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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Sept. 24, 1974 By Jay Sharbutt Congressmen    Army    Still Studying whitney Ponders Mariner 10 Photos Reveal —    /    /    zj    Culver    in    Race    —    i    a      r* 24 Years of Love of Life' Get Look at Gold Reserve FORT KNOX. Kv. JAP) - Criticisms of Buying For Presidency NEW YORK (AP) - A soap opera called “Love of Life” starts its 24th year on CBS Tuesday, having given viewers more than 5.900 daily crises to brood about since it first aired on TY on Sept. 24, 1951. That is some kind of record for televised weeping and gnashing of teeth. Producer Jean Arley did some teeth-gnashing of her own when asked to describe the show for those who work days and never see it. Like me. “Oh my God,” said Miss Arley, a woman of pleasant manner and low. husky voice. “A capsule description? Well, the story flows around Vanessa and Bruce Sterling in a town called Rosefield. “There's so much going on — ‘Sturm and Drang’ kind of things.” she said, meaning turbulance and pressure. “I don't know how you'd ever capsulize something like that.” The lead characters, portrayed by Audrey Peters and Ron Tomme, are a childless, middle-aged couple, she said. Bruce publishes the Rosefield Herald and Vanessa is a housewife who dabbles in real estate. ♦ * * Life was quite innocent when they began on TV. Nowadays any soap opera worth its suds features a married woman, not Vanessa, who’s having an affair with a younger man. Miss Arley told me how it’d work out, but implored me not to reveal it. Wild horses couldn’t drag it out of me, unless they’re really wild. Miss Arley said the show’s writers have a rough idea of which way the over-all plot is headed as much as two years in advance. * * * “It's kind of a bure outline,” she said. “We have a basic 13-week cycle, and that’s broken down into weekly situations.” She said a given crisis or subcrisis isn’t necessarily resolved in a given time. “It may not be resolved for a year, or it can wind up in . two weeks,” she explained. “It depends. Right now, we’re dealing with corruption, a corrupt mayor. It’s been on the last six months.” Po viewers gripe much about boudoir hanky-panky? “Sometimes very strongly,” she said. “They think it’s immoral or they say, ‘Hooray!’ You can get two sides. I think it depends sometimes on age or loyalty to a character with whom viewers identify.” Soap opera plots are more complex than the federal budget. But Miss Arley said her WASHINGTON (AP) - The army is still considering a re-They were .stacked from floor to!port that says there are serious ceiling: 36,236 gold bars valuediproblems in the way it goes about buying billions of dollars your!worth of military hardware Apart from changes in moth-!too od and organization, the com mittee suggested the army is wrong in selecting its best officers to be combat command- DES MOINES (AP) - It is 780-Mile Mercury Crater that the crater could have been PASADENA. Calif. (UPI) ,    ,    ,    ,    ,    ‘    jThe planet Mercury Iv lo speculate about >    • was sides- ~!loo eariv lo speculate ileum i .    •    .    ....__uv - whom th,. Democrats will offer j* P^b'l .ons of year^^^by^a as a 1974 presidential candidate) now that Sen. Kennedy of Mas *    °    ' formed by seismic waves from the impact at Caloris, or by a lir> ut ycaio    J    ---- 1    .    .. • «_ i intruder from space piece of the celestial body that broke off and followed its own at $491823,244.58 “It’s a sight to take breath," said Mary Brooks, director of the mint, who led a an,j Key commands involved in status to specialists in research, that left a sizable dent.    . Scientists at Cal Tech’s jet .trajectory to the planet. sachusetts will not run, Iowa! , ,    , .    . T 0 m propulsion laboratory Monday Democratic Chairman The army’s Pentagon staff ers am* giving “second class” whitney said Monday. delegation of congressmen and I procurement have been study-1 procurement and ing recommendations of the J fighting fields. army material acquisition re- other fPhoto on Picture Page) There are, would kindly It called for a change in this added. non- “who I most however, several be looked upon by Iowans, made public photos cf previously unseen areas of Mercury, taken by the Mariner IO space- Manner television camera Iron Core Dr. Robert Strom of the University of Arizona, a member of them are Sen. Minnesota, Gov. Mon Gill!- newsmen through the U. S. goldiviev' committee. A spokesman army attitude, saying “improve-! Among H^oositorv here^    sau*    tnere    171    act,on within mpnt js nGeded ... in profes- dale of P    s    „ It was the first time since the!,lle "ext fcw months on manage- sionalism, motivation, innovate- gan of Ohio and Rep John Oui- gystem by an‘ obj€Ct /o-story vault was built in 1936 ment ganges to implement'ncss and pride>. among projed vet- ot Iowa,    |mileg jn diametcr. .. .I :___i     Some    of    the    panels    proposals. manaaors arui n( hor twhniny! “rtilvnr ic nn«> nf tho hriolit-I    <n    hah two that “unauthorized personnel (have been permitted inside. President Franklin Roosevelt I saw the gold in 1943, but even acquisition,” the committee said I he had to ask permission.    a    two-volume report deliv ! Mrs. Brooks said the inspec- L're(l to the Pentagon five tion was arranged so that the months ago. panel s proposals, managcrs and other technical “Culver is one of the bright “Historically, the army has;people, both military and civil- est, most talented people to not done a good job in material ian.    I    serve    in    congress,”    Whitney mint “can clear away the cobwebs and reassure the public that their gold is intact and safe.” The question had arisen last July when Rep. Crane (R-11U quizzed Treasury Secretary Si “Striving To Correct” The panel also credited the army with “striving to correct its shortcomings.” Fu I bright Turns Down Envoy Post In Great Britain WASHINGTON (API - Sena-tor Fulbright iD-Ark.) has present time to the 1976 Demo- servc said. He has rot only “the respect of the people in the party in Iowa, hut ’national respect.” Culver is seeking a term in the U.S. senate. But Whitney said there are 25 primary elections from the t craft during the weekend. I Mariner, on its second encounter with Mercury, revealed that the planet was hit during the formative years of the solar 60 to 120 moving at    jn    the    solar    systcm,    is    al- more than 10.000 miles an hour. K **. djinniinrf a r«Aro hour. Million Times Million team. said the latest findings show that “Mercury probably has a very massive core of iron.” Although only a third the size of earth. Mercury, the smallest The passerby gouged 780-mile long channel, most as heavy, indicating a core i“that is perhaps 50 percent iron, compared with Earth’s core that out a is i6 percent iron by volume,” which strom said, has been named “Caloris”, on Mercury apparently undcr-the sunward side of Mercury, went a period of heavy volcanic said NASA astrogeologist Don- activity, Strom said. Earlier space explorers showed that must have been there were once volcanoes on million” the moon, Venus and Mars, he ald Gault. The impact “a million times Drawn from industry’, the uni-turned down an otter to become!cratic national convention, and ffeaJ?r. than 'hc mcJ™I*-** S?,id;uap?q!^ *    •------ 1    •    -    —    1    -    left Meteor crater, a depression aq the “inner planets undei- versities and other expert sourc- ambassador to Great Britain I it is too early to speculate on a mon about recent reports that es, the committee appointed bv after he leaves the senate early!standard-bearer the vault was empty. Crane suggested that some members of congress might Secretary of the Army Howard! next year, a spokesman says. Callaway attacked some problems that have been chronic in a mile wide and 600 feet deep went a stage of internal beating formed centuries ago near what that caused volcanoes. Fulbright, who was defeated in a primary election earlier j this year, decided against the want to take a look at the gold all the military services. land Simon obliged.    One    of    these    is    the    “layering”'offer for personal reasons, the What Crane saw at the deposit of staffs, which puts multiple senator’s spokesman added. He tory was enough to convince levels of supervisors in charge Would not elaborate him that the reports were un-of a decision, founded. “This visit and the initiation of the audit 'Tuesday has certainly put to rest any rumors Greeks Abolish Communist Ban ATHENS (API - The new Winslow, Ariz.. Gault is now said. The photos, some of the 500 Mariner IO took, also showed a smaller crater on the opposite civilian government lifted a 38- s^e Mercury, Gault theorized Presider Ford had offered >car:°!d ba" °",ho':reek Com-    "1717771 The committee said (his sd- Ku,bright thc post nm, hdd by ™nist party Monday, opcmng p0|ke Rescue 43 Held 1 j-i— j  ie r    •’the    way    tor the Communists to Bes and delays decisions. Rockford Service Stations Told To Refund $91,000 ROCKFORD. III. (AP) -Cus-tonier refunds of about $91,000 "IP    .,    Ambassador Walter Anncnberg    , •It ae ((tally contributes to in- ^ (h sena(or visi(crt ch> participate in promised general decision,” the report said. "The | rccent]y wj(h a (.ongressional elections. Bv Filipino Insurgents from 29 Rockford service sta-'    ”    tions    have been ordered bv the The audit will take about 90 days and will be conducted by is "relevant,” meaning abor- show's daily story powwows !Gl77TAc7tn’tii7oHic‘end ^ tion, adultery, Lesbianism and keep the authors from writing 1    J*  ' about the gold not being here,” result is added time and cost.” Hpi__„7nn th ! k ® 7'‘ jd The long-expected recognition ^licc troopers rescued 43 per- he told newsmen.    “Right    Direction”    \fter thinking it over during the    Part-V    camc    *n    a    decree    sons>    mostly    women    and    chil- The committee said planned i„,„rvai r. il'L, viitfd V'published in the government ga- dren, hdd capiive by Commu-■ -S-- ^r    •- ----- .    -    .------- inc val, ruinr^nt visiea .cc zette> derrce abolished « =-* -----«•—    -«v reductions in army headquar- retary of state Kissinger on Sat-ters and defense department urday and dcdined lhe offcr. MANILA (UPI) “ ,Natl(ma Federal Energy Administration. “There was no attempt to cheat the public,” said FEA compliance officer Walter crying without a license are dealt with forthrightly. “We’ve come a long way and we’re very frank now.” Miss Arley says. “We’ve even had a story lately about a couple whose sex life went awry after a number of years and there was a sex therapy situation. Which is a big step from what it used to be.” The show currently — and I’m taking CBS’ word for it — characters into boxes from which there’s no escape. * * * However, she added, there’s an occasional “tracking problem.” such as when a deathly ill citizen heads for the hospital in one show    and    the next day’s script has    him    with no    jhas been predicted    by    some analysts as a result    of    a new iprice hike by Price Paper Co., Newsprint Firm Ups Price; More Hikes Predicted NEW YORK IAP) - A new!5 round of newsprint increases staffs “are a step in the right (direction . . . but the cuts can !be deeper.” Fulbright, chairman of the Greece senate foreign relations commit- The original ban on the Com decree arxmsnea a 1947 ban passed to counter a Communist insurrection m tion camp< military authorities ^ause reported Tuesday. nist guerillas for almost six wi{ek/ He said the overcharging months in their mountain deten-lSjnce jas^ November occurred of dealer misunderstanding about federal price I All the armed services drew *f n#t    “‘“St    "    » V^^isZered he ComL irt de' the committee's criticism for Plam arc when !eaves pearlier by thc then dictator, ^covered “tending to favor complex, so- Authorities said the troopers guidelines. Witek said additional refunds phisticated weapons” which it ailment more serious than a brow than won’t unfurrow. Then, of course, immediate changes are made. requirements.” Accordingly, thc committee urged that the army “institution- lone of eastern Canada^ largest1 a bi“ .lovv',ard w.?apon aus‘ rArMTlT ann esiromimftr newsprint producers. Price said on Monday senate after 30 years of service. ] loannis Metaxas. Arkansas Gov. Dale Bumpers - said have often'proved "costly defeated Fulbright in the Demo- TV's Charley Weaver, in dollars, training and logistics "adc senatorial primary carli- er this year. tenfion camp on Mt. Bulusan in may be ordered when audits are Sorsogon province. 240 miles {completed on other Rockford southeast of Manila, recently stations. Whitlam to Canada The FEA said an audit found the 29 .stations involved in the refund order overcharged for that TaIaiiic    I lr    '    l,M!    .hoofsft    P61"    to„ri    At    the    same    time,    the    com- I 616 VI S IO ti LlSTinQS    ,:o    mro (,i0Ct, Uary, 1975. mitten blamed army laboratory It was the fourth increase     r*7l jterity and simplicity.’ Risk Factors while pursuing fleeing insur Cliff Arquette Dies gents after an encounter. j It    was the second time troop BlRBANK’    Calif.    (UPI) — crs    bave discovered a Commu-    five    to eight blends of gasoline Cliff ArqueJe,    well    known    tole- n|st    camp in the area, authori-    sold    at varying prices.    It or- OTTAWA (UPI) — Australian    jl^Ties    said. They said last August    dered them to roll back    prices troopers freed six persons held an average 4.6 cents a gallon the $91,000 had been re- 9—KCRG-TV, Od ar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Odor Rapids 7—KWWL-TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, La Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40-KDUB, Dubuque It was the fourth increase announced within a year. directors for neglecting too often | to warn those higher up of “risk Prime Minister Gough Whitlam    >    Charley Weaver, died ^  ____  ^    ^________ __________ will pay an informal visit to -yori(Jay at .J. Joseph hospital. captjve by insurgents in a near- until Canada Oct. 4 and 5, Prime was Minister Pierre Trudeau announced Monday. Drive Safely by village and confiscated a funded to customers. Gasoline huge quantity of food and sub- now sells from 49.9 cents to 58.9 iversive documents. I cents in Rockford. The increase will bring the factors” involved in pursuing .price of standard 30-pound news- 5ome nevv military' weapons. Tuesday Night 6:00 9— Eyewitness News 2—Action News 7— N**ws, Weather, Sots. 3—News, Weather, Sots 4—Action News 6—6 O’Clock Edition I—News, Sots , Weather IO—News, Weather, Sots. 12— Designing 13— Eyewitness News 40—Newsline 6:30 9—Hollywood Sauores 2-To 7—Mig • High Chaparro! 3—Candid Camera 4—Hee Haw A—Iowa Football I—Consequences 10—Let s Make a Deal 12—Audubon Wildlife 11— Let s Make a Deal 40—Hank Thompson 7:00 9—Happy Days 2— Candid Camera 3—Happy Days A—Adam 12 I—Good Times IO—Adam 12 12— America 13— Adorn 12 40—Happy Days 7:30 9-ABC Movie— “Great Niagara" 2—m*a*S*h 7—NSC Movie— “Strange, Deadly Occurrence" 3—ABC Movie— * Great Niagara" i—AA'A'S^H A—NBO Movie— “Strange, Deadly Occurrence ’ I—M*A*S*H IO—NSC Movie — “Strange, Deadly Occurrence" 12—Eve to Eye 13—NSC Movie — “Strange, Deadly Occurrence" 40—ABC Movie— * Great Niagara" 8:00 2—Hawaii Ftve O 4—Hawaii Five O 8— Hawoti Ftve O 12—Jeonne Wolf 8:30 12—Performance 9:00 9—Marcus Welby 2— Barnaby Jones 7—Police Story 3—Marcus Welby 4— Barnaby Jones A—Police Story 8— Barnaby Jones 10—Police Story 12—Showcase 11—Police Story 40— Marcus Welby 10:00 9—Eyewitness News 2—Action News 7—News, Weather, Sots. 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—Action News A—IO O Clock Edition 8—News, Sots., Weather 10—News, Weather, Sots. 12— Day at Night 13—E yewitness News 40— Newsline 11:31 9—Wide World of Entertainment 2—CBS Movie— * Sweet Ride" 7—Tonight 3—Wide World of fntertainment orught 8—CBS Movie— “Sweet Ride" IO—Tonight 12— Book Beat 13—Tonight 40—Wide World of Entertainment 10:45 4—Mod Squad Century Theater 11:45 4—Big Volley 12:00 2—Last Word 7— Tomorrow A — I Omorrow IO —Tomorrow 13— I omorrow Wednesday Morning 6:30 2- Sunrise Semester 4—New Zoo Revue 8—Sunrise Semester 12:15 lov.’i owl Country UMI :BS News •Today CBS News A—Today I—CBS News 10—Todov 13—Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 3—Lewis Family 8:1 9—New Zoo Pevue 2—Copt. 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The company, which supplies newsprint to such papers as the; New York Times and the Washington Post, blamed the increase on rising costs of fuel, wood pulp and chemicals from which paper is made. Other major producers complained about constantly rising costs, but refused to discuss their future pricing plans. One paper analyst said, however, “This is a highly competitive business and if one goes up in price and can make it stick, the other companies usually follow.” I he price hike will increase costs of newsprint by thousands and perhaps millions of dollars a year. A ton of newsprint makes about 7,000 copies of a 28-page paper. Large metropolitan newspapers may use up to 300,000 tons of newsprint each year. Harold Anderson, president of the American Newspaper Publishers Assn. and publisher of the Omaha World of Omaha, Neb., said: “The size and frequency of the price increases from newsprint producers is a serious problem for us. “In general, newspapers cannot raise advertising and circulation rates 9s fast as some of the newsprint producers are raising prices.” O House Votes Record Oefense Funding Bill WASHINGTON (AP) — The house passed a record $82 6 billion defense appropriation bill Monday and sent it to the sen-! ate for final congressional approval expected later in the week. The vote was 293 to 59. It was the biggest single appropriation bill ever put before congress even after the $4 4 billion cut from administration re-< quests. The house action headed a legislative calendar this week that is scheduled to include senate votes on foreign aid and a controversial health manpow->r bill that some senate Republicans claim would establish a I ‘domestic draft.” AdvWtlHAWfrt The Best Carpet Buys Are At Carpetland U.S.A. I 8x10” color portrait special 88c • ’’Jo handling char • Ail ages: babes, children, adults • One sitting per subject • Additional subjec Groups or indtvid m same tardily — per subject • No proofs — Choose from finished professional portraits (poses — our selector • You may select additional portraits offered at low Dr ice s. jals $1 Hours: Monday through Saturday IO AM to IO PM, Sunday IO AM to 6 PM Available at Cedar Rapids Target store. ©TARGET 4501 First Avenue S.E. Across from Lindale Plaza ABC TUESDAY MOVIE OF THE WEEK 7:30PM rn 1119 ;

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