and 1874 President of IO YEARS AGO - The War-talt as part of Dubuque s cele-!tee M G 0Hp gubernatorial I    .    ,. ^      _    Jensen    will    deliver    the    wel- triral Wnrkpr. inral rn? i7n Cate the checJk in the area of the^^urd*r rather fliain war crimes, assassination of President Ken- birthday in 1976    okln    cwning remarks Thursday and meal workers weal I J®, ^7, stores proved unsuccessful.    ♦    nedy was leaving the door open, Mayor Alan Thomas said an-, He sa‘d tord wm '^.. introduce Oregon Gov. Tom Mc- 1 Ee^ road NE,aadHthe--House Unit Report    for possible further investiga- other proposal for the project    Tennessee    and-    Ohio    onthe €vening<s principaI NEW YORK (AP) - Bananas 7?,!.    and    Second Person Faces “If hc had bcen charged with lion, of the reason for the mys- may be submitted to Dubuque c>cL a__speaker. in America’s supermarkets will o.v    Sixteenth    avenue    war    cnmeSt the idea of com- terious Mexican trip of Lee Har- voters in the Nov. 5 general    The    ACCT is holding its fifth cost at least five cents more The shots wjU C( ;[ $2 (> jch    fOrgod Check Count mand responsibility would have vey Oswald.    election.    Recd    the    Want    Ads    I annual convention. per pound as a result of Htirri- persons receiving the vaccine A 17-year-old boy was charged cane Fifi’s devastation last who can identify themselves as Tuesday with larceny and forg-week of the banana crop in unjon mentors wiu be given a ery of a ^131 government check. Honduras, industry sources say.    wortb    $1    toward    any    The    youth    was    the    second    per- The Honduras National Emer- new prescription at the Union son charged in the offense, gency Committee said storm Prescription centers.    Pamela K. Mease, 20, of 7051a damage to the nation’s crops Children under six years of Fifth avenue SE, was charged and property totaled $500 mil- age, persons with a cold or high Sept- 3. with uttering a forged lion. Honduras provides 35 pt r- fever, and women who are preg- instrument after she allegedly cent of the U. S. banana supply, nant will not be given the vac- tried to cash the check at the Industry sources said on cine.    Holiday Lane grocery store, Tuesday the    19-25-c e n t per Sponsors of the immunization    1000 Fifth avenue SE. pound cost of bananas in this program are the Hawkeye Police said the youth alleged-area could be boosted to a Labor council, the United Auto Iy took the check, which was range of 25-30 cents or more. Workers Cedar Rapids council, issued in the name of Lydia B.i Wholesale banana prices for and the Union Prescription Heuser, also of 705^4 Fifth ave-the standard 40-pound box have centers.    nue SE, forged it and gave it to already risen from $4.30 to--—    Miss Mease. $5.20 on the    East and    West 20 YEARS AGO — Communist    The check was reported    miss- coasts and from $4.10 to    $5 in    China claimed that there wert    ing the Fame day Miss    Mease the Midwest.    more than 600 million Chinese,    was arrested. 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