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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Headed Into the Home Stretch After 4 Vi-year Walk Around the World At a rate of about four miles per hour. Dave Kunst, 35, walks along a highway in eastern Nebraska headed for his    walk    around the world for UNICEF. He will walk into Waseca Ort 5 and 20.IMM) people are expected to greet him hometown of Waseca, Minn Kunst is only a few hundred miles from the end of a four and one-half year. 15,000-mile    when    he arrives Gee, My Turn’s Coming IPI Teieohoto A police sergeant leaned over for a glimpse of President Ford as he shook hands individually with members of his motorcycle escort prior to taking off from Detroit Met ropolitan airport Monday to return to Washington The President was in Detroit attending the world energy conference. Nation s Oldest Convict John Weber celebrated his 99th birthday Tuesday in the hospital facility of the Ohio penitentiary in Columbus An inmate for 4K years, Weber is listed as the nation's oldest prisoner He was sentenced to lib* imprisonment in 192# for the shooting death of his IK month-old daughter. In 1972 his sentence was commuted to second degree murder, making him eligible for release, but Weber says he is tin* old for freedom / V rn ■    ""Si % All Gold UPI Telephoto Mary Brooks, director of the mint, pointed her hand toward the ceiling at Fort Knox, Kv.,to show off the gold bars stored in the* United States bullion depository. Members of congress were there Monday touring the facility with Mrs. Brooks. Driving Kindergarteners Home from School Can Tax Even a Grown Man By Erma Hornbeck When I read recently of a U.S. jet crossing the Atlantic ip one hour and 5# minutes, I thought of my husband. He could have driven it by car in less time. With kids in the back seat, he said himself he could have shaved a good 26 minutes off the record. As you may have guessed, transporting children is my husband’s 26th favorite thing It comes somewhere between dropping a bowling ball on his find and eating lunch in a tea room. That’s why I was reluctant to ask him to pick up my kindergarten car pool last Wednesday at school. “Remember,” I warned, knowing of his impatience, “They are small children . . . not mail sacks.    That means you have to bring the car to    a complete stop and    open the door for them. Don’t shout and give all six of them a window Good luck " Staggered in An hour and a half later, he staggered through the door “So what took you so long?” “To begin with, old paste breath didn’t want to get in the car. He said his mother didn t want him to ride with strangers Then the name tag that was pinned to what’s her name s dress fell off and    she didn t know who    she was    Debbie    cried for three blocks    tx “cause she left her    Bonny    Osmond    lunch box on the swings Cecil ... I guess that’s his name . . . the one who sits there and re buttons his sweater all the time trying to make it come out even . . . That’s Cecil,’ I nodded “lh* told me he lives at a Dairy Queen ” “So what took you so long?” Taffy Sucker “Michael. Michael is the one who took me so long He said he didn t know me and I wasn’t a mother and he wasn’t going to tell me where he lived, so to make friends I gave him a taffy sucker I must have driven around in circles for 3b minutes before he said. That’s my house.’ Michael, I said, We ve passed this house 20 times Why didn t you say something before?” “Because I’m not allowed to talk with food in my mouth,“ he said “I swear if I had to drive those kids around every day I’d slip them a little sleeping pill to make them drowsy.” “What a shocking thing to say'” I admonished “Don’t you realize that pills could Ik* habit forming?” “I didn t think,” he mumbled Why. the next/thing you know parents would Im* giving them to their children during dinner, while tiny were on the telephone, watching their favorite TV shows, going on vacations, entertaining . ” AP Wirephoto Preferred a Sugar Cube Lynne Curtis shared a bottle of champagne with her horse Monday after completing a 2 200-mile overland trip that took them from Minneapolis to San Francisco. After starting on June IO. she claimed to have encountered several bears, a mountain lion and a speeding logging truck, among other adventures before her arrival in San Francisco AP Wirephoto ;

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