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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Faxon: More Working in C. R. than Ever Before More people are now working in Cedar Rapids than ever before, Robert B. Faxon, executive vice-president of the Cedar Rapids-Marion Area Chamber of Commerce, reported Tuesday morning at the kickoff breakfast for the Chamber’s one-day membership campaign. Faxon said employment hat increased 3,100 this year on top of an increase of 3.700 last year. “More than 2,200 families will move to Cedar Rapids this year,” Faxon told the IOO volunteers participating in the project. “And the people are staying. The 99 percent occupancy rate of apartments documents that.” William Fletcher, vicepresident of the Chamber, termed the Chamber “a unique organization in a unique position” to continue to actively unite the economic development and the “quality of life” aspects! of a growing community. ^ “One of the great strengths of Cedar Rapids has been its internal growth," Fletcher said, citing the expansion and construction programs of various industry, business and communications companies. Vyrl Justice, chairman of the project, said, “All of us in the business community should pay our fair share in the programs which are making this a growing community.” He pointed out that membership in the Chamber of Commerce is “less than 22 cents per day." Basic Chamber membership is $80 annually with many companies holding “multiple memberships.” Trial Opens in Scandal Leading To Bank Closing WESTMORELAND, Ran. (AF) The involved story of how a cattle dealing scandal led to the collapse of the First National bank of Eldora, Iowa, has started to unravel as the trial of an Iowa livestock dealer opened. Cordon Reisinger, an Eldora cattle and hog dealer, went on trial Monday in Pottawattamie county district court on a felony charge of “unlawfully, feloniously and intentionally obtaining 237 head of steers" from Roy Marcoux, a Centralia cattleman. Opening testimony touched on the dealings that led to closing of the Eldora bank last October. Marcoux charged he was not paid for cattle he says were sold to Reisinger in September, 1973. The sudden closing of the bank shocked the small community of Eldora (3,200 population) and led to more than $3 miilion in civil lawsuits, which are still pending in state and federal courts in Iowa, Kansas and Illinois. 20 YEARS AGO - The release of Basil “The Owl” Banghart from Alcatraz prison was denied. Breakins Net Burglars over $3,000 in Items Burglars took items valued at more than $3,000 in breakins (reported Monday at three residences and one business. John E. Schminkey, 368 Seventeenth street SE, reported three antique vases, three clock radios, one AM-FM radio and three wrist watches taken in a breakin at his residence. Two oil the antique vases were valued at $400 each. The other items were valued at $342. A color television set valued at $800 and $110 cash were reported taken in a breakin at the Bryan Matson residence, 56951 ^ Hr- Cedar Rapids Gazette: l ues., Sept. 24, 1974    9 Deerwood street SW. A clock radio and two pack- Cedar Rapids Talks 'headquarters, 115 First avenue ages of meat were found out S/oferf b Stanley '    _________ side Matson s residence.    '    1 Betty Iv. Shifflett, 1418 Walker state HeP- David stanley. Ke* Drunk Driving Count street NR, reported an AM-FM P“bhca" ^reaklwiw in cX    Fi!ccl O&er Accident stereo receiver, a tape deck and c,te’. W1‘* SP68*1 twice in u.aar two speakers taken in a breakin lipids Wednesday.    . Raymond Leo Jacobs, 33, of at her residence. The items    Stanley    will address a    noon    Kencrest    drive NE, was were valued at $700.    meeting of the Kiwanis club at charged Monday with drunk A mr**** ti thi- rear of the the Montrose hotel, and at 8 driving after his car struck a Wareco Baseline station 28 Six- P m- wil1 sPeak at Cherry audi- properly parked car in the 300 twnth avcme SW, waTre^orted    on    the    Coe    college    block of Thirty-third street NE. broken into and a quantity of    campus.    The Coe session is    Jacobs was    northbound on antifreeze oil." additives and    °Pen t0    public.    Thirty-third street NE at 9:53 flashlight batteries valued at Early Wednesday he will    greet    p m. when his    car struck the $285 were taken.    employes at the Wilson & Co. parked auto. No injuries were Terry Reid, manager cf the and Penick and Ford plant reported business, reported a truck was gates, and at 9:30 a m. will be Bond was set at $400 and probably used to remove the at Prairie high school. From 3 Jacobs was taken to the county items.    to 5 p.m. he will be at campaign jail. rn* Four Appear on Charges of Assault Four persons have appeared in magistrate’s court on charges of assault and battery. Henry Young, 393 Fifteenth avenue SW, pled guilty and was given a 30-day jail sentence with credit given for time served. He was charged with assaulting Le Roy Johnson on July 13. Robert Joice. Coe college, was found guilty Monday and given a 30-day suspended jail sentence on a charge of assaulting James Wilkinson on June 23. The charge of assaulting Glen Wilkinson on June 23 was dismissed in the interest of justice. Carlton Carlson, 5466 Gordon avenue NW. pled guilty Monday and was given a 15~day suspended jail sentence He was charged with assaulting John Calla, a police officer. On Aug. 22. Mary Cuter, 1004 Seventh street SE, was found guilty Monday and fined $20 and costs. She was charged with assaulting Roberta Stewart on July 16. Two Cases Sent To Linn Grand Jury Two persons waived preliminary hearings Monday in magistrate’s court and were bound over to the grand jury. Varge Harris, jr., 2788 Eleventh avenue. Marion, was bound over on a charge of drunk driving. He was arrested Aug. 31. George David, jr., 2440 Tenth avenue SW, was bound over*on a charge of possession of controlled substance. He is charged with possession of marijuana on June I. Campaign Trail Raymon: Office Needs a Change The Republican candidate for Linn county attorney charged Monday that the office “has, become stale and needs a change.” Speaking at the West Side Ser-toma club meeting at the Elks club, Richard Raymon renewed his argument against plea bargaining and said it is unfair because when it is used defendants do not receive equal punishment for the same crime. Kopecky: Investigative Experience Necessary Eugene J. Kopecky, Democratic candidate for Linn county attorney, spoke to Sheet Metal Workers local 263 Monday evening. He said it is necessary for the county attorney as prosecutor of criminal cases to evaluate the evidence in order to determine the strength and weakness of each case. He also said in order to properly make those evaluations it is necessary to be experienced in the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases. “As counsel to the grand jury for the last three years. I have had an opportunity to investigate and present cases of every type. The strength and weakness of each case is a factor that the county attorney must consider in disposing of each criminal case.” Judge Rules for Meredith, but Raps His Walk JACKSON, Miss. (API -James Meredith, who integrated the University of Mississippi in 1962, has won court approval to run as an independent candidate for congress. But Circuit Court Judge Francis Bowling criticized Meredith in issuing his ruling Monday, calling a 50-mile voter registration walk by Meredith “a grandstand act for publicity purposes.” Meredith denied the walk was to pressure the court. A state spokesman said Bowling's opinion would be appealed. Meredith, 43, challenged a state ruling that he couldn’t run as an independent after being in the Democratic primary. Meredith, 43, withdrew from a runoff after leading a primary field of five, saying he couldn’t win backing of the state Democratic party. Bowling upheld Meredith's argument that he could legally run as an independent because he withdrew before the primary process was completed. Steer Theft Told By Marion Farmer A steer valued at $175 was reported taken Monday from a Marion farm. George Davis, rural route one, Marion, reported the animal was taken from a farm building near his residence. South Carolina Demo Governor Nominee Barred COLUMBIA, S. C. (UPI) -Charles “Pug” Ravenel, the I Democratic nominee for governor, was erased from the general election ballot by the state supreme court Monday because of state residency requirements. The high court ruled that Ravenel did not meet the state constitutional requirement that a governor be a “citizen and resident” of South Carolina for five years prior to the general election. Ravenel, did not return to Charleston from Harvard and New York until 1972, and “admittedly, the petitioner does not meet such requirement.” Attorney Eugene Griffith, opposing Raveners candidacy, said the only evidence supporting Raveners claim to five-year residency were statements to friends about his intentions of returning, but he noted Ravenel said (rn his 1972 state income tax return that he did not pay any taxes before then because he was “not a resident until 1972.” The state Democratic execu-: tive committee will have to pick ja candidate to oppose the Republican nominee, Dr. James Edwards, also of Charleston. Israeli Planes Hit Guerillas TEI. AVIV, Israel (AP) -I Israeli planes blasted Arab guerilla targets in southeast Lebanon Tuesday in a pre-emptive strike aimed at foiling terror raids during the Yom Kippur holiday, the military command said. Drive Sa'ely iaundhy is    O’    FORANT ft u ROJO- ^ drainage failure ' rooter 365-2243 AWAY ao^u,L.a *" OOW" »*. 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